piano sheet


i’m still not over dan’s camo shirt…

just music hoe things

- that period of time when a song that just came out has no tabs or sheet music and you feel dead inside

- naming instruments

- singing along to every theme tune of every tv show

- harmonising while everyones singing in the car

- the moment of ‘shit i haven’t practiced in a week and my lesson is today’

- starting christmas songs in fucking august or some shit

- default songs that you absentmindedly play the second your instrument is to hand

- groaning when someone asks you to play but lowkey wanting to

- wanting a better one of your instrument but crying bc money

- feeling guilty about wanting a better one of your instrument bc attachment

- singing while working or cleaning or doing other boring things

- soundtrack is the best part of the movie

- sick to fucking death of c major chord progressions

- sheet music ingrained into your soul after all day rehearsals