Blaine transfers to McKinley

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Hello friends !

As many of you may know, I’ve been taking piano lessons at Natalia Huang Piano Studio in Manhattan for the past year, and it’s done wonders for my self confidence, posture problems, and mental health.

On Friday, Oct. 21st, I was given a 30 days notice from my work. 

My studio tuition is due November 21st. I need to raise $1250 by then.

I’ve been paying in installments for the past three semesters, but with me losing my job, I won’t even be able to manage that.

Please help spread the word! Any donation amount counts towards keeping one of the few sources of enjoyment in my life going. 

I always love this scene.

Like… This is Numbuh 4. A full-fledged operative of the KND, a group of specially-trained children who are cunning, capable, battle-smart and highly adaptable. He passed through Base Camp, through the Final Exam (which is far from easy, mind you- the Numbuh 1, head of Sectuh V and highly-regarded operative, didn’t pass his Final Exam) got his Numbuh, and has been a steady, reliable source for the team.

And he just… kicks this thing open??

I know Wally doesn’t always have the best plans, especially early on in the show, but he cares a lot for his team, and would never intentionally put them in harm’s way. So did he just assume they’d all be able to push the huge, heavy pianos out the back of the truck?? I know he didn’t know about the hill, but what if they turned?? What then?? 

Wally what were you thinking child.



Piano cover goals ;A;