piano hammers

First Kiss by Tim Seibles

      for Lips

Her mouth
fell into my mouth
like a summer snow, like a
5th season, like a fresh Eden,

like Eden when Eve made God
whimper with the liquid
tilt of her hips–

her kiss   hurt like that–
I mean, it was as if she’d mixed
the sweat of an angel
with the taste of a tangerine,
I swear. My mouth

had been a helmet forever
greased with secrets, my mouth
a dead-end street a little bit
lit by teeth – my heart, a clam
slammed shut at the bottom of a dark,

but her mouth pulled up
like a baby-blue Cadillac
packed with canaries driven
by a toucan – I swear

those lips said bright
wings when we kissed, wild
and precise – as if she were
teaching a seahorse to speak–
her mouth   so careful, chumming
the first vowel from my throat

until my brain was a piano
banged loud, hammered like that–
it was like, I swear   her tongue
was Saturn’s 7th moon–
hot like that, hot
and cold and circling,

circling, turning me
into a glad planet–
sun on one side, night pouring
her slow hand over the other: one fire

flying the kite of another.
Her kiss, I swear – if the Great
Mother   rushed open the moon
like a gift and you were there
to feel your shadow finally
unhooked from your wrist.

That’d be it, but even sweeter–
like a riot of peg legged priests
on pogo-sticks, up and up,
this way and this, not
falling but on and on
like that, badly behaved
but holy – I swear! That

kiss, both lips utterly committed
to the world   like a Peace Corps,
like a free store, forever and always
a new city – no locks, no walls, just
doors – like that, I swear,
like that.

Sitcom Idea

Machiaveli, Nietzsche, Da Vinci, Shakespeare and Sun Tzu (on a student exchange from China) share an apartment in Vancouver and have to deal with the everyday problems of negotiating chores, keeping steady jobs, and arguing over whose turn it is to pick up pizza for dinner.

Every night they play a different game. Sun Tzu always wins at chess, Shakespeare at Scrabble (though the others complain that making up words is technically cheating). Nietzsche loses at everything, but this is okay because nothing means anything and he just wanders the apartment with a lamp crying that God is dead until he feels better. Da Vinci always wins at Pictionary.

They also play Charades on occasion. Shakespeare and Da Vinci team up, and usually win because Machiavelli and Nietzsche always pick abstract political or philosophical topics that the other never comes close to guessing.

Beethoven lives upstairs.   And they’re constantly trying to get him to shut up… Shakespeare makes an impassioned monologue, which he ignores, Da Vinci paints a picture of him sleeping peacefully and leaves it on the doorstep, Sun Tzu threatens him with a sword, and Machiavelli just calls the landlord. Nietzsche just shows up outside his door with his lamp and intones “God is dead.” Beethoven slams the door in his face and goes back to attacking his piano with a hammer.

Musical Instruments Vocabulary Word List

accordion acoustic guitar Aeolian harp Alphorn alto saxophone anvil baby  grand piano bagpipe balalaika bandoneón bandura banjo baritone horn bass bass clarinet bass drum bass guitar bassoon bell bongo drum bouzouki bow      brass instruments bugle calliope carillon castanets  celesta cello celtic harp chimes cimbalom clarinet classical guitar clavichord clavier concertina conch conga drum contrabass cornet cowbell cymbals didgeridoo double bass drum drumsticks dulcimer electric guitar electric  organ English horn euphonium fiddle fife flugelhorn flute French horn glockenspiel gong grand piano guitar hammered dulcimer harmonica harmonium harp harpsichord helicon horn hurdy gurdy instrument jaw harp Jew’s harp kazoo kettledrum keyboard lute lyre mallets mandolin maracas marimba mellophone melodeon moog synthesizer musical instruments musical saw mute oboe ocarina organ pan pipes penny whistle percussion piano piccolo pipa pipe organ player piano pump organ rainstick rattle recorder reed saw saxophone sitar slide whistle snare drum spinet spoons steel drum sousaphone steel drum steel  guitar string bass string instruments strings synthesizer tabla tambourine theramin thumb piano timpani tin whistle tom-tom drum triangle trombone  trumpet tuba tubular bells ukulele upright piano valve vibraphone viola viola da gamba violin violincello vuvuzela Wagner tuba washboard whistle wind chime wind instruments woodwind instruments xylophone zither         

I still need to write birthday fics for some friends, but I think that Bartolomeo Cristifori deserved a birthday fic and I knew just what to write.

Big thanks to the wonderful and incredible rebornfromash for betaing. I love you so much darling!!

A party. Soul was throwing a party for death’s sake. He hated his own birthday, but this, this, was a special occasion that “needed to be observed with the highest respect and celebrated in the greatest fashion.” So there she was on her way to Kid’s mansion to see what the hell Soul had planned for this party.

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Ballad of a Broken Heart Part II | Sebcedes

It seemed like hours and then slowly turned into days since he last saw her. Was their argument truly that upsetting? Was she really gone for good? He had taken his sorrows out on his piano. Hammering on the keys in tears and weeping over the wooden object in despair when his music didn’t bring her back. At least her disappearance had awoken his muse. Sheets of music notes scattered all over the study. All the lights had been turned on and the house had looked lived in. Well, lived in by a lonely seeming bachelor. Maybe she really was as upset with him as she claimed. Should he have taken her concerns more seriously? A bunch of thoughts passed through SS’s head as he moved around in the living room noticing there were so many pictures of her family but none of them. Since when did he become so sentimental? “Of course i’ve grown soft. The woman makes me soft…” he grumbled as he folded his arms along the fireplace mantle and rested his head. Melancholy taking him over in one giant swoop of thought. “Why does the lady torture me so? Is it an endless punishment for not being a very welcoming man? Where is the understanding… the unity in our love that overlooks what she might perceive as a flaw of mine,” he muttered to himself.

Whether they’re fans or detractors of Steinway — and there are many of both — top artists are looking not for bells and whistles but the inspiration that comes from playing on a superb instrument, superbly prepared by a knowledgable technician. And inspiration, of course, is as individual as a player — and as a top-of-the-line piano.

“When the piano responds on all dynamic levels, from pianissimo to sforzando and fortissimo, and gives the pianist tonal palette, you never want to leave that piano bench,” says Garee. “It’s when that particular instrument went together, when all the stars went together, material science, geometry, engineering, and the resilience of the piano hammer to respond to its soundboard. When all that comes together, it doesn’t matter what brand it is. It’s magic.”