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Ember Gleams - Lucid Rainbows  {Feb 4, 2017}

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It’s Impossible

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Jay knew having a baby was hard.

He knew what he was getting into. When he found out he was going to be a father, he was happy, ecstatic even but the high of getting his wife pregnant with his child died down rather fast. It was over dinner when the reality of having a baby bitch slapped him across the face. He almost had a nervous breakdown in front of you but he controlled himself and excused the stoic expression and cheeks drained of colours as being tired.

He didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

The next day was worse, telling your father was possibly one of the most hair-chilling experience he had went through. He was nervous and Jay wasn’t one to become nervous easily. Your father stared at Jay long and hard. Jay knew that he didn’t want you to get pregnant so early on the marriage saying how it would affect your career, of course your mother thought otherwise. He had implied rather harshly at Jay multiple times and when Jay felt your mother’s hand clenched his arm. He turned to look at her only to be faced with glassy eyes and a wide grin on her face. He felt better almost instantly and you squeezed his fingers that were intertwined with yours.

However, the horror didn’t end there, telling his mother was nothing short of it being breezy.

She was happy that she was getting grandchildren but once dinner was done. She gave Jay a pep talk or rather an hour long lecture as he asked Jay to help her with the dishes. The sage advice she gave him weren’t at all calming. She scared him out of his wits.

“I can’t believe you’ll be a father soon.” She looked at him and Jay just smiled at her. “You can’t keep on this childish behaviour you know? You have to be a grown man now, responsible. I don’t want to hear you leaving her alone at home at night while you’re off with Jaehan and the rest of the boys at the office. Do you hear me?”

It wasn’t that she was trying to scare him off but it was rather that he scared himself off.

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What Instrument They'd play

Growing up on Lah'mu there wasn’t much to do for entertainment other than farm. She’d find things to bang on and crash and Eventually that made some music. She’s continued it since.

One of the older members of the Alliance would play it around the campfire when Cassian was new. When Cassian turned 8, that man died. He really looked up to him and the guitar was what he took to remember him by.

Baze and Chirrut/ Singing:
Experiencing so many cultures they’ve picked up some old folk songs from them. With their job, it’s kind of part of the practice too. After a bit they started to get really good at singing them together.

Bodhi/ Piano:
The reaching, the buttons, the feeling when you succeed at it, is so similar to flying to him. He has very skilled hands from his work as a pilot. The stretch to each key and finding what compels his constantly active mind is just simple with the piano.

Krennic/ Cello:
He started when he was very young. Krennic has always wanted to be larger than life, even when he was a child. The cello is an instrument he had to grow into and it gives him a reason to be proud. It’s also a very refined instrument.

Forgive Me, Father


Hawkeye was no stranger to attraction to men. He liked nurses, liked their softness, the way they smelled, liked their soft doe eyes and their full lips, the way they all melted against his chest. He liked men too, liked their strong shoulders and their firm grasps, liked the way they tugged him close firmly, their hands warm and broad and heavy against his body.

He was also no stranger to wanting things he could not have.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” Hawkeye whispered as he stared at the bluest pair of eyes he had ever seen. Mulcahy was sitting at the piano, quietly playing Button Up Your Overcoat on the piano, at half the pace and maybe even a quarter of the enthusiasm of earlier.  “My mind is filled with so much filth I’m sure the roaches in my tent are starting to get plans to move in.”

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It Never Felt Right Calling this “Just Friends,” (Joshler)

Prompt:  “Your my brother’s boyfriend but I fuck you better” AU By hexaquarion

Summary: Josh and Tyler have been best friends since they were ten. Josh has been dating Tyler’s brother since he were 16. But Tyler’s always liked pretty things, and Josh is the prettiest. 

Rating: R/NC-17

Warnings: Smut. lots of it. Tyler doesn’t actually fuck Josh, he sort of just rides him, but you can use your imagination for the extra times that are mentioned and not written. The brother is not Zac, dear lord, it’s just another sibling that does not exist.

Pairing(s): Joshler (Josh/Tyler)

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Nothing Like Us (Vkook Angst)

Here’s some Vkook angst based off of Jungkook’s (not so recent) cover of “Nothing Like Us” by Justin Bieber :) 

Hope you enjoy ;)


Exactly three weeks ago, Taehyung and Jungkook had their last big fight. Exactly three weeks ago, Tae heard the last word that Jungkook spoke directed to him.

Their relationship sure had its ups and downs, but this time, it seemed like they fell too far, too deep, into depths that they will not be able to crawl out of ever again.

Taehyung had faith in their relationship, that is for sure. But he was scared that the delicate flower that their love resembled got ripped out by its roots. Not able to bloom ever again, not even with a lot of time.

Thinking back to it, their fight was stupid, unnecessary to say the least. It was something so minor that ruined their entire bond, their trust in one another.

There is not a single second a day that Tae’s body is not aching for Jungkooks touch.

Tae also lost count of how many times Jungkook ran away when the entire band sat down to eat dinner together, tears running down his face and Tae wished he could kiss every single one away just like he used to.

His heart hurt worse then it ever did. Stupid teenager Tae thought that girl in 7th grade broke his heart when she denied him. Oh if fetus-Tae would only see himself now, every drop of happiness left his mind, his heart, his entire surroundings. Everything is grey, full of sadness, the only person that made his day brighter, colored his world in blues and purples and reds and rainbows, Jungkook, his one and only happy pill, left him.

It was once again one of those evenings that Jungkook ran away from dinner that Tae also stood up with a silent “I’m not hungry to be honest…” and left to hide under his blankets.

Hoping that comments of their fans might cheer him up a little bit or at least distract him for a while, he logged in.

But that was a bad idea.

Their entire account was flooded with messages of how amazing Jungkook’s latest cover was. A cover Taehyung did not even know of.

Not thinking twice, he opened their soundcloud account to press the play button, a piano and Jungkook’s soft voice instantly filling the air around him.

Tears already started building after he read the title. “Nothing like us”.

He was not sure if he was able to take the sound of his favorite person’s voice when he knew that in reality, that person was sitting in the room next to him, crying. But he could not get himself to stop the music either.


Lately I’ve been thinking, thinking ‘bout what we had

His sight got flooded by the hot tears building up in a second. Jungkook always chose his covers wisely, implying a meaning behind every single one of it.

I know it’s hard but it’s all that we knew

Their current situation was hard as hell for both of them, but yes, it has always been hard. Coming out to the members first, then not being able to come out towards their manager and of course not their fans, “we can’t destroy the image of the heartbreaking golden maknae” their manager once said.

Have you been drinking? To take all the pain away

Taehyung was not proud of that event either. Two days after their fight started, he did not know what to do with himself. His day has always been about Jungkook. But he was gone. So Tae decided to walk to the nearest shop and buy some alcohol. Yoongi-hyung once told him that alcohol might be helpful sometimes. Long story short, it all ended in Tae drinking too much, puking as Jungkook walked in on him, head hanging into the toilet.

I wish that I could give you what you deserve

Jungkook gave Tae what he deserved. Leaving the bathroom after shooting him a disgusting look and Taehyung knew exactly what that meant. Jungkook did not only express his feelings towards the smell and atmosphere around his ex-lover, but also how disgusting Tae looked.

‘Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you

Nothing can nobody will ever be able to fill the gap Jungkook left behind. He was Tae’s one and only, still is, will stay.

Nothing can make me feel like you do

“I feel so happy when I’m with you.”, Jungkook whispered one late night. They were sitting on Taehyung’s bed, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. The younger said that right before he grabbed Taehyung’s chin and gave him a small peck to his right cheek, making the elder blush.

You know there’s no one that I can relate to

Jungkook used to tell him almost every day how much of a god listener Tae is, how often he already helped the younger with various problems.

And know we won’t find a love that’s so true

Never will he ever find someone like Jungkook. Someone so perfect, the one and only perfect match for him.

There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me

Together trough the storm

“You’re some weird ass couple…”, Namjoon groaned when he walked into the living room, Jungkook and Taehyung sprawled out on the couch, not getting any sleep last night because of the horror movie they decided to watch. So yes, 7am on a couch with rests of cold pizza, that is… was the kind of couple they were. Used to be…

There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me


Taehyung thought back to their last concert in December he was not able to attempt because of feeling too sick. Jungkook texted him about how much he misses him and how he feels so incomplete. Then Hoseok texted Taehyung as well, telling him how lost Jungkook looked, how different he was without his boyfriend around.

I gave you everything babe

“You know I will always give my all for you, Tae. -“

Everything I had to give

“- That is because I love you. I’ll die for you if I have to.”

Girl why would you push me away?

“Junggu, you… you really shouldn’t say such things…”

Lost in confusion, like an illusion

“Tae you can’t be serious. You would have never said something like that to me…”

You know I’m used to making your day

“… I thought you might feel the same for me, Tae. Maybe I was wrong…”

But that is the past now

Cuddling in their bed on rainy days, yes, that is the past now. No more happy relationship.

We need to last now

Now the tears started streaming down Tae’s face. Jungkook always did choose his covers carefully and wisely. He always wanted to express his own feelings and beliefs even if it was written in the words of other artists. Somehow, Tae gets a small bead of belief back, maybe it is not too late yet, maybe Jungkook still wanted him.

Guess that this is meant to be

They were meant to be, that is for sure. Tae can not even count all the times they talked about that. Jungkook always fantasized about how they would marry, both in snow white suits with black bowties. The decorations would have to be red then, also both of them wearing a red rose pinned to their jacket. Jungkook almost planned every little detail already.

Tell me was it worth it, we were so perfect

No little thing was or will ever be worth loosing his soul mate ever again, that is for sure.

But baby I just want you to see


He should go over. Knock at Jungkooks door to get his boyfriend back.

There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me

Together through the storm

There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me



There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me

Together through the storm


There’s nothing like us

There’s nothing like you and me


Tae does not even bother to listen to the rest of the song anymore.

He instantly jumped up, grabbed a polaroid-picture on his way out and walked the small yet seemingly so large distance to Jungkook’s separate room. The room used to be Jin and Namjoon’s room, but Namjoon and Jungkook changed beds after the fight between the two youngest happened.

There was he standing now, in front of the wooden door, his knees starting to shake, hands beginning to sweat. A shiver ran down his spine. Now or never.

But what if Jungkook only used the song and did not even mean it, maybe he does not want his ex-boyfriend back. Maybe trying to talk to him was a bad decision.

Tae was able to hear Jungkook crying. It seemed like he hid his face somewhere, probably in his pillow, like he always did.

Slowly and gently, he pushed the doorknob down and stepped inside.

Jungkook did not notice him.

Tae walked over to the bed Jungkook was laying on, his head buried in a pillow to stifle his heartbreaking sobs, just like the elder expected it.

Now or never.

Tae lifted his hand up only to rest it on Jungkook’s back, right between his shoulders.

At first, the younger got frightened by the unexpected touch, but he soon recognized the familiar hand that laid flat on his back without moving.

Jungkook slowly lifted his beautiful face that was drowning in tears as they kept spilling out of his red eyes.

Taehyung wanted to say something, but he was not sure if he would find the right words now.

Instead, he lifted his other hand up to swipe away some of the tears that dared to fall down Jungkook’s chin. The younger flinches at the touch but quickly eases into it.

“Hey baby…”, Taehyung whispered softly to not make the younger flinch again.

He did not get an answer apart from the forced smile of Jungkook.

But that one smile was enough to tell him that his boyfriend is sick of the fight as well, that everything will be fine in the end again.


I hope youi enjoyed that promised thingy here ^^

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How Cliché

Hello, I'm sorry this is too long and not very well written but i hope you might enjoy it. If you do, please let me know if you think i should turn this into a chapter thing :) And thanks to all of my new followers. Remember to please send me requests/ suggestions 



It’s funny how cliché some moments in life can be… All the things that you believed only existed in movies and novels. Its so hard to believe that this kind of thing could happen to me. 

It all started at my best friends wedding; I was the brides maid and he was the best man… yeah, see what i mean by cliché?  We didn’t know each other, but as soon as we were introduced it was time to bring in the stomach butterflies and blushed cheeks. He was just so handsome. He was tall, suited up with his dark brown fringe sitting perfectly and his smile more prominent on the right side of his face as if he were trying to take attention away from the cute dimple on the left side. Oh, and did i mention his eyes? Those dark brown orbs that i was instantly lost in.  The entire wedding reception consisted of long lasting eye contact and wordless conversation. I mean, words weren’t really needed, we could tell we both felt the same thing simply through our body language.  Everyone was on the dance floor when i had decided to get a wine. I’m not at the legal drinking age just yet but it was a special occasion. As i sat back down at my allocated table i looked back to where the handsome young man had been sitting at, he wasn’t there anymore. Thats when i felt a warm touch on my shoulder, so i turned around and looked up to see him and his beautiful smile. “uh.. hi Y/N, I’m Dan. We met earlier” he had said shyly. “Yes i remember, hello Dan” i had replied with a warm smile on my face “so, I was just wondering if you would care to join me on the dance floor?” he had his hand out in my direction and the same dreamy smile on his face that seemed to be glued there. “um, I would love to… but i should warn you, I’m not much of a dancer” I had replied as I placed my hand in the one he had held out and began to stand up. “Don’t worry, neither am I” he had replied to me as he held my hand, pulling me into the middle of the dance floor.  There we remained for at least an hour, slowly swaying to the music, my arms around his shoulders and his around my waist, holding me as close as possible. This was the most comfortable i had ever been, a warm sensation filled my entire body and the swaying motion making me feel more and more relaxed.  In the end there was only two couples and he and I on the dance floor, the dj announced that this was the last song. Which was upsetting, the idea of having to let go of him in another few minutes.  As the song began to fade, showing it was the end, Dan took a step back, his eyes staring deeply into my own. He had lifted his hand and rested it on my cheek, his eyes now flicking between both my lips and eyes, and thats when the most amazing moment happened, we had both shut our eyes as he leant down, then gently placing his lips on mine. His soft, warm lips that connected so perfectly to mine. I’m not sure how long the kiss had lasted but no matter what, it wasn’t long enough. He pulled back looking straight into my eyes and smiling, making those butterflies return to my stomach.  “I don’t want this night to end” i bravely said, I’m normally quite shy but i felt so comfortable with him, even though we had only met tonight.  “It doesn’t have to… come back to my hotel and we can dance all night to the music on my phone” I gave him a teethy smile and simply replied with an “okay.” We had caught a taxi back to his hotel, and the entire time he held onto my hand never letting go.  once we were in his hotel room he took off his suit jacket, leaving his white dress top on, looking even more handsome. He placed his phone on the bedside table and pressed the play button. Beautiful piano music began to play as he pulled me back to him and we began to sway together again.  His chin resting atop my head, but then i felt his head slowly moving down, his warm breath traveling down by my ear and along my neck until he had his forehead against my own.  Our lips connect for the second time that night, and just as the first time, i could see the fire works that rested within my eye lids. The swaying of dance slowed to a stop as our kiss became more and more intense yet he still remained as gentle as physically possible.  His hands slid down my back until they reached the back of my thighs which he then lifted me up and carried me the few steps to his bed, laying me onto the mattress oh so softly. He then lowered himself over my body, the entire time his lips never left mine. After a while he began to roll his hips back and forth against mine, allowing my to feel his hardness. It was a little bit shocking, i didn’t know i could have that affect on anyone. Our breathes suddenly became very heavy as we both began to fall into ecstasy. He slowed to a stop and removed his lips from mine, pushing himself up with his arms and looking down onto my face. “Is this okay?” he asked as he looked deeply into my eyes. i couldn’t bring words to my mouth so i sweetly smiled and nodded.  He smiled at me and lowered down to connect our lips yet again. His lips then began to travel from my lips to my neck as his hand made its way the the zip on the back of my dress. He lifted me slightly to pull the dress off over my head. He sat back for a few seconds as his eyes scanned my body which i was already very self conscious off.  “So beautiful” he said quietly to himself before placing his lips back onto my neck. after a few moments i felt his large, warm hand sliding along the side of my body, right down to my thigh. His hand reached the elastic of my panties and he slowly moved it down, all of a sudden his fingers made a circular motion around my clitoris making my deeply inhale and dip my head deeper into the pillow. “Dan?” i tried to get his attention but he continued the circular motion. “Dan..” i had repeated “yes Y/N?” he stopped what he was doing and looked up into my eyes. “i…i’m a umm… a virgin” i told him, a little bit scared of how he would reacted. He smiled warmly at me and pecked my lips quickly “okay sweetheart” his kindness brought a surge of warmth through me again. “If your not ready that’s absolutely fine, i can wait for as long as you need” I smiled up at him, i could believe how amazing he was. he pecked my lips again and i pulled away after a few seconds.  “I’m ready, i just wanted you to know” “Are you sure beautiful?” i smiled and nodded, he then returned the smile and began to unbutton his white dress shirt. Once removed i ran my hands up his torso to his bare chest. he wasn’t fat in any way, nor was he skinny or muscular. But one thing for sure, he was perfect. He removed his belt that didn’t appear to be working anyway as he reconnected our lips. His hand went back down to my panties which he then pushed to the side and began to run a finger up and down my slit, making me shutter. His lips moved to my neck as he slowly pushed one of his skilful, long fingers into my wetness. i breathed in deeply, my eyes shutting as i pushed my head back into the pillow. “are you okay?” he whispered softly into my ear “yes.” I replied, still unable to open my eyes.  He then began to slowly pump his finger in and out of me. The feeling was nothing i had ever experienced before, after a while he sat up and slid off his slacks, allowing my to see his hard on through his grey boxers. Wow. He slipped his fingers around my panties as he began to slid the slowly down my legs. Once they were gone he bent down and placed a kiss over my clitoris earning a moan form myself.  He moved back over my body and kissed my lips lightly  “are you sure your ready?” he asked sweetly while looking into my eyes “positive” i replied with a smile. He reached over to the side table wear he removed a square silver packet from his wallet. He stood up and slid down his boxers, then undoing the packet and rolling a condom onto his hardness.  He climbed back over me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead in the process before looking into my eyes  “I’m going to go slow, tell me if it hurts too much okay?” “okay” He placed his lips onto mine as he slowly slid his tip into me, a mixture of pain and pleaser filled me. he moved his lips to my neck as he slowly slid the rest of himself into me. It hurt. A lot. But it was  good pain. He remained stationary for a while to allow me to adjust to his size before he slid out and back in again, as he did we both let out a moan.  As he picked up pace the room got filled with moans and both of our names being said by each other. His face was scrunched up as he moaned which turned me on even more. He picked up pace once again and i ran my nails along his back earning more moans from him. We both reached our highs together and he lay his body on mine a little more. the both of us completely out of breath.  After a few minutes i opened my eyes again only to find him looking over my face. I smiled at him as he lowered down to place another soft and perfect kiss on my lips before collapsing beside me and pulling me into his arms. Which brings us to this present moment. I’m laying with my head on Dan’s chest and his arms are wrapped tightly around me, our bare bodies warm beneath the duvet. I feel Dan kiss the top of my head, bringing a smile to my lips.  “hey, Y/N?…” “yes Dan?” “I think I’m already completely and utterly in love with you” “I think I’m completely in love with you too Dan”  How cliché…

Hey Jude

From TV Pia 2011 3/2 issue:

On how Jun would like to produce Arashi members,

M: Sho-kun is doing various things but… I want to hear him play the piano. He’s probably reluctant and won’t do it, though (laughs). In a magazine photoshoot before, I listened to Sho-kun play “Hey Jude” on the pipe organ, but because I said that on various occasions, after that he’s closed his heart a bit (laughs). He’s cautious of me.

From Music Station 2010 7/9:

Sho talks about being a perverted pianist because he played the piano right after taking a shower, still shirtless. Then he gets asked what song he played.

S: … I wonder if it’s okay…

M: Please tell us~

N: He guarded it! That person guarded it!

A: Please tell us~

M: Please tell us what you played.

A: It’s important, you know.

S: It’s “Hey Jude”.

M: While naked.

From Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014 4/12:

Jun is trailing behind Miura Asami when playing The Beatles song intro quiz, so he’s given a chance to guess the next song and if he gets it right he’ll be given 5 points. His guess,

M: Hey Jude.

S: Ah! Wrong…!!

M: Ah wrong…!!



Reblog this, GW2 players, whether you press 1-9 on your keyboard for skills with EXTREME DEXTERITY


You click on the 1-9 skills with LIGHTING CLICKING SPEED

EDIT: So I have failed to realize that there’s such things as “gaming mice” like “sharp snake creatures” and “arrangement of numbers with a letter”. Or to put simply “people who have commitment issues” (I’m kidding!)

Using a mouse would mean dragging your cursor and clicking on the skill so for anyone who uses the buttons on their gaming mouse, know that in the little pie chart I have going on that you’re in the same category as button mashing piano players.

For You

Prompt: Anon: Drabble/fic suggestion that I saw brought up in a thread yesterday: the rehearsals for the freestyle dance and how Meryl reacted to the concept :) (WHY can’t I just do what you ask. ha oh well, ran with it again.)

So I started early. ha. This is short- shorter than my norm. but oh well! Thank you for your prompt! These keep me entertained! :) Love you! Always- J

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