piano background

I Feel it Coming
Robbie Daymond (Prompto's VA)

I’ve been listening to Robbie Daymond’s cover from one of the old L.A.V.A streams on repeat and I wanted to draw Prompto with an acoustic guitar. 

the only way to describe the intense longing that causes my chest to ache
berry robertson
the only way to describe the intense longing that causes my chest to ache

the only way to describe the intense longing that causes my chest to ache 
- by berry robertson

okay so this is my first attempt at composing an instrumental piece. lyrics have been really difficult for me to write due to some sort of emotional bullshit that is making it impossible to describe how I’m feeling verbally. so I tried to sum it up in a short piano piece. enjoy! {I might extend it in the future} 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: stromae's expertise and sheer versatility is a great source of stress for me. he sings, he raps, he dances, he drums, he designs clothing, he's behind the camera on some of his own video shoots, he speaks multiple languages, he performs his own songs with more genuine emotion than most actors i see on tv; the sharpness of his cheekbones is unparalleled, the depths of his eyes fathomless. i fear i will never understand, let alone reach, his level of wordsmithing. the more i study his lyrics, the more puns and references and double-meanings i discover. the diversity of subject matter addressed in his music is astounding--there isn't a single love song or four-chord song to be found on racine carrée. his production choices, his piano parts, his tight background harmonies, his chord progressions, all demonstrate that he possesses truly amazing musicianship. i can't decide whether to cry because i want his talent, or because i can't witness it up close.

The Attack on Titan Season 2 Original soundtrack tracklist is officially online! (x)

It counts a total of 33 tracks, of which 11 tracks are newly composed pieces, whilst the other 22 return from previous SnK releases.

This collection includes: the entirety of the 2nd S1 ost disc released with the 4th s1 bluray volume, safe for the piano track playing during the Hange/Nick scene atop the wall in ep 26. It also includes both complete recap movie soundtracks, as well as the new vocal tracks released as part of Sawano’s [nZk] vocal platform (Yamanaiame/Yamanaiame fmv/theDOGS/the Reluctant heroes modv/So ist es immer). None of the s1 disc 1 tracks are featured, and the SnKTen exhibition tracks are lacking as well.

2Volt is featured twice \o/ (thanks @leapingtitan for pointing that out)

The new additions to the soundtrack are

Barricades (vocal yosh;mpi;gemie), the track used in the 2nd PV that came out late May.

APETITAN, the Beast titan theme heard in PV 1 and the first 4 episodes.

YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T (vocal Gemie) a vocal track possibly centered around Historia or Ymir perhaps?

son2seaVer, no vocals here. 

Call of Silence (vocal Gemie)

ERENthe? I can’t quite make out the character used there, but it could possibly be  座 which is part of “coordinate”, that’s really just a wild guess though. EDIT: @fuku-shuu confirmed that the character is  標, referring to “coordinate” (at least I got the meaning right ashkd), thanks! 

attack?D, no vocals here eiher

AOTs2M 1-4  –most likely the new atmospheric/background/piano tracks, some of which have already made an appearance in the episodes.

Overall, out of the 7 new bgms, we’ve heard already 4: APETITAN, Barricades, the Counterattack Mankind remix and the Vogel im Käfig remix, which presumably leaves us one instrumental, and two vocal tracks to discover (and perhaps some more background stuff)   

Like the other day, I was listening to ‘Rain’ by BTS, and I just got this sudden urge to write something like a black and white themed, film noir kinda fic? I was imagining a girl standing out in the rain, dark, an umbrella poised elegantly in her hands… and idk it’s a weird fuzzy idea/feeling… and I’m rambling again aish 😂