piano with plants


Drone calmly floats through a tree farm in the autumn, Pacific Northwest


It’s that time of the year again.

I love october and autumn, this month is a bit magical with it’s cooling temperatures, misty mornings and halloween coming soon.  Time to get warm and comfy.

It is also inktober! I’ll do my best to participate this year, combining the official list and the #forestinktober list!

@nathanaelsonn, @lemonjuiceday, @noenoeh, @ngoc-ha, @na-thusius are guys ready???

“this guy…” x  x

zodiac aesthetics

aries: knitted scarves, red lipstick, fairy lights, lemongrass, old books, balloons, minimalism

taurus: mist rising in the sky, wanderlust, architecture, collared shirts, cherry blossoms

gemini: random words in foreign languages, existential quotes, black, succulents

cancer: ms paint, paper lanterns, fluffy socks, floral patterns, abandoned places, clothes with pockets

leo: stars, vintage, symmetry, glass, polaroids, high ceilings, vanilla, willow trees

virgo: watercolors, clouds, photography, tattoos, lace, monochrome, calligraphy, tea

libra: pastel colors, perfect eyeliner, pixel art, sunsets, freshly cut grass, impressionism

scorpio: melted chocolate, song lyrics, dyed hair, scented candles, rain, burning wood

sagittarius: oversized hoodies, graph paper, chapstick, flower crowns, peppermint

capricorn: poinsettias, gauzy curtains, the smell of cinammon, teal, backyard greenhouses

aquarius: chlorinated pool water, mismatched socks, piano music, brown eyes, potted plants

pisces: space, plaid, gradients, brand-new pens, snowflakes, coffee, dandelions

ID #60512

Name: Berlyn
Age: 13
Country: USA

I like Broadway musicals mainly, but I also enjoy listening to other artists/bands like Halsey, Florence + The Machine, etc. Whenever a move based on a book comes out, I refuse to see that movie until I’ve finished the book(s) completely. Basically, if you enjoy music and books, then you automatically have a massive bonus! I can play guitar, piano and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember.
I also enjoy plants and witchcraft, honestly, my room is full of miniature plants and herbs and crystals and… It gets messy pretty fast.

I wouldn’t mind exchanging snail mail (my handwriting isn’t the best and it really depends.) but email is fine as well. I only say snail mail because I would probably end up slipping some lyrics from my favorite songs/musicals in and other little things…

(Also my grammar isn’t the best so if you have a problem with that stuff then we probably wouldn’t make good pen pals… Just saying.) 

Preferences: I would mainly prefer a female who is around my age (so 13-15, I guess. But anyone under 18 who shares my preferences would be fine as well.)
Also don’t be sexist, racist, homophobic and we’ll be fine.