Piano Man

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Request: So I was rewatching the demon!dean eps and had an idea cause he was playing piano in that one scene when Sammy finally confronts him. What if deamon!dean x reader fluff where he plays piano for reader or they have to play it for him to calm him down? 

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: none

A/N: I miss Demon Dean…

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During filming, Tom Hiddleston endeared himself to the cast and crew by serenading them at the piano between scenes. At wrap, each day, he graciously shook hands with everyone involved and thanked them for their work, from the janitor to his costars. His clear musical talent and unpretentious behaviour on set quelled any suspicions that the Englishman wasn’t right for the part.


IMDB, about the filming of I Saw The Light.

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Hold You Close

Summary: Pietro comes back from a mission to the reader’s arms. Based on Pillowtalk by Zayn. Requested by the lovely Mikala @it-takes-courage-to-be-you

Word Count: 1,901

Warnings: Unprotected sex. Dirty talk. Smut. This is porn.

A/N: Hope you all enjoy. This is my first time writing Pietro, so please be gentle with me. 

Pietro rolled his shoulders, wincing at the cracks he heard. He stretched his neck and rid himself of the fitted shirt he was wearing, assessing the bruises on his alabaster skin. He frowned, remembering just how difficult it had been to take the enemy down. If it hadn’t been for Wanda and Clint, he’d be walking with a limp.

But he was home. And it made Pietro breathe a little easier as he looked around the apartment. The rest of the team had asked him out for drinks, they were all going to celebrate a mission completed successfully after the debriefing. But Pietro turned it down and Wanda dismissed him with a quick hug and kiss to his cheek. “Tell her I said hi,” she said. He promised he will.

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*umbrella scene piano playing in the background* Yes I am a very inspired person

Here a little comic I did based on an idea of @feathersnow​ that Marinette patronus become a cat after she fall in love with Adrien

It’s my very first comic, i’m affraid i’m not very good at it ,but it was fun to do ^^

If anyone else wants to have their life ruined by getting super emotionally invested into another ship, I HIGHLY recommend Lucifer, because deckerstar sucks the life out of me and they are just alskaksfskdfj.

Their piano scenes kill me. 😍

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They are hot as hell. 🔥

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Chloe was created for the Devil himself by God (aka Captain of the Deckerstar Ship).

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Plus, the cast is devilishly talented. 😈

I’ve slept on it and I’m starting to really like the ending to episode 10

Earlier I had an issue with the episode because it’s really unclear what effect Akko had on Andrew and how real any of their conversations were because the bee had its effect on Andrew for son long. However, 2 things have changed my mind.

  • While Andrew’s feelings were fake, Akko’s effect on him was real, and it was just what he needed. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have betrayed his father like that in the end, which was an amazing moment for his character.
  • While he acts cold to her in public, in his conversation with Frank it’s revealed he feels quite differently. Frank inquires Andrew about any feelings he might have for Akko, and Andrew tells him “not to be foolish”. However, he later states that he didn’t kick her out after the piano scene because “his views don’t always align with his father”. In other words, he doesn’t detest Akko by the end of the episode, implying her effect on him was real. It also was an open, if somewhat subdued rebellion against his father’s wishes to say that openly.

Damn, I know Akko’s the one crushing right now, but she’s really what this poor guy needs.

La La Land

Seeing him again
At the piano
Same scene
New set
The curl across his forehead
Like half decades change nothing
She remembered an old art
One lost under stage lights
Behind cameras
Foreign accents

The art of missing him

Back it floods
An ache in her arms
Reach out
To that new old piano
A knot in her tongue
Sing the next note
In their song

Eyes close
Just for a moment
A moment’s all it takes
A flicker of piano
And he’s there
Replacing the man she came with
Walking her to the green ribbon car
Dancing under streetlamps
Cheering under spotlights
Stepping into the tap shoes
What a waste of a wonderful night

It’s more headcanon time:

Allen’s left eye, when activated, can only see in black and white with akuma souls of the afflicted in full out color, including their aura, and in crystal clear vision. Occasionally, when he’s extremely stressed out and out of sight in a bright place, Allen manually activates his eye because the monochrome colors calm him. (Of course, in the Ark verse his eye is the opposite of calming so he leaves it sealed)

Allen’s curse mark temporarily changes when the entirety of his emotional state is disturbed and raw (I actually think that’s canon, tho. See the piano scene) and pertaining to Mana, usually when he’s alone and self-reflecting but some people have reported seeing it move on his face. Neah cannot change it- the mark only belongs to Allen.

When Allen cries about humans, his tears remain clear. When he cries about akuma, his left eye weeps blood. When he cries about both, his eye activates on its own. (In the case of the Ark verse, it strains against the seal.)

The longer Neah is in control, the wavier Allen’s hair gets. It straightens out again when Allen is in control. Allen’s hair is actually quite wavy on its own but Crown Clown likes to straighten it out for whatever reason.

Allen’s sword doesn’t weigh that much to him but if someone else tried to hold it they’re find their knuckles slammed into the ground. Allen did not learn this the hard way unfortunately but he instinctively knows what Crown Clown can and cannot do.


Christ, no wonder Andrew turned out so utterly unappealing.

He’s got a handsome face, sure, but nothing else about him can be called attractive at all.

No thanks to his Mr. Stick-up-his-ass-statesman for a father who’s trying to make his son as boring as him.

Also, what is with this backwards thinking? No decent parent I know would ever say no to their children becoming more well-rounded, and on their own accord, too.

My Deckerstar Wishlist for S2B-S3
  • SEX SCENE!! I am begging you!! (@LuciferWriters) I will literally die and have my soul go to heaven to see Deckerstar FINALLY CONSUMMATE THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! Lucifer will be sooo nervous and unsure about, and Chloe will be so thirsty for him that she will barely be able to control herself. It will be hot and sexy, but also so passionate and sweet at the same time. *If we get one in the finale or a really hot make out scene, I. WILL. LEGIT. DIE. RESURRECT. AND. THEN. DIE. AGAIN. #LifeComplete
  • Kissing. BECAUSE THEY ARE OTP CREATED BY GOD HIMSELF. and for reasons and science. *Also i need a piano make-out scene like in the dream. BUT FOR REAL. I NEED IT. FOR REASONS. FOR SCIENE. FOR MY SOUL.
  • Lucifer serenading Chloe by playing on the piano and signing to her. (Idk maybe Hallelujah?!???) I would probably will cry if we get a scene like that. *Bonus: If its in his penthouse. If she sits on the bench with him as she just looks at him with tears in her eyes. While he sings the chorus “Hallelujah” he looks at her as if because she is the center of his universe
  • Lucifer and Chloe slow dancing because of reasons
  • Lucifer spending time with Chloe and Trixie. Maybe another morning breakfast scene??? Ohhh or him making them dinner with the help of Trixie and Chloe getting mad *not really, more amused* as they through flour into each others faces
  • More flirting during cases and Ella making comments and telling them to “get a room”
  • Deckerstar touches. Arm. Chest. Leg. Hands. Hair. Foreheads. LITERALLY ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WILL END ME!!!
  • Lucifer making more romantic AF speeches without even realizing it (Literally that beach scene still makes my cry. THAT. WAS. SO. FUCKIN’. ROMANTIC. BE. STILL. MY. DECKERSTAR. SHIPPER. HEART.
  • Chloe driving Lucifer’s corvette and him being worried the whole time and 100% backseat driving to be careful around turns and not get to close to cars. Or side walks. Or really anything
  • I would very much like need stolen glances
  • Lucifer blabbering when trying to talk to Chloe because it is so FUCKIN’ ADORABLE when he gets flustered around her
  • Cuddling. On the couch maybe while they are watching a movie. Or cuddling in bed. Either or. Or both…..BOTH
  • Trixie falling asleep on Lucifers lap and him falling asleep while both of them are on the couch. *Basically the Maze/Trixie scene but with Lucifer/Trixie and Chloe taking her phone out and quickly snapping a picture to use it against him later if need be
  • Devil jokes when after Chloe finds out and see’s his true face and Lucifer being totally annoyed with it, but Chloe finding it so entertaining
FIC: Undertow - hedwigshero

Title: Undertow

Author: hedwigshero

Word count: 20,222

Alternate links: N/A

Rating: Mature

Warnings: None

Author’s summary: Trapped in the confines of number twelve Grimmauld Place, Ron and Hermione find themselves plunged head-first into a sea of lust. Will they be able to fight the current, or get pulled down by the undertow?

Why everyone should read this: I was blown away the first time I read this fic. The author uses vivid and unusual imagery to depict the erotically charged situation Ron and Hermione find themselves in. The story is told from Hermione’s perspective, and begins with the piano scene from the Deathly Hallows film before exploring the possibilities that follow. It’s an intense journey through the “what ifs?” from their time at Grimmauld Place, and it sucks you in completely.


My heart is a fist pounding on my ribcage as our lips are pulled together and meet in a dulcet, lingering kiss. His mouth folds over my bottom lip, and this slight pressure seems to tug at my soul. My body is a sponge, and I soak up the kiss, letting it fill every pore in my body with fire. The sensation is euphoric.

My knees unhinge.

But then Ron begins to pull away every so slightly, our lips part, and a small space is created between them that crackles with static. He breathes out slowly as he pulls his hand away from my face.