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Alluring Tune | m

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: Fluff, a lot of smut
Warnings: Mature content
Word Count: 4.5K

His voice was almost a whisper, warm breath hitting the shell of your ear. And the heat coupled with the slow, savory movements of his fingers overtop the thin fabric had an almost numbing effect, your mind drawing a blank as you enter an intoxicating haze.

“I thought there was no punishment?” you manage to say, swallowing back the moans that threatened to escape.
“This is a demonstration baby, not a punishment.”

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New Flat: What We Know From Today’s Video- 7/11/2017

Dan’s new video has brought out a few new parts of the flat we haven’t seen yet.

1: His filming room.

We’ve seen this room before, but the sign now says “Please Love Me.”

2: The Corner

Here we see a large houseplant, which seems to have it’s own spot in the corner and we see two doors. I would presume the one behind him is to a bathroom, with the vent and on the right is a linen closet.

3. Bed

There’s new bedsheets, they aren’t Phil’s ikea bedsheets or Dan’s old ones, and he isn’t in Phil’s bed because the headboard is different, unless Dan is ducking down.

4. The Fridge

From this we can see they have a fairly big kitchen, at least height wise. We can also see they drink almond milk and eat barbecue sauce.

5. Dan’s Office

We’ve seen this in live shows, but I don’t think we’ve seen the computer (correct me if I’m wrong.) andwe can see he has a white desk, a white piano and a white chair. This room actually seems a bit smaller than the others, but still big for an apartment.

If anyone can add to this please do! I hope this helped open your eyes more about the flat. -Taylor

Di piano e forte 01

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pt. 1 ↠ pt. 2

↠Summary: Piano; A keyboard of cypress, played with soft and loud. Was it the ivory and onyx keys that let you escape from your reality…Or was it the man with sable hair and ivory skin.

↠Genre: Angst, fluff.

↠Warnings: This fic contains themes of depression, domestic and verbal abuse as well as mature things.

author’s note: Updates for this series on Thursday or Friday, enjoy! Check my m.list for status.

“I’ll be home around 6, lock up before you leave, bye!” You shouted loudly, rushing out the door with a bag heavy on your shoulders. Hopping frantically, trying to slip on a shoe yet keep down your dress, like a kid late to school (which you were). You threw the bag in the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition and stomped on the gas. You arrived at the university in the nick of time.

Having grown up taking music lessons here and there, you’d think it would’ve stuck with you. But that wasn’t the case, you hadn’t played since you were a little girl but you still had a deep connection with instrument. You’ve been looking for a teacher and finally found one who didn’t live far from the school. He had one opening left so you called him immediately. A music student at the college was giving lessons and you were far too excited for someone your age but you couldn’t help it. He asked you to meet him at practice room 2B at the school. With a backpack slack on your shoulders you went up the stairs in a hurry. You weren’t late, you were actually a few minutes early. You just wanted to make a good impression, you didn’t actually know much about him, only his name. Min Yoongi. 

You knocked lightly on the door, no response. You knocked again, still no response. Propping yourself up on your tippy toes you peeked through the small glass window on the top of the door. He’s in there. His fingers danced on the keys and there were ear buds in his ears. Slowly you pushed down on the knob and were met with your proposed piano teacher stalling the movement of his fingers. 

“Oh, hi, you’re early.” Steadily he got up from his seat, he held his hand out shook mine. “What was your name again?” His cold fingers grasped yours briefly and you squeezed your fists instinctively.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you so much for taking me so last minute. I left class early just so I wouldn’t be late.” You smiled nervously, he grabbed a chair from the corner of the room and sat it aside the piano. Hesitantly, you sat down your bag and stood awaiting his instructions. 

“That’s thoughtful of you- I’m Yoongi by the way.” He said pulling out the stool, “You can have a seat.” He gestured to the stool, you flattened your skirt against your thighs before you taking a seat. “Have you ever played before, at all?” 

“I played around when I was little, that’s about it. I do play the guitar.” Pressing your hands in your lap you awkwardly nodded your head, agreeing with yourself.

“Well, the first thing I’ll teach you is posture. Sit up straight.” His hand pressed against your lower back to straighten you up. This small fraction of the lesson was making you more excited than it probably should have. For years you dreamed of learning the art of this flawless instrument and here you are. You were finally doing it. You looked to him for approval. “Is this good?”

“You’re a bit stiff, relax, just don’t slouch. As you get better, it’ll be natural.” he laughed breathily, demonstrating by stretching his arms and shoulders. You did the same, shaking off your nerves and taking a deep breath. “Now put your hands on the keys like you would if I wasn’t here, go on.”

“Ok…” Your fingers steadily approached the ivory keys and you looked at his expressionless gaze. It was hard to tell if I was doing it right.

“That’s good.” He praised. You couldn’t help the smile that tugged on your lips. The whole hour was exciting to you. All you did was go over scales, pretty basic stuff you already knew. “You know your scale patterns.” He commented, somewhat taken aback by what you knew. The thirty minute lesson consisted of you going over every scale you knew and some of the ones he showed you. 

“I think we’ve covered enough for today, you did good.” He stood to his feet and you did as well. You maneuvered your legs between the piano stool and his chair before reaching down to grab your bag. 

“Thank you.” You smiled, "Oh! I have something for you.” You reached in your backpack and pulled out a little box.

“What’s this?” He was a bit surprised, he’s never really received a gift from his students, not on the first day at least.

“It’s rice cake, I make it to sell as sets sometimes but I made this one for you, I hope you like strawberry.” When he untied the thin pink string and opened it he smirked to himself, bringing a smile to your face.

“I do, thank you.” When he smiled a weight was somewhat lifted from your shoulders, but at the same time you had the thought that he might think you’re overbearing or too excited. “Well…I’ll see you next week then.” You waved. “Bye.”

When you closed the door he sat on the stool with the little box in hand. He could already tell that teaching you would be more than interesting. In a good way. Most people your age came to him for maybe a month lesson and they’d give up but you didn’t seem like that. You were just as eager as a little girl, it was cute.

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Okay can you please tell a little bit more about 1:31am and the chair????? I'm kinda new and a little lost

t…the…chair? you want me to talk about the chair?? alright pal, let me bring you back to April 2016 aka the month my life has never been the same.

 it was a few days before got7′s first ever concert in South Korea…and you know news that jaebum hurt his back was released and everyone was so worried. then it was announced that he won’t participate in the concert due his back recovers…and everyone was even more worried. then on the day of the concert and the boys left a space for jaebum and kept chanting his name…if that doesn’t hurt you enough.

 it was revealed that they have unit stages and 2jae was suppose to do one together but jaebum couldn’t be there so the stage appeared and youngjae was alone with his piano and an empty chair…where jaebum is suppose to be…then the saddest but a grammy award winning song played aka 1:31am and youngjae was so emotional…then jaebum’s recorded voice played over the speakers…that moment youngjae cried, i cried and tHE SCREEN KEEPS SHOWING THE CHAIR. and at the end of the concert jaebum appeared and one of the very first things he said was “did youngjae did well? i think he did well!!!!” and in the moment everyone and their parents cried because of 2jae. 

so all in all april 2016 was a truly life changing moment and i can never forget the chair.

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Hi sweetheart! can i have some headcanons for Aizawa, Tokoyami, Monoma, Tamaki and Overhaul (for separate) with a s/o who plays the piano 24/7? Thanks for your time and have a nice week!

Since we have a 4 character limit I am just going to do the first 4  ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Shouta Aizawa

  • Likes to listen to them play, especially when they play slow soothing music so that he can fall asleep
  • However does have a rule that they can’t play anything upbeat after like 10 pm
  • Is how ever going to need them to chill out for like a hour so that he can have some fun with them  if you know what I mean

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • A perfect day for him is sitting in a tree relaxing with the window open so he can hear them play
  • Is secretly their number 1 fan, and by secret I mean they know he likes their music, but they don’t know he is basically a fanboy
  • Finds himself whistling(chirping???) to the tune

Neito Monoma

  • Is the fucker that always has a request because they are already playing right? Especially pieces with French origin
  • Makes jokes about how they should use those” skilled fingers elsewhere
  • Even suggests doing a quicky on the piano chair since they can’t pry themselves away

Tamaki Amajiki

  • Their music really puts his mind at ease, especially if he has had a tiring day 
  • Kinda wants to ask them to each him how to play, but is too nervous to, so he just stares at them and plays his “air piano” till they catch on
  • Has a recording of their songs on his phone so he can listen to them even when they aren’t together 

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hi i need ben platt preforming 'stay w me' but like he s lookin at reader the entire time and just ?????????? fluff and ending smorch thank u

It’s a smokey showcase room, a stage on the far end, a baby grand piano and a few chairs scattered about. The audience is full tonight, but your eyes aren’t on them. They’re on Ben.

He sits at the piano, fingers moving along the keys as though it’s a second nature, but he’s looking up at you, his soft smile making it hard for you to wait for him to start the duet. You’re perched atop the piano, loving the view. You smile softly, your fingers wrapped around the microphone in your hand. You loved doing this, and you loved this song.

And people loved you.

He plays the soft intro, his foot tapping on the stage, offering you a bit of a metronome to himself as he counts himself in.

“Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love ‘cause I’m just a man-” He sings, his voice like silk.

You raise the microphone, singing the reply.

“These nights never seem to go to plan,
I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?”

You both sing the next part, and honestly, it feels like it’s just the two of you in the room.

“Oh, won’t you stay with me?
‘Cause you’re all I need
This ain’t love it’s clear to see
But darling, stay with me.”

He’s singing right to you, your heart full and your eyes misty. You nod, letting him know that you’re never leaving. You’re not going anywhere.

“Why am I so emotional?

No it’s not a good look, gain some self control

And deep down I know this never works

But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt.” Ben sings, and you wet your lips, cocking your head.

“Oh, won’t you stay with me?

'Cause you’re all I need

This ain’t love it’s clear to see

But darling, stay with me.” You and he sing together, and you lean down, a hand on his cheek as you scoot closer, his fingers playing the outro then come to a halt on the keys, his eyes boring into yours as the applause sounds. You lean forward, pressing your lips to his sweetly.
It’s a fitting song, a pledge to stay with him, silent and yet so loud, binding both of you together.

Itsuki and Seiichi have fused to become: Hisato-senpai!

Otherwise known as: Goth Senpai

Hisato-senpai is a quiet student who favors keeping to himself. He puts on a sophisticated air about him and an aloof mystery but most students can see through this to his blatant anxiety. Social interaction is not something he’s good at, but something he enjoys when he can get through it without embarrassing himself. He is a member of the student council, in charge of planning and managing school events.He loves throwing grand parties and seeing his hard work pay off in the joy on his peers’ faces. He takes great joy in expressing himself through dark and tastefully morbid decoration as well as body modification from tattoos to piercings. He’s rather private about his life until he is certain your opinion of it will be positive and then the flood gates will break open. Given his nature he is incredibly open minded to others eccentricities and will actively seek out those that may seem a little strange as his focus for companionship. He believes he is incredibly strange and strives to embrace this and live loudly as an outcast but doesn’t quite realize that not only does he crave the acceptance of the common, but he isn’t as far from the collective as he thinks.

His favourite items are: Gothic Table Set, Grand Piano, Villain Chair

piano dust

pairing: wonpil x vampire!reader

genre: supernatural 

word count: 2,642

note: i’ve had this fic idea around in my drafts for a while (i oddly got inspired by this song) and figured i’d finally complete it for the day6writers myth challenge! another part of this will come i just don’t know how soon, until then happy reading!

The old Sand house was said to have been around for over fifty years. It belonged to a man who nicknamed himself sand of all things and though his name seemed strange he was inexplicably talented. He was a classical musician who graduated at the top of his class and put on amazing concerts that left people in tears, but when he lost his edge, Mr. Sand retreated to his home and was hardly seen again. The house of his that was left standing, all boarded and forsaken gave off eerie vibes which were strongest at night. There were rumors of moans and groans seeping through the walls and at midnight you could hear the soft melodies of a haunting tune coming from upstairs in Mr. Sand’s former room.

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