piano concerto in f


Geshwin’s Piano Concerto in F - Full Song

I’VE FINALLY FOUND IT!! For the longest time I could only find the third movement of this and had no idea what the rest of it sounded like. HERE IT IS, THE ENTIRE SONG, COMPLETELY INTACT. 

Supposedly Stravinsky called this “the work of a genius.” When it debuted people were confused as to whether it was jazz or classical. xD

It’s beautiful. ;A; Gershwin composed this in 1925, and ORCHESTRATED IT ALL HIMSELF. (He learned how to orchestrate music a month or two after composing Rhapsody in Blue, better late than never, am I right?)


Gershwin - Concerto in F

Unlike his earlier and more popular Rhapsody in Blue, this piano concerto sticks closer to a more conventional classical language than jazz. But that doesn’t mean this work isn’t jazzy. Far from it, the first movement is bursting with brass and jumps along unexpected harmonies, and sounds almost reminiscent of Rachmaninoff’s last piano concerto [which was also jazz inspired]. Gershwin takes it to a new level with the blues inspired slow movement, with melodies and orchestrations that reflect his earlier rhapsody [a lot of plucking bass, and smearing wind rises]. Also, unlike his rhapsody, Gershwin himself orchestrated the concerto. The music feels very cosmopolitain, both its popular stylistic roots and its forward thinking harmonic voicing. In his own words, Gershwin describe the work, "The first movement employs the Charleston rhythm. It is quick and pulsating, representing the young enthusiastic spirit of American life. It begins with a rhythmic motif given out by the kettle drums…. The principal theme is announced by the bassoon. Later, a second theme is introduced by the piano. The second movement has a poetic, nocturnal atmosphere which has come to be referred to as the American blues, but in a purer form than that in which they are usually treated. The final movement reverts to the style of the first. It is an orgy of rhythms, starting violently and keeping to the same pace throughout.“


1. Allegro

2. Adagio - Andante con molto

3. Allegro agitato 

March 17 in Music History

1519 Birth of French composer Thoinot Arbeau.

1664 Birth of composer Georg Österreich.

1665 Birth of French composer and harpsichordist Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre.

1675 Birth of composer Petrus Laurentius Wockenfuss.

1733 FP of Handel’s operetta Deborah at the King’s Theater in London. 

1745 Birth of composer Nicolas Sejan.

1746 Birth of composer Jan David Holland.

1749 FP of Handel’s Solomon in London.

1772 Birth of American sacred choral composer Stephen Jenks. 

1800 Birth of German choral director and composer Carl Friedrich Zöllner. 

1805 Birth of Spanish baritone Manuel Patricio Garcia. 

1830 FP Chopin's Piano Concerto in f minor, Chopin soloist, in Warsaw. 

1839 Birth of German organist and composer Josef Rheinberg.

1846 FP of G. Verdi’s opera Atilla at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

1848 Birth of American composer Horace Wadham NichoIl. 

1860 Birth of bass Josef Alken in Trier. 

1862 Death of French opera composer Jacques François Halévy.

1867 FP of J. Brahms’ Waltzes, Op. 39 for piano, in Vienna.

1869 Death of soprano Teresa Saporiti. 

1871 Birth of tenor Giuseppe Borgatti in Cento.

1874 Birth of soprano Minnie Saltzman-Stevens in Bloomington, Illinois.

1876 Birth of composer Frederic Ayers.

1879 Birth of tenor Walter Kirchhoff in Berlin.

1880 Birth of Columbian composer Guillermo Uribe-Holguin in Bogata. 

1890 Birth of American composer Harold Morris.

1892 FP of (1st mm) S. Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 1. 

1892 Birth of composer Sayed Darwish. 

1899 Birth of baritone Walter Olitzki in Hamburg-Altona. 

1899 Birth of American composer Radie Britain, in Amarillo, TX. 

1900 Birth of American film composer and conductor Alfred Newman.

1900 Premiere of Debussy’s Chansons de Bilitis.

1901 Birth of soprano Franca Somigli in Chicago. 

1902 Birth of tenor Walter Ludwig in Oeynhausen. 

1903 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Aldor in Melrose. 

1907 Birth of soprano Ellabelle Davis in New Rochelle. 

1911 Birth of composer Raffaele d’ Alessandro.

1917 Birth of Irish composer Brian Boydell.

1918 Birth of Dutch pianist, composer and painter D’Arendo.

1920 Birth of American composer and pianist John LaMontaine in Oak Park, IL.

1923 FP of R. Gliere’s three act opera Shahk-Senem in Baku.

1924 Birth of English composer Stephen Dodgson. 

1927 Birth of composer Maurice Ingvar Karkoff.

1927 Birth of composer Sulkhan Ivanovich Nasidze.

1928 Birth of composer Edino Krieger.

1930 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Betty Lou Allen in Campbell, OH. 

1933 Birth of mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Steiner in Berlin. 

1934 Birth of composer Erhard Grosskopf.

1934 Birth of soprano Enriquette Tarres in Barcelona. 

1936 Birth of composer Ladislav Kupkovič.

1939 Death of soprano Thila Plaichinger. 

1941 Birth of composer Edward Harper.

1944 Birth of English pianist John Lill.

1945 FP of Myaskovsky’s Cello Concerto, in Moscow.

1946 Birth of English composer and pianist Michael Finnissey in London.

1949 Birth of American composer Jane Brockman.

1951 American debut of soprano Victoria de Los Angeles at the MET Opera in NYC in Gounod’s Faust.

1951 FP of Paul Dessau’s opera Die Verhör des Lukullus ‘The Sentencing of Lucullus’ at the Deutsche Staatsoper (Berlin State Opera) in East Berlin. 

1954 FP of Quincy Porter’s Concerto Concertante which won the Pulitzer Prize. 

1963 Birth of American composer Nick Peros.

1963 Death of tenor Hendrik Drost. 

1966 Death of mezzo-soprano Else Schurhoff. 

1967 FP of Marvin David Levy’s opera Mourning Becomes Electra, based on a play by Eugene O'Neill, at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

1970 Death of tenor Max Meili. 

1971 Death of mezzo-soprano Margarethe Arndt-Ober. 

1971 Death of baritone Hans Lobel. 

1972 FP of George Crumb’s Vox balaenae at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. by the New York Camerata.

1976 Death of soprano Giulia Tess.

1979 Death of tenor Giacomo Lauri-Volpi.

1980 Death of Dutch composer Rudolph George Escher in De Koog.

1988 Death of bass Raffaele Arie. 

2002 FP of Paul Schoenfield’s Partita for violin and piano. Chamber Music Society of Minnesota concert with violinist Young-Nam Kim, the composer at the piano in St. Paul, MN.

2003 FP of Augusta Reed Thomas’ Pulsar. Ilya Gringolts, violin at Wigmore Hall in London.


Six years after the Vancouver Winter Games, the IOC finally decided to upload the awesomeness that are Yuna Kim’s James Bond Medley and Gershwin Piano Concerto in F programs.

Long live the Queen!!


Listen to this. Now. And then listen to it again later.

I have a major soft spot for piano concertos. And this one was all manner of fun to play in orchestra, even if we-horns did spend rather a lot of time in rest-land.

At present, it is succeeding in making the head a happier place, so. Hurrah.

(…and then i remembered that part of the second movement invariably recalls pac-man 2, which only means further win.)


(Dmitri) Shostakovich - Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102: II. Andante

Dmitri Shostakovich’s son, Maxim Shostakovich conducts Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major which is performed by Maxim’s son, Dmitri Shostakovich Jr. and accompanied by the I Musici de Montreal.

Not often I share classical music, but this piece, from one of the most outstanding composers of the 20th century, probably comes in as one of my desert island discs.