piano by philip glass


Ember Gleams - Wokaroka {Jul 1, 2016}


Candyman Theme (Piano Solo) - It was always you, Helen

Music by Philip Glass
Recording by Myuuji

Playlist for Shuichi Saihara who really misses Kaede Akamatsu and hearing her play, with upbeat and uplifting piano music! - Mod Twogami

river flows in you - yiruma
♬ paginini etude no. 4 - franz liszt
the letter that never came - thomas newman
sonata no. 20 in g major - ludwig van beethoven
♬ the coming of spring - joe hisaishi 
♬ piano etude no. 9 & no. 20 - philip glass
howl’s moving castle main theme - joe hisaishi
sonatine op. 36 - muzio clementi

This is longer than a lot of my other playlists because I started researching classical piano pieces and couldn’t stop listening to them, I was enjoying them so much? I tried to put a mix of contemporary pieces and older ones! I hope you enjoy!

- Mod Twogami

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Silencio is a meditative collection of 20th-century works for string orchestra, including works by Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, and Vladimir Martynov. The disc is bookended with works by Pärt, whose Tabula Rasa opens the disc. The work was written for and dedicated to Kremer, violinist Tatjana Grindenko and conductor Eri Klas (all featured on this recording), who premiered it in 1977 in Estonia. It was recorded live for release on ECM later that year. Tabula Rasa is scored for string orchestra, solo violins and prepared piano.Philip Glass’s Company was originally composed for a Public Theater production of a play based on Samuel Beckett’s short novel of the same name. Later it became Glass’s String Quartet # 2 and received its first recording by Kronos Quartet, on their self-titled debut, in 1986. It is heard here in an adaptation for string orchestra.The Russian composer Vladimir Martynov wrote “Come in!” for Kremer and Grindenko, who premiered the work in Leningrad in 1988. A six-movement work for two solo violins and string orchestra, it takes its title from the following text, written by the composer:

The staircase to Heaven is inside your heart; you enter through the door of your soul.

Our whole life is but an attempt to find this miraculous entrance.

All our deeds are but a timid knocking on this mysterious door

All our hopes are to hear a voice that would respond, ‘Come In!’