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a Time for Beginning Anew

This is the first of my pieces I’m posting here, I’ve been wanting to participate in one of these every time they come around so here we go! This is an improvised piano piece on Day 1′s theme of Spring! My idea behind it is a whirling of emotions in Pearl, as she sees springtime coming to Beach City, and she realizes how far she’s come and how this relationship with S. can be a new beginning for her ^^ Or you can make up your own story, it is abstract instrumental music! I hope anybody who listens enjoys it! I’ll try to make one for each day of the event, you can think of them as a little ballet or tone poem~


drawing Ardyn Izunia and throwing an OC. Kinda wanna expand it more but I have this weird fear ppl will judge me/my OC lol. My favorite thing to draw was Daemon!Ardyn. Mainly because I just fill up the spot where the eyes are black and then add two white dots as the eyes. I can’t draw handsome man 

small dedication to @siren-dragon, @valkyrieofardyn and @poisonous-panda, their blog stories and headcanon give me so much life and inspiration 

some Headcanon (replacing OC with Y/N because idk seems more people/fangirl friendly??)

  • Ardyn plays few instrument really well, but other people don’t really know that because he doesn’t play for an audience. Sometimes when he feels like it he would sit down with Y/N together and play four-hand piano pieces or just improvise 
  • he has actually composed few piano pieces himself too, but never finished them, just started and broke it off mid-way.
  • if Y/N is short (Ardyn is 6′3″) he’d always rub it in their face and establish his dominance as the tall person here lol. E.g. if Y/N struggle with getting something from a high shelf, he’d just lean against the door frame and watch them struggle. He’ll help when Y/N decides to go get a chair to reach the high place
  • Y/N is a night owl and often messes up her sleeping schedule badly, so she can be often making breakfast at midnight and wearing Ardyn’s scarf so they wouldn’t be too cold. 
  • Ardyn would totally show up in the middle of the night too, to nick off some bacon and pancakes 
  • speaking of which, Y/N can’t cook for shit. But that’s okay, they can bake and bless the Six Ardyn has a sweet tooth. 
  • Despite having a really messed up sleeping schedule, if they go to bed at 4AM and have to wake up at 6AM, they will get up the moment the alarm goes off
  • the same cannot be said for Ardyn. That man needs his beauty 6 h sleep and he will do anything humanly possible to not get out of the bed. He really doesn’t understand how Y/N can go a whole day with only 2h sleep or sometimes stay up 48h straight to read a whole book series/binge watch TV shows
  • Based on this, if Y/N would accidentally walk into a tired Ardyn with his true Daemon face revealed, they’d probably blink once or twice, sniff the tea that they’re holding in their hand to check if it hasn’t been spiked with weird stuff and then ask if he needs more coffee because he looks tired af
  • If Ardyn ever decides to tell them the truth, you can bet Ardyn’s sweet ass at some point when they got attacked by a Daemon, they’d go “Look, I have seen the Chancellor of Niflheim without his morning coffee, so don’t try to pull that shit on me”
  • Ardyn is a tea person, but needs to morning coffee to wake up and get through the day. It really is more of a habit. 
  • Y/N outs Ardyn’s hair into a man bun when he’s asleep
  • Also I noticed since no one really uses seatbelt on the roadtrip, Y/N would sit on the back of Ardyn’s car during long trips just so they have the whole seat to themselves.
  • Refers to Ardyn as ‘Mr. Chancellor’ or ‘Mr. Izunia’ sometimes as a mock formality. He is secretly turned on by that. 
  • Makes trash/garbage joke around Ardyn all. the. time.
  • “Where’s the trash?” “Here!” *points at Ardyn”
  • “Mr. Chancellor, it’s trashcan, not trashcannot”
  • uuuuh to be fair, I see my OC and Ardyn’s relationship starting off as a friendship. Like Ardyn has been around for ages and that man is probably very lonely, and I imaginge he’d just want to have a companion/friend around. There is some playful flirting thrown into it too except Y/N is a dumbass when it comes to that kind of thing so literally after a long time one day they’d go “Wait, are you flirting with me???” and Ardyn would be like “Have been for the last few years but thanks for noticing”
  • Would suddenly realize they have been crushing for that old man and Ardyn would have noticed long ago that he was falling for them but didn’t do anything seeing as Y/N was so utterly clueless and maybe he thought that was the best that there’s nothing more beyond friendship
  • yeaaaah sure that is until Ardyn notices he needs them and needs them if you get my drift hinthintwinkwink
Piano Is Not My Forte

Imagine a pocket-sized you watching Yoongi playing on the piano. Moonlight Sonata fills the room, and Yoongi plays it perfectly, having memorized it long ago. His eyes are shut, immersing himself in the piece with his soul. Partway through his playing, random off-key notes are heard. Yoongi doesn’t mind it, perhaps thinking that his fingers slipped to the wrong keys. It does happen sometimes. He continues on, ignoring the mistakes. The sound of random keys being pressed continues again, and that’s when Yoongi realizes that it isn’t him doing it. His eyes flutter open, and on the left side of the piano, you’re standing on a bunch of keys on the bass clef. Yoongi stops playing, and you look at him questioningly.

“What? I was helping you improvise!”


Beethoven - Piano Sonata no.12 in Ab Major, “Funeral March”, op.26

The next couple of sonatas after the “pathetique” are great in their own right, but since I’m focusing on my personal favorites, we have to jump ahead a bit to the “official” first sonata of early period. This is a problematic distinction. In art history, Eras and Periods can only describe trends, but they can’t be taken as specific beginning and end points. Basically, while his piano sonatas start to show qualities that we will consider as examples of his Middle Period, he still hasn’t written/published his third piano concerto, or his Eroica symphony, or the Kreutzer violin sonata…even so, we see through his piano writing hat the Revolution has always been in motion. I haven’t brought up specific years yet, I’ve only been referencing the era in vague terms like “at the time” or “in Beethoven’s day” or whatever, but for reference compared to the earlier sonatas, this piece was published in 1801. I think it’s fitting that the first piano sonata of the new century be one that will reflect Romantic era tropes. In a shocking experimental gesture, none of the movements in this sonata is in “sonata form”, which was one of the basic check points on the list of “what to include in a sonata”. And as we know, trailing away from formal structure was a Romantic era hallmark. The opening movement is instead a set of variations on a simple and lovely theme, that to me sounds like in media res. Starting out in Vienna, Beethoven was more famed for being great at piano improv, more than he was known as a composer, and part of his piano performances included improvised variations. Many of Beethoven’s early sonatas were influential to Schubert, whose Impromptu in Ab Major shares a very similar melody to the theme of this movement. The next movement is a cheery Scherzo, a stroll in the park on a sunny day. It is then contrasted by the funeral march that gives this sonata its almost unnecessary nickname. This is a groundbreaking gesture, showing another break in tradition by using a Funeral March as the slow movement, a type of piece that you wouldn’t ever expect to be in a formalized structure of absolute music [and no surprise this was a favorite, as well as an inspiration, for Chopin]. I mean…why write a funeral march if it isn’t meant to be played at any funerals? This is much in tune with the Erioca symphony, which is only a couple years away, so much so that this funeral march is subtitled “after the death of a great hero”. Like how the Eroica is a symphony for an unnamed hero, this march is for another unnamed hero, and including a nameless “main character” in your piece for the audience to feel connected to is VERY Romantic. The music here imitates band instruments, creating the feeling of listening to more formal and expected funeral music to be played outdoors. You can hear drum rolls and soft brass ensembles that flourish into slightly more uplifting and hopeful themes at times. The final movement is a “grand finale” for pianistic flair, an allegro that rushes in faster than you can keep track of, and the music seems like unbridled and free form joy. The joy of a child playing games. Like the seventh sonata, this piece kind of just stops, without an expected banal “da-dum!” chord to let the audience know when to clap. Music that is pulled from the aether before being released back into it.


1. Andante con variazioni

2. Scherzo, allegro molto

3. Maestoso andante, marche funebre sula morte d’un eroe

4. Allegro, rondo


Piece of the night, Keith Jarrett’s “October 17, 1988″ from his Paris Concert.  Perhaps the most sublime improvisation ever recorded.


Seriously if you havent seen this skills of this girl on the violin… you are missing out. 


[VIRALHOG] Two Complete Strangers Perform Improvised Piano Duet At A Paris Train Station.  (Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this!!!!!!)

ishishishishishish  asked:

Hey, was wondering what kind of music you composed?

It depends, it can be anything from classical to rock, from jazz to pop :) I have composed music to different projects (TV, theaters, bands etc). Lately I have started to make also piano improvisations - I love to create something without any preparation. I like all kind of music, and I want to compose freely without thinking that I have some kind of style. Same goes with my photography. Thank you so much for your question 🌸


And now, another throwaway track since i don’t feel like messing with this any further. I call this one P4WN1T. I used some 8-bit effects, as well as my bass, and a glide effect on the piano. I improvised random vocals, and i did a little 2-Desque background vocal. This was heavily influenced by Gorillaz, hence why i’m tagging this lmao

-Soundcloud (where i create covers and original songs)

-Ribs (Lorde Cover) to be released Friday, July 21st, 2017!

-EP Announcements Soon.

(Oh, and glitch-edit that i used for the icon is from @strobelic :) )