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NCT As Boyfriends

Anon requested:  Hi I hope this isn’t too much to ask for but can you guys do nct as your boyfriend? Thank you!

Genre: Fluff & SMut

Author: admin Karma

A/N: Hey, i’m sorry you had to wait so long
These are all members besided the minors and Lucas & Jungwoo since I don’t know much about them yet……… Also since it’s 10 members this is a long one….

Reminder! This is completely how I see them as boyfriends and it’s probably very inaccurate as I am not that good at reading people but i’ll do my best!! (this is for all genders) and since this is a smut acc, I will add some 16+ content to it ;)

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I’ve been bedridden sick for the past few days and fell behind finishing the remaining frames for the Klangst animatic I was planning TvT But I suddenly had an influx of activity here (hello new followers °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°) so please have some WIPs?

(*cries in a corner because what is art style*)


itS beEn fOUR lONG yeARs!!! since i last drew one of my favorite ocs rip

heck I don’t even remember what his name was, and how his personality was supposed to b like haha yes i know my memory is g r e a t

dgraymanweek  || Day 3: Blood Crusade

↳ Option B: Favorite Happy/Sad Moment

“I will still continue to pray
Please bestow upon this child your love”

anonymous asked:

thoughts on Dan's liveshow? as always, soooo many phil mentions lmao.

I loved it! I feel like there were so many things I wanted to hear him talk about that the hour went by too quickly. There were some lovely reiterations of things we already knew about. Some of the highlights for me: 

- Telling the story about someone catching Phil out jogging and asking for a picture, and how Phil was too nice of a person to say no even though he looked like a “sweaty rat.” 
- The whiny impression of himself asking Phil for help while filming, trying to downplay how they do videos together but also at the same time not pretending they don’t. 
- Talking about the “reasonable” anxiety Phil gets when it comes to neighbors and being judged as weird. 
- Dan’s reaction to the sexy text from Marcus Butler, and realizing it must be a video: “For about thirty seconds, really got my hopes up.” 
- Phil and his week long birthday celebration: “Smol bean deserves all the treats.” I think he meant for that tone to be more sarcastic than it was, but it didn’t really come off as sarcastic at all.  
- They got Hamilton tickets! 
- He talked about two other birthday presents he got Phil, including one that I guess we don’t get to know about? 
- Referring to Phil as family. 
- Clarifying that he didn’t talk to anyone has a kid, which is why his parents didn’t know how much he hated the piano teacher. I’ve seen so many people assuming Dan’s parents should have known he was that miserable, but he was twelve - a twelve year old has the ability to withhold emotion if they choose to, and he clearly did. 
- Yet another mention of how he watches depressing movies when Phil is away. (Interesting addition of ‘or political things’ too - though it doesn’t surprise me to hear Phil isn’t super into political stuff.) 

Clinging to This Hating Game 2/?

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~4500 (this chapter)

Happy Birthday!! and thanks to my superbeta @mshoneysucklepink. I think I rewrote this chapter 3 times so she had her work cut out for her.

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link chapter 2

tumblr chapter 1


Chapter 2

Kurt almost didn’t think about it at all.

Senior year started in less than a week, and Cheerios practice had started the week before and he had plenty of things to think about instead. He did. He didn’t have time to waste on thoughts of fumbling hands and pretty eyes and orgasms shared with anyone. He didn’t.

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Remus hated pianos. He always did. 

The music was soft and drawling, sending shivers down his spine. 

It was the one thing his mother did that he hated. She used to always tell him off for resting his feet on the lid.

Then on the day of the full moon, he climbed into the shrieking shack and found a piano. He was a quick learner, after all those years of watching his mother play. 

He sat on the stool, wrapping his blanket tightly around him as his shaking fingers rested upon the keys.

Then he played.

The soft, dusty keys played notes with no direction. There was no song, just the same drawling sounds that send shivers down his spine. 

And as the Change took over, the last thing he heard was the soft music.

Years later, when he woke up after a Change, he saw a beautiful black haired boy at the piano, his long slender fingers trailing over the keys, his voice soft and soothing.

For once, the music was horrible and cold to Remus. The shivers weren’t unwanted and hated. Now they sent spikes of pleasure down his spine, and all he could hear was love and relief in the music.

What I Learned From High School

Learn to study.

    • When I was younger, my studying routine consisted of rewriting notes and highlighting everything. It worked then, b/c my classes weren’t so difficult, but it was inefficient. My top 3 tips? 1) For classes like Math, Chemistry, and Physics, practice is key. Don’t make super detailed notes; do practice problems (even if they’re not due). 2) If you are going to rewrite your notes, don’t just copy them. Organize the ideas in different ways (Understanding, not just memorization). 3) Review content throughout the year.

Pay attention in English.

    • It doesn’t matter where you end up, you need to be able to write well. From my experience, it is easier to get higher marks in English than other classes so put in that extra effort (esp if you need to boos your average). Also, Sparknotes and LitCharts will save you.

Be respectful.

    • A little respect goes a long way, and a lot of people don’t seem to understand this. Teachers are people too. As well as janitors. Seriously, please realize that someone has to clean up the mess you make.

Learn to drive. 

    • I procrastinated getting my license and it sucks being the friend who always needs a ride. Driving lessons are super helpful if you can afford them.

Explore your interests.

    • Once you get out of high school you’ll probably have to pay to learn new things. So take that class you’ve always been slightly interested in, whether it be French or History or Theatre.

You don’t have to date anyone. 

    • Don’t date someone just for the sake of being in a relationship. The right person will come along (and not necessarily in high school so don’t stress).

If you date someone, don’t ditch your friends.

    • If you can make time for your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, you can make time for your friends too. If this does happen to you, an apology will go a long way with your friends.

Get involved.

    • There’s so many opportunities available to you in high school. Throughout high school, I’ve been involved with soccer, volleyball, basketball, and leadership and it has helped me form great friendships. When I look back on high school now, I remember team dinners with my volleyball team, planning spirit week, and not the Chemistry test I had to study for.

Learn to say no.

    • When I was heavily involved in soccer (18 hours a week plus 8+ hours of travel), I said no to playing volleyball. My friend said yes but she was always stressed out/tired and couldn’t really commit to volleyball. Another friend of mine was stuck with piano lessons, that she hated, for years b/c she couldn’t figure out how to tell her parents no. Be realistic about what you can handle and what you like and don’t like

If you have a job, don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

    • Research the employment laws for where you live to ensure you’re getting proper breaks, treatment, etc. And don’t let your employer overschedule you. My friend ended up working the night before every final exam, because she was convinced she had to. Your place of employment can manage without for a few days. Don’t let  your coworkers take advantage of you either. Don’t constantly cover someone else’s shifts if they never return the favour.

Get a planner.

    • Get into the habit of using a planner (or something similar) and write everything in it! It will help you avoid that Sunday night panic when you realize there is an assignment due Monday morning. And other people will love you for it. Without fail, I always had a couple of people texting me on Sunday, asking about homework.

Save your money.

    • When you have to start paying tuition or rent you will thank your younger self for saving your money. If you tend to spend lots of money on things you don’t really need, put aside 90% of each pay check into a savings account and the remaining percent is your spending money.

If you have a free period, use it!

    • I would usually go home for my free periods and it was such a big mistake. I could not focus at home. The times I got the most done was when I sat alone in the library and focused on my work.

Pay attention in Math.

    • It’s super important that you know the math basics. This especially applies if you plan on taking any upper level math course.

Start studying early for final exams.

    • Teachers always rush to finish teaching the last units at the end of the semester, which isn’t helpful when you’re stressing about exams. I usually set out a study plan for 3 weeks before exam week (and take a day to organize your notes by each unit).

Know that you don’t have to college right away.

    • Taking a gap year is a valid option and actually really smart. Get to know yourself better, become more independent, and save up some money! Just consider all of your options.

“Senioritis” is real.

    • I thought I would be safe. I was wrong. With all the excitement of graduation and , your last weeks, months, and year of high school will be hard to focus on. Your last semester will be difficult, but please don’t let your grades drop. For Physics, studying with friends usually helped me figure out how to do problems, but in the last few months my friends were more of a distraction than a help. Figure out how to keep your focus.

Have fun!

    • As important as school might seem, you don’t have to study constantly. Learn to prioritize and be efficient. Make time for your friends.

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So i made a dumb video playing around with iMovie and stuff… i look gross but whatever. (x)

(you may ask why i upload it if i think i look horrible? well simple; i hope someone gives me pity and calls me ‘cute’ anyways)

ID #13828

Name: Sam
Age: 15
Country: United Kingdom (England)

I’m into loads of music, ranging from fall out boy and panic! to Ed Sheeran and The 1975.

I watch a lot of tv shows (currently watching himym) but my favourites are Arrow, The Flash, Shadowhunters, Brooklyn Nine Nine etc. whatever

I’m taking music GCSE and play piano, bass and ukulele

I hate pizza and love memes hmu
also i’d prefer to talk by tumblr or snapchat rather than email
also also i hope you don’t mind swearing because boi i can’t stop

Preferences: 14-17 year olds who aren’t dickheads (also that don’t mind not many letters but more like conversing over snapchat or tumblr - perferably tumblr not email)