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Spontaneously playing something from my mind. 


Here is a concert piece I performed on 5th April at St Nicholas Church in Brighton, have a look and listen, see what you think. Its the culmination of a lot of improvisational projects I have created over the last year. Its very very long so probably best to dip in, dip out where you feel like it. 

a Person You Resemble

Day 4: Secrets, also late, this may wind up being a running theme. Speaking of running themes, listeners might notice leitmotifs in these improvisations that come back in, little themes and ideas that come back again. I am thinking of all these improvisations as a story ^_^ Anywho! Previously Pearl had stopped playing the piano in her jam session with S. and was lost in thought. She recalled how she and Rose would play music together, and all these feelings came rushing back. She begins to worry that perhaps she only likes S. for the elements of Rose she sees in her, she worries that she might be using her to feel like she has Rose back, even a little, and she abruptly leaves as S. calls to her wondering what is wrong. Pearl runs off to be alone, to the remains of the cherry blossom tree that was her spot. She lays down and trying to collect herself drifts into sleep… to be continued.

Piano Is Not My Forte

Imagine a pocket-sized you watching Yoongi playing on the piano. Moonlight Sonata fills the room, and Yoongi plays it perfectly, having memorized it long ago. His eyes are shut, immersing himself in the piece with his soul. Partway through his playing, random off-key notes are heard. Yoongi doesn’t mind it, perhaps thinking that his fingers slipped to the wrong keys. It does happen sometimes. He continues on, ignoring the mistakes. The sound of random keys being pressed continues again, and that’s when Yoongi realizes that it isn’t him doing it. His eyes flutter open, and on the left side of the piano, you’re standing on a bunch of keys on the bass clef. Yoongi stops playing, and you look at him questioningly.

“What? I was helping you improvise!”


Seriously if you havent seen this skills of this girl on the violin… you are missing out. 


[VIRALHOG] Two Complete Strangers Perform Improvised Piano Duet At A Paris Train Station.  (Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this!!!!!!)


Improvisation based on “End of An Empire”

This is my brother. He did an improvisation based off of Celldweller’s “End of An Empire” within 5 minutes of hearing it. He actually plays music by EAR and CANNOT read any notes.

Listen to the original song here.

Noragami OP (Slower Piano Version - High Octave)
Noragami OP (Slower Piano Version - High Octave)

The second season is coming out in October! I’m so excited (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

0takuandan1me, .*・゚☆ндрруヾ(*^-^*)ノвiятнDду☆゚・*.  let’s fangirl about Noragami together~

(this improvisation-ish by-ear thingy is based on sheets here)

he’s not a siren

Chapter 6: Impromptu - A short piano piece, often improvisational and intimate in character

Summary: Merman AU. Their meeting is orchestrated by fate, conducting them one at a time to step on the stage. With the flick of the baton, in time, they will sing the same song, but only if they aren’t swept away by the ocean’s mighty waves.

All Ladybug wishes is to have a Chat Noir by her side, but what Marinette finds is that maybe she just needs a more aquatic companion.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrinette

WC: 4.1K

Parts: 1/2/3/4/5

Also: AO3//FF.net

All good dreams lead back to the sea, lead him back to colors and life’s vitality. Happy dreams, better memories pulled apart and twisted until only just joy remains. Slightly fictitious and fantastical dreams dripping with magic at the seams.

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Gary Jules - mad world (flute cover) vol.2 -for full version check out my bio :) (tamamı profilimdeki linkte)
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