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The Signs as Music Hoe Aesthetics
  • Aries: The slight rumbling you feel on the floor when you sit in front of the percussion
  • Taurus: the sound of the orchestra tuning, and you already feel your heart beating faster from a simple concert A
  • Gemini: The low chatter of anticipation from the audience before the performance
  • Cancer: Music torn at the edges with pencil writings scrawled all over the notes, a testament to somebody's time and passion
  • Leo: The feeling of playing a piece memorized; not just thinking about the notes but letting the music and your fingers work their magic
  • Virgo: The bright reflective lights on the keys of woodwinds and brass in the shining concert lights
  • Capricorn: When a person is so into the music that they start to dance and become a fluid structure, free and unbridled and emotional
  • Sagittarius: The feeling you get when you are in concert black with all of your friends, kind of like being a blurry smoke cloud in the night that moves together, breathes together, and performs together
  • Scorpio: when the string players are so into their music that their bow hairs start to fray and unravel and it's a mess of blurry lines moving like liquid silver
  • Libra: the conductor's arms, especially in staccato/scherzo moments, where movement is light and graceful and just there, showing its presence but not forcing it on
  • Aquarius: The adrenaline rush of playing a solo in a piece and the honor of standing up after it ends, where you have those few seconds just for you and only you
  • Pisces: The last note ringing around the air and the heavy, almost tangible silence which occurs for a microsecond afterwards
Noor Inayat Khan

James Bond. But a Girl. And Muslim.

1. Her code name was Madeleine (or Nora Baker or Jeanne-Marie Rennier) and she was an enemy of the Reich

2. She was a British secret agent of Indian and American origin (can I get a woot woot for diversity?)

3. As an SOE agent, she became the first female radio operator to be sent from Britain into occupied France to aid the French Resistance

4. But before WWII broke out, she studied child psychology at the Sorbonne and music at the Paris Conservatory under Nadia Boulanger, composing for harp and piano. She began a career writing poetry and children’s stories, and became a regular contributor to children’s magazines and French radio.

5. She wrote Twenty Jataka Tales, inspired by the Jataka tales of Buddhist tradition.

6.  After joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, she was recruited to join F (France) Section of the Special Operations Executive. 

7. She was betrayed to the Germans, either by Henri Déricourt or by Renée Garry, and then arrested and interrogated. There is no evidence of her being tortured, but her interrogation lasted over a month. During that time, she attempted escape twice. Hans Kieffer, the former head of the SD in Paris, testified after the war that she did not give the Gestapo a single piece of information, but lied consistently.

8. On November 25, 1943, Inayat Khan escaped from the SD Headquarters, along with fellow SOE Agents, but was captured in the vicinity. She was shackled at hands and feet for ten months and was classified as “highly dangerous.”

9. On September 11, 1944, Inayat Khan and three other SOE agents were moved to the Dachau Concentration Camp and executed 2 days later. Her last words were recorded to be, “Liberté”

Interior, Woman Playing the Piano (1931). Sulho Sipilä (Finnish, 1895-1949). Oil on canvas. Suomen Kansallisgalleria.

Sulho Sipilä studied at the Ateneum’s drawing school in 1915-1917. There he met his wife Greta, who also became a well-known artist. The couple got excited together with the foreign avant-garde and the inspired use of color. Sulho Sipilä focused on oil paintings.


Loreena McKennitt - The Lady Of Shalott Live

Mostly horrible film composer clichés

Hans Zimmer: Loud, hella brassy. Fight epic battles to this, and you will be victorious. Once heard, music sticks in your ears and never leave. VI-III-V-II(maj) game is strong (Inception!) 

Alexandre Desplat: PERIOD. DRAMA. Piano theme. Piano theme. Harp. Sweet, innocent melodies. Piano theme again. Drink a cup of earl grey tea and pet your cat as you click on repeat.

Thomas Newman: Silence. Minimalism. Incomplete chords, neither major or minor - celebrating chords as just but a little more than intervals. Music, in the distance - like a whisper….. and not a single Oscar in sight…

Danny Elfman: The strange, the fantastical and the mystical. Take my hand and let us go down the rabbit hole, bathe in chocolate fountains or make acquaintances with Edward Scissorhands while increasingly creepy circusy music escalates in the background

James Horner: Bagpipes and celtic tunes. Flutes. Grandness. Warmness. Adventure across the sea, the Scottish hills or the mystical world of Pandora. (*cough* and a lot of recycled harmonic ideas *cough*)

Ennio Morricone: El maestro italiano = Music of western films for all eternity. And so much more.

John Williams: The Force itself.

The signs as a musician/instrument player’s thoughts during practice


Taurus :  *cries* I was born a failure. I will never ace this. I am a disgrace. I will never bring my family honor. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror without being disgusted.

Gemini : Do fish sleep? Do birds pee? Why do donuts have holes? What is a male ladybug called? oh right, practice. Focus focus focus.

Cancer : I want that melted cheese on top of a pizza, the dripping chocolate sauce on that ice cream, the crunchiness of those fries. food.

Leo : Did I turn the lights off when I went out the house? Did I lock the door? Did I feed my cat? I forgot to do my chores. Oh shit, I have a test tomorrow. What about that essay due next week?

Virgo : I mean, he did say he love me. So he does. But I saw the way he was looking at her yesterday, so what the hell is he playing at? He hasn’t texted me in an hour. Is he with her? Are they out together?

Libra :  Dammit I wanna sit down. My legs are wobbly. Are you seriously going to make me stand for an hour? My hands hurt. My head is pounding. Get me out of here.

Scorpio : Without assuming the axiom of choice, can a nontrivial elementary embedding VV exist?

Sagittarius : I bet my eyebrows aren’t on fleek. I didn’t have time to apply eyeliner. Does my lipstick look okay? I bet my makeup is smeared.

Capricorn : Why didn’t James Potter make himself Secret Keeper? If you can volunteer for the games, as Katniss does, why wouldn’t a district have their very best competitors offer themselves up?

 Aquarius :  Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things. SO LIGHT’EM UP UP UP LIGHT’EM UP UP UP UP UP oh right Mozart classical era allegro

Pisces : If I hit my head hard enough with my instrument would I drop dead or simply stay unconscious?

Le salon de Madame Récamier à l'Abbaye-aux-Bois (1826). François-Louis Dejuinne (French, 1786-1844). Oil on wood. Musée du Louvre.

Juliette Récamier was a woman of letters and held a literary salon in an apartment of the Abbaye-aux-Bois rue de Sèvres in Paris, rented 7 April 1820. She moved into this religious establishment with her niece in October the same year.

official musician compatibility


1st violins: compatible with other first violins (to maintain the pure blood) and principle cello

2nd violins: compatible with violas because you’re both basically the same thing anyway. not compatible with other seconds because you’re just such awkward people 

violas: compatible only with other violas so you don’t infect the others with your viola cooties

cellos: compatible with pretty much anyone, but only if you’re first or second stand

basses: compatible with everyone at the same time because you’re generally attractive people just saying


flutes: compatible with clarinets and kazoos, and also first violins because you’re both the only people who can read ledger lines in treble clef really well

piccolos: only works with the oboe, because both of your instruments can really hurt to listen to

oboes: compatible with clarinets, but only if gay

clarinets: compatible with flutes, and with oboe because you share the bond of having people mistake your instrument for the other

bassoons: you’re kind of awkward people, but trumpet players (and traitorous second violins) find it endearing so there’s that

horns (french, english, and car): compatible with trumpet and trombone

trumpets: could actually be compatible with first violins if they weren’t so snooty

trombones: compatible with tuba just because the average person doesn’t know the difference between the two anyway

tuba (singular because what band would want multiple tubas): could be in a relationship with other under-appreciated instruments, like the bassoon, bass, kazoo, and viola

euphonium: lol did you think I would actually talk about this instrument

percussion: the sluts of the musical world. could get anyone they wanted to


pretty much everyone in choir is gay, so just keep that in mind and go nuts

*other instruments like harp, piano, and guitar are forever alone

*mingling between band and orchestra, orchestra and choir, choir and band is a sin but sin is okay as long as no one knows about it

Dreamworks Dragons Theme (Cover)
Original: John Powell/John Paesano; Edit: wan4life
Dreamworks Dragons Theme (Cover)

Dreamworks Dragons is back on Netflix with season 3: Race to the Edge! To celebrate my excitement and everyone else’s, this is a piano/harp/music box cover of the ending theme of the HTTYD tv series!


hello! i’m adrian and i’m 15 years old. i’m a chinese highschool freshman (class of 2020) in the united states, and started this studyblr blog in an attempt to motivate myself. i’ve been struggling with procrastination since 7th grade, and i hope to get over it asap!

classes i’m currently taking:
ap world history
algebra 2
spanish 1
english/language arts

fandoms i’m in:
BTS my favorite boys in the whole world my heart is hurting
other kpop groups (seventeen, toppdogg, blackpink, exo, and some more)
harry potter (slytherin !)
ex-homestuck & ex-anime

my hobbies are art, piano, and harp. i really hate sports and moving around overall

i speak fluent english and chinese, slowly learning korean on my own, and have some basic japanese from when i used to be a weeb (i was the ultimate weeb guys this is not a scam i cringe everyday at my past) +learning spanish at school

i will be posting notes i make for school, maybe my artwork and possibly some pictures of my planner (i don’t have a bullet journal and i’m not too interested in making one, but i still really enjoy looking at others’ photos of theirs)

thank you so much for reading and i would really appreciate any followers!