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soul x maka week 2017, day 2: family

i blame @redphlox for reminding me that 会いました、愛 is a thing that i did.

You do not go to your daughter’s wedding. You receive no card, no letter, no note to inform you that the girl who shares your blood is passing such a point in her life. Your name appears only on guest lists tucked into binders upon binders of wedding plans and a single, unsent wedding invitation.

This is not by lack of effort on her part, but by careful work of your own. Maka Albarn hates quitting, but you are her mother, and you hate that even more.

(Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if your partner had been different. Maybe you wouldn’t have grown to resent your daughter the way you do. Maybe she wouldn’t have been reduced to little more than the ball and shackle that had kept you chained to Spirit Albarn for far too many years.)

She is beautiful, you think, carefully adjusting the lens of your camera (Nikon-serial-code-number, excessively expensive for a device you will throw away after today). She is beautiful, and if she was upset that she couldn’t find you, it doesn’t show now, not when her eyes are fixed upon her partner, not when her smile is nearly wide enough to swallow her cheeks, not when she is so in love that your own chest tightens with bitterness.

Her soon-to-be husband plays the piano scythe jutting out of his leg, but he has eyes only for the woman striding toward him. You remember how Spirit had looked when he was at the altar, and you marvel at how similar the two scythes look, and how different. You know next to nothing about Soul Eater Evans, but what you do know convinces you of this much:

History has not repeated itself here. Maka Albarn has not made her parents’ mistakes.

Fez: alternately maka found a pianoman shirt for herself after they partnered up
and soul found a killer jacket for himself
Fez: maka liked the jacket enough to steal it
Me: are you implying soul stole makas shirt
Fez: yup
Fez: Retaliation
Fez: alternately alternately maka’s mom gifted soul a pianoman shirt but didn’t know he’s a dude and he’s like “i can’t refuse this”
Fez: (maka’s mom didn’t know b/c the only thing she ever learned about soul is that he’s maka’s partner and that he plays piano)
(“i found a scythe named soul who plays piano”)
(that’s it, that’s all she ever got)

@soundofez discussing the origins of the pianoman shirt after realizing it looks like it came from the girl’s section

anonymous asked:

what is the meaning of your user?

my username? ah I’ve gotten a similar ask before. here’s the long, detailed answer: (x)

and the short answer is that it’s from the animango Soul Eater - Soul is a weapon who can turn into a scythe, and a piano scythe happens to be one of his special transformations! I made this blog right after watching Soul Eater, and it along with the ship Soma consumed my soul

exhibit A ft. very pretty maka in her black blood dress

thanks for askin :)