piano tattoos

Here comes another…

Versailles or the Hermitage? Georgian or Victorian era poetry? Warm or cool climates? Cinema or DVD/blu-ray? Pen or pencil? Paintings or tapestries? Wood or stone floors? Tattoos or piercings? Piano or strings based classical music? Chandeliers or candelabras? Going to bed at 5am or waking up at 5am?

Our Bodies (M)

Pairing:  Namjoon x Yoongi x Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Smut, Tattoo(Artist)!AU

Word Count: 9,7k

Warnings: Rough sex, FOURSOME, Punishment Kink, slight Over-stimulation, mentions Alcohol, mentions Tattoos, and well everything that a foursome includes.

“Hm… which tattoo shop is still open?”

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