piano on the street

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Person A loves music and is studying it as their major. In fact, they love it so much that they play in the streets/subway/station/etc for fun (and also a little extra pocket money). They’re surprisingly so popular that they even decide to make a YouTube account just to film these jam sessions and post them.

One time, person a sees person b sitting a few feet away with an instrument next to them. Curious and eager, person a invites/challenges person b to a jam session/battle.

Which they promptly own.

Person b is surprisingly good with said instrument and person a is also surprised that even though they’ve just met, even though this is just a free styling jam, there’s this unmistakable synergy between them that has people flocking to them and cheering them on. And when they play the last note in unison, there is a roar of applause from the surrounding crowd. But person b has to leave like now and person a wonders if they’ll ever see the enchanting, compatible stranger again.

Next week, there’s a new student at person a’s music school. Three guesses who it is.

(Up to you whether person a recognizes person b or not. Extra kudos to you if you decide to go the mistaken identity route!! you get a virtual hug and my undying adoration)

(update: inspired by this- https://youtu.be/YQSzk44hBmk )

(update numero dos: well link doesn’t seem to be working for those who are still curious go to YouTube and look up Spontaneous Street Piano and Violin Duet by Piano Around the World- it should be the video of a piano and violin duet (wow) of the song Just the Two of Us)

(update numero tres: extra EXTRA kudos if person a and b become rivals at school)


Here is a friend of mine playing a classic in NYC. 

anonymous asked:

2D and his S/O go out and his S/O loses him only to find him playing one of those kid pianos??

  • You hugged 2D’s arm closer to you as the two of you walked through the mall, the both of you dressed incognito, enjoying the freedom you had whenever you decided to sneak out in public together. 
  • 2D snorted quietly with you as shoppers shot him suspicious glances but continued on with their strolls, not knowing that he was the lead singer of famed band Gorillaz. dumbs
  • You stopped at your favorite store, letting out a satisfied “Ooh” upon seeing new arrivals displayed on the windows. 2D groaned and looked up dramatically, you knew he hated the perfume department as the aromas brought great pain to his head. i totally didn’t get that from spongebob lmao
  • “I just wanna look around for a bit,” you say innocently, your foot already halfway in. 
  • “I’ll wait for you out here,” he says before kissing your cheek gently. You run inside, eager to see what you like.
  • 2D taps his foot against the floor and looks at the other stores nearby. He lets out a “Wahow” when his eyes land on the toy store.
  • When you step out of the store, empty-handed because those prices were ridiculous, you look around and 2D is nowhere in sight. “Aw, jeez. Not again,” you exclaim before beginning your hunt to find your boyfriend. 
  • You walk in and out through every store, calling his phone only going to voicemail, hating how he never picked up, especially in times like these. You end up at the toy store and go in, expecting to find him in there and you do.
  • He’s fascinated by the selection of children’s pianos and you find him playing a small concert surrounded by a crowd of lost kids. owo? dirty harry?
  • He finishes and the kids applaud, stepping closer to him for questions. He’s startled when hears someone shout, “Sir! You can’t keep coming here to play with the children’s pianos if you’re not going to buy them!”
  • He clumsily places the piano back into it’s spot on the shelf before jumping over the kids and grabbing your arm to hurry you both out of the store. 
  • A few weeks later, you surprise him one evening with a gift. When he opens it, he’s suprised to see the small kids piano and happily adds it to his ever growing keyboard collection.

2D wanted by the police for running through the streets dressed as batman and playing kids pianos repeatedly in toy stores 

lorde hnoestly jus invented green lights, dancin in bathrooms, dancin in the streets, hangin from a car window, dancin on top of a car, she invented actin a fool in the middle of the streets, she invented pianos, she invented music, she invented music videos, she invented pink dresses, she invented adidas-

Playlists for The Signs

*use sun and moon, even though they’re all really good songs*

•sketchhead- arctic monkeys
•in bloom- nirvana
•i dont care- fall out boy
•only- nicki minaj ft drake, lil wayne & chris brown
•bleeding out- imagine dragons
•break the rules- charli xcx

•white teeth teens- lorde
•young god- halsey
•formidable- stromae
•we dont believe whats on tv- twenty one pilots
•hey you- pink floyd
•stolen dance- milky chance

•jealou$y- the neighborhood
•roses- the chainsmokers ft. rozes
•3005- childish gambino
•pumped up kicks- foster the people
•soap- melanie martinez
•new americana- halsey

•work song- hozier
•octahate- ryn weaver
•oh fairytale lullaby- bombay bicycle club
•happy little pill- troye sivan
•angels- the xx
•someone new (cover)- amber run

•focus- ariana grande
•feeling myself- nicki minaj & beyonce
•girls/girls/boys- panic! at the disco
•cheap sunglasses- RAC
•i wanna be yours- arctic monkeys
•bubblegum bitch- marina and the diamonds

•budapest- george ezra
•goodbye blue sky- pink floyd
•stressed out- twenty one pilots
•come as you are- nirvana
•radio- lana del rey
•talkshow host- radiohead

•tennis court- lorde
•i found- amber run
•oh new york- milk and bone
•girls like girls- hayley kiyoko
•nature boy- aurora
•grand piano- nicki minaj

•high by the beach- lana del rey
•street spirit- radiohead
•dressed in black- sia
•far alone- g-eazy
•comfortably numb- pink floyd
•heart shaped box- nirvana

•nepal- uss
•living on my own- freddie mercury
•all eyes on me- tupac
•bat out of hell- meatloaf
•ride- twenty one pilots
•running behind- holychild

•sunday candy- donnie trumpet & the social experiment
•mother- pink floyd
•same old love- selena gomez
•dont- ed sheeran
•unapologetic bitch- madonna
•do i wanna know- arctic monkeys

•head.cars.bending- the 1975
•knives- madonna
•fever- the black keys
•buddy holly- weezer
•ode to sleep- twenty one pilots
•video games- lana del rey

•drive- halsey
•cosmic love- florence + the machine
•from eden- hozier
•kites- amber run
•rise up- andra day
•truce- twenty one pilots

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((day 1))


Mikael: Oh fuck.

Yousef: Hey people

Elias: What’s up? Welcome back. Today it’s about violent police fails

Elias and Yousef: Hold on tight

Adam: *reaction to video* Wtf, do your job. You’re playing piano in the middle of the street

Mutasim: Just let him play.

Elias: He’s american (?), he’s american

Mikael: Watch now.

Yousef: Are you serious?

Elias: He’s walking away. Look at what he’s wearing. He was shot instead.

Adam: Everyone listen to what she’s saying. Shh.

Elias: Pause. This right here is racism. Perhaps it’s funny to laugh about videos like these. But it’s not funny when it happens to you.

Elias: Police violence is a huge issue in today’s society. The way they abuse their power in order to…

Elias: suppress people like me in totally unacceptable. “Innvandrerstatistikk.no” says that 96 % of all police men and women are part of KKK

Elias: Ey, shut up. We’re finished for today. 

Adam: Can’t your slave go get us some soda? 

Elias: Thank you for watching today.

Mutasim: Remember to subscribe. 

Elias: I hope you enjoyed the video. 

 Adam: Thumbs up, subscribe.

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It doesnt get better than this! 

natasha: hands numb from the cold, a piano sporadically breaking out into crescendos, moonlit rooms, cobbled streets, puffy eyes and red noses, your heart pounding so loud you feel it in your fingertips

sonya: foggy wheat fields, details of renaissance paintings, waking up at 4 am when everything is quiet, delicate silver jewellery, the unbearable pain that comes when someone you love hurts them self and there’s nothing you can do

pierre: old book smell, closed curtains that barely let sun in, cold wood floors on bare feet, layers of coats and sweaters and scarves, melancholy glances, snow illuminated by streetlights

anatole: cologne so strong you choke, cigar smoke, sly smiles, carcasses picked clean by animals, a secluded wooden cabin in the forest, someone standing uncomfortably close to you

mary: empty churches, illuminated stained glass, a wilted floral centrepiece, baroque paintings, life like marble statues, hands trembling from nerves, clouds so dark and menacing they feel surreal