piano the sheep

alright, but imagine when we have an album name and we’re all freaking out trying to figure out it’s meaning and if it hints to the album’s theme

imagine when we get our first single and we’re all loosing our minds cos’ that’s the first taste of the new era, is it gonna be synth-y? Will there be a ton of guitar? Will the other boys do some back-up singing like Sams Town and are the lyrics as gritty as these sparse interviews seem to hint at?

imagine the single’s music video, we’re getting at least 3 minutes of HD content, some of the boys and maybe some of a story like When You Were Young or Shot At The Night, it might be the desert video (each era’s first video starts in the desert, it’s like a entree at this point) or it could be something new and exciting

and then one day, this album’s gonna be there on itunes or in your local HMV, you’ll be chilling up town and see a poster of the boys, something other than that rooftop leather jacket photo from Battle born, and you’ll know you’ve got a good couple years of content 

imagine this big world tour, they’ve come to your country or pretty close at least, what pyrotechnics do they have? What’s the gimmic? Does Brandon still introduce Ronnie with petnames? Is there an equivalent to the bolt? the palm trees? the big horned sheep piano? the gaudy pink jacket? 

what little icon will people have tattoos of this time next year?

who right now will have entirely new URLs based from new favourite lyrics?

You might have a new favourite TK song
You might have a new favourite album

It won’t be long until we can start getting excited again