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The Secret (8)

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You were a nervous wreck, sat across from Baekhyun in a quiet corner of a random café, nursing your third cup of green tea to help with the butterflies in your stomach. The air between you both was silent, neither of you saying anything. Instead the awkwardness was just prolonged, like an itch that wouldn’t stop no matter how hard you scratched.

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Boyfriend! Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

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  • when you first met Jeonghan, it was through a friend of yours
  • your friend had scheduled a double date with a guy she had been on a couple dates and decided to bring you along, pairing you with a blind date

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Please watch Baby Driver

Regardless of if you think it looks like your sort of film or not there is so much more to it than what’s on the surface

Music is the heart and soul of this movie, it has a great soundtrack that’s as much a part of the film as any of the characters

And the characters are great. Baby especially. He has tinnitus which is why he listens to he’s music, but he feels neurodivergent in other ways too. He feels autistic to me, but I’ll leave the details to someone who’s in that spectrum, because I don’t want to get things wrong. But also there’s this one scene where they’re having a meeting, Baby seems completely zoned out, jamming to his music, playing piano on the table, then someone asks why he’s not paying attention, guy in charge just smirks and asks Baby what the plan is, to which he rattles off the entire thing word for word. And I have seen someone say that this is a hearing thing, which I can totally get behind. But as someone with ADHD who used to get in trouble for ‘not paying attention’ even though I was in fact taking everything in, that moment resounded with me pretty hard.

I’d love to see someone touch on the autism stuff as well, because there’s so much there.

And he uses asl to talk to his foster dad and those conversations flow just as easily as the spoken ones.

And for the most part, Baby is treated pretty normal, a bit of jeering from people (criminal assholes) meeting him for the first time and not getting him. But the guy in charge respects him probably more than any of the actual criminals he hires. Outside of the crime ring he meets a girl and they fall in love.

TL;DR: Baby Driver is a great movie with some decent ND and disability representation where these things are treated as being completely normal

As my username suggests, I play the piano! I have achieved my Grade Five Trinity Guildhall Certificate in Piano. I am not currently practising for any further exams however am playing grade six level pieces.

Classical pieces I’ve enjoyed to play over the years are:

  • Requiem for a Little Bird - Gustave Sandre
  • Song of Twilight - Yoshinao Nakada
  • Forty Winks - Mark Tanner
  • Matsuri - Michael McMillan
  • Rondo - Anton Diabelli
  • Dedicatoria - Enrique Granados
  • Miniature - Alexander Goedicke
  • The Fall of the Leafe - Martin Peerson
  • Valse Lente - Oskar Merikanto
  • Jazzin’ Grace - Garry A F Wilkinson
  • Castle Ward - June Armstrong

However I also enjoy to learn how to play modern songs on the piano, such as:

Some songs I’m planning to learn in the future:

  • Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
  • Bridge over troubled water - Simon & Garfunkel
  • That’s how I got to Memphis - Tom T. Hall
  • Into the mystic - Van Morrison
  • The Piano Man - Billy Joel
  • Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
  • Candle in the wind - Elton John
  • First - Cold War Kids
  • Let Her Go - Passenger
  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
  • Symphony - Clean Bandit & Zara Larsson
  • Faded - Alan Walker
  • A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  • Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
  • Songs by The Beatles
  • Songs by The Eagles
  • Songs by Bruce Springsteen
  • Songs by Ed Sheeran

I hope this motivates some people to open their piano and spend some time practising this summer! To be honest, a lot of the time I don’t feel like practising at all, but once I start I can’t stop! Good luck and let me know if you have any additions you’d like me to add or any questions! :)


Solange Knowles - Cranes in the sky 🎹

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a list of things that remind me of you:

turtleneck sweaters / violin cases / eating chocolate icing from the jar / the entire score of Wicked  / honeybees / hot chocolate / cinnamon / 7am / writing letters / checking the mailbox / checking the mailbox again / black ankle boots / minivans / bad parking jobs / gelato / the gaslight anthem / mumford and sons / anything played on the ukulele / custom lingerie / fake red roses / post-it notes / German / naughty schoolgirl contests / nuns / obscure indie music / Ohio / 9:30 Club / E.E. Cummings / Avatar: The Last Airbender / holding hands at the movies / flip phones / ordering chocolate milk at a restaurant / ferris wheels / 22 / drunk voicemails / Birdies Coffee Shop / honey spice rooibos tea / polka dots / pianos / pool tables / the way it feels when you ache and ache and ache and then sink to the bottom of the bathtub and for just a few minutes it doesn’t ache anymore
—  trista mateer

We rented out a house to stay in. They have four cats, two dogs and a bunch of chickens.

The dogs are named Biscuit and Cinnamon and I love them. The cats are super playful, but I forgot all their names.

They also have a piano, a ping-pong table, a climbing rope, a target, a swing, a hammock and a trampoline.

Will post some pictures for @chippani and everyone to see.

day 1 - jealousy

and so this is friday, for umimaki month. Day one entry. Can’t promise to do everyday, but yeah, enjoy the drabble.

Umi dropped her bag as she arrived at music room at her usual spot, on the nearest table by the piano, the wooden school table that filled with music sheet and some jumbled of Maki’s belongings that she couldn’t mention one-by-one. The redhead would be behind the piano, either staring on the black and white keys, or fumbling at the written score that they have agreed tomorrow.

The archery practice run late today, and when Umi wanted to voice her excuse, she found Maki smiling.

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Head cannon

Draco Malfoy, for all his spoiled childhood, loves to bake.

He was taught how to cook 8 course meals by the same governess who taught him to play the piano and have impeccable table manners. He knows how to cook, but he doesn’t like to. Instead, he likes to bake. He took all the skills and knowledge about how to make escargot and filet mignon and uses it to make pies and cookies and brownies.

His parents were never into desserts but Draco always had a sweet tooth so after his lessons for the day were over, little Draco would sneak into the kitchen and start baking.

His parents would forbid the elves from giving Draco dessert as a punishment often but Draco, in true slytherin fashion, worked around it by going and making his own dessert. The elves gave him pointers and tips so they never actually broke a rule but they got to make Draco smile anyway.

Draco loves to bake.