Blackbosom - Edda's Theme Piano Cover
Masayoshi Soken

Artwork by: @chupicabri

This cute little track was one that passed my radar when it first came to light on Floor 50 but on my second listen, it’s waltz-like rhythms and adorable little flicks in the melody couldn’t stop me from daring to try my own cover and a friend helped to give me the final push with that ADORABLE art ; ;

I am not the first to cover this lovely piece and I certainly won’t be the last but I hope it touches your heart the same way the darkness did mine… a-ahem… Anyway, please enjoy! <3

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-WkFk0zutrdVWE2c2NLSzktblU

Sheet Music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-WkFk0zutrdNlF3eEpndFI5TGc

Art Trade with @chupicabri


okay so i moved into this apartment like 4 years ago and there’s this kid who lives a floor below me who started learning the piano just around the time i moved in and the thing with apartments is that you can Hear Everything so i’ve spent goddamned years listening to this kid stumble on the piano and play off-key but just now as i was about to go to sleep i heard them play the entirety of can you feel the love tonight without any bumps or missteps and it was fucking awesome, and i don’t know this kid and i’ve never even seen them before but i’m so proud of them and it’s awesome how i’ve somehow managed to hear this kid’s journey into playing the piano for the past 4 years of my life. i hope they are doing well. i cant wait for more mini-concerts at 9 pm

Here’s a REALLY INCREDIBLY HORRIBLY ROUGH comic (I’ll probs not finish this sorry) based on today’s piano video from @danisnotonfire

(today my animation prof told us that studios love seeing rough work bc it shows the thought process so I’ll use that as an excuse to not finish this hahaha) 

Also bonus piano-themed unfinished piece:


Piano theme inspired by Dr. Anna Ripley from Critical Role.

I’m kind of terrified about posting this but here we are.

Me composing
  • Me: This is a nice little theme!
  • Piano: that's like every Ravel piece...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: wait, nah, THIS one is interesting!
  • Piano: mate, that's exactly Faurè nocturne n.4.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: what about this one? Decent innit?
  • Piano: you changed two notes to Brahms 4.
  • Me: *throws hands on the keyboard in despair*
  • Piano: that's Stravinsky piano sonata!
  • I can't write anything! 😥
  • (And I actually don't hate that sonata)

I’m not a virtuoso classical pianist but if I was,
I’d play the Sense8 theme a li'l somethin’ like this.

star wars piano lullaby part 2

star wars piano lullaby part 2 // arranged by onefine-morning, themes by John Williams & Michael Giacchino

Main Title • Yoda’s Theme • Hope Suite • March of the Resistance • Cantina Band • Anakin’s Theme • Jedi Steps • Leia’s Theme • Force Theme

I hope you enjoy.

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