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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: end of the line (captain america: the winter soldier original soundtrack, henry jackman, 2014) features all the hallmarks of a typical love theme, including stirring strings and slow, delicate piano and yet marvel are still out here pretending steve rogers and bucky barnes are just Very Good Friends

Lugging a @pianoaround with Musician Dotan Negrin

To see more of Dotan’s piano road trips, check out @pianoaround on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

In 2010, Dotan Negrin (@pianoaround) left New York City and moved to a studio apartment on wheels. He purchased a moving van on eBay, in which he put carpeting, small bins to hold his clothes, a cooler for food and, most importantly, his upright piano. Then he set off on an adventure.

“I would be in a new city every week,” says Dotan, who was occasionally accompanied by his dog Brando. “I would push my piano out to the street and play. Every day I was meeting at least 30 people and would have conversations and people would invite me over to their houses and I would have dinner with their families. It was such a gratifying experience. I wasn’t making any money. But it showed me the world. It showed me there were other ways to live rather than how people tell you.”

Before that, Dotan had been working a 9-to-5 job, doing deliveries for an artist. He enjoyed traveling, but six months in, he was ready for a change. “I would wake up every day, working toward someone else’s dream, doing what people told me to do,” he says. “I was very unhappy. I wasn’t challenged, and the work wasn’t gratifying.”

Dotan had already been practicing the piano by then, though he wasn’t a fan of playing in front of crowds. Still, he enjoyed meeting new people and the instrument itself, so he put himself on the spot, dragging the piano out on the street in New York and playing for passers-by.

Eventually, he decided to combine his love of music and traveling. He hopped in his van and took off across the continent, to play the piano in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see one: a lookout point in Yellowstone National Park, the Nevada desert, Lake Tahoe. Dotan’s first road trip had him circle the United States, a trek that lasted five months and about 15,000 miles.

“Looking back, all of this was a huge social experiment for me,” says Dotan. “Every single day I would try something new.”

Traveling around the world and playing the piano was, in a sense, Dotan’s dream, but there were moments when he was ready to pack up his bags and head back to New York. In Nicaragua, he was robbed of his passport, iPhone and laptop. They left the piano, though, along with $100 that Dotan had hidden in the van. Then there were the miles he spent driving by himself, left with nothing but his thoughts and the open road.

“I can’t even count how many times I thought, What am I doing with my life? Or how many times I thought, Oh I need to quit this and get a real job,” says Dotan. “When you’re driving by yourself in a car for long distances, you do a lot of thinking. And there were times that I drove in silence, because there were just so many thoughts. It is kind of like this soup that keeps boiling and boiling and gets hotter and hotter — it’s boiling to the point where it would explode. And there are times where I would be crying while driving, just feeling lost.”

However, every time Dotan decided to go down a different path, he would eventually go back to what he was doing: playing the piano, meeting people, traveling — it felt like the right thing to do.

Today, Dotan is back in New York City, attempting to compile the video footage and pictures from his multiple road trips across America and Europe. He still plays piano on the streets, of course, and has a moving job a few days a week to pay the bills. Music is, and always will be his passion — though admittedly, he’s tired of moving pianos around by himself. He’s had too many cramps and broken bones and pulled muscles over the years. For now, the reason he continues to push his upright piano around is the same reason he started traveling and doing it all over the country: the ability to play music for crowds, to experience new places and to connect with others.

“It’s mainly the people that inspire me to do it,” says Dotan.

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colour palette: pretty. odd.

Pretty. Odd. takes you through an adventure of whimsical Beatles inspired music. Though it did not sell as well as their last album, it’s still an amazing album that required much thought. It shows many love songs, as well as many passive aggressive lyrics that you have to squint at. 

Being married to Elijah Mikaelson would include...

1k Appreciation Week Day #3
#3 rated Mikaelson by followers: Elijah Mikaelson.
#4 rated headcanon:
 being married to him.

  • Being an elder sister model for his siblings.
  • Him consulting you about his plans for his family.
  • Calming him down when he’s sad about something.
  • Planning holiday parties together.
  • Couraging him about making amends with his brother.
  • Him giving you foot massages even though you don’t need it.
  • Him giving you a daylight ring as an engagement ring.
  • Sometimes feeling sad about not being able to have kids.
  • Watching him sleep.
  • Having bubble baths together.
  • Caressing his cheek when he admits he’s afraid of the possibility of losing you.
  • Slow dancing without music playing.
  • Discussing the best author of the time.
  • Him teaching you how to play violin and piano.
  • Buying houses just for the two of you around the world.

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A beautiful piece of music made even more beautiful by these two music masters. My writer’s brain conjures up so many different scenarios whenever I hear this, I wish I could write them all down into stories. The possibilities are endless.

Close your eyes, let the music sweep you away, let your imagination take over as you listen and start to insert your own visuals into this song.

One of Sonic’s ways to kill some time when left alone is playing whatever musical instruments he finds lying around. The piano version of The World Adventure was what he played when he found old piano under a pile of books in Pickle’s lab. The song attracted numerous people of Spagonia, but it stopped instantly when they approached the lab to see who was playing.

Another time Sonic was caught playing an instrument was when Tails walked in on him strumming the guitar he found in the attic when he thought he was alone. Sonic was embarrassed but felt relieved when Tails admitted that he liked his playing. He encouraged Sonic to play songs around his friends more often.


One of my best videos EVER!

I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO GET YOUR OPINION ON THIS… The pieces on this album are a collection of recordings from 2011-2014. Most of them were recorded in NYC on a 65 key Melodigrand from the 1950’s. A few others, including the conversations, were recorded in various cities around the country.

Each piece is unique to that moment in time. My process deals with taking the environment, the people, the weather, my emotions and transferring it all onto the piano in an improvised piece.

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Hey You! Guess What?

Episode 2 of my series Piano Around the World is out now!

Its where I travel around the world with my upright piano and live out of a box truck while meeting people in every city and making music everywhere I go. I literally funded my way through a 5 month roadtrip adventure around America.

What do you think?