pianist's hands

Eruriren AU where Eren is a pianist.

He started playing as a teenager and through sheer determination and multitude of practice, has become a professional musician. It’s his whole life, to practice, play, and perform. Hey may not be the most technically skilled, but he makes up for it in the amount of expression he throws into everything he plays.

Until he develops a repetitive strain injury (rsi) in his hands and wrists from the constant playing. When Eren starts to feel pain, he ignores it and pushes through. Years of abusing his hands eventually catch up with him and suddenly his hands are in so much pain, so stiff, he can’t play.

He goes to his doctor, Erwin Smith, who tells him he needs to take a break from playing to rest his hands, perhaps for up to a year, or he risks permanently damaging them forever. Eren is angry and frustrated with himself and struggles to follow dr’s orders.

Erwin refers him to a physical therapist, Levi, to help Eren recover quickly and strengthen his hands to prevent further problems. Eren doesn’t like Levi’s methods very much, which are very blunt and straight forward.

Not being able to play starts to send Eren into a depressive spiral. At first he makes some attempt to follow Erwin and Levi’s advice, but finds himself playing before he should and pushing himself too hard. Each time he comes back to therapy with hands in equal or worse state, he gets a lecture.

Eventually Erwin and Levi sit Eren down to have a talk. They explain that he either needs to get serious about physical therapy and take care of himself, or he’s going to burn out in a few years. If he’s so desperate to keep playing now he could, but he won’t be able to once he runs his hands into the ground. Eren’s got to make the decision he’ll regret the least.

With their words, Eren comes to realize how difficult he’s been and makes a renewed effort in his physical therapy. It’s hard to not touch his piano for weeks, months. When he’s about to start playing again, he can only do so for short amounts of time.

During all this, Erwin and Levi continue to support Eren, becoming an inspiration for him. Maybe he starts falling for them too.

The first concert Eren is able to play again, he dedicates to Erwin and Levi. They attend to show their support. At the end of the show, they approach him, both with congratulatory flowers.

And then Levi announces they’re both dropping Eren as a patient. For a quick moment, Eren protests, hurt and angry. Until Levi pulls him down by his suit collar to give him a searing kiss, followed by Erwin bringing him up into a sweet embrace.

Eren never thought there’d be something that made him more happy than his music. But he’s happier than he’s ever been in that moment.

s-e-kwan  asked:

Can you do a drabble about the Sakamaki and the Mukami family being forced to have a singing competition by Karlheinz with Yui as the judge? They're all singing their MORE character songs and if Yui doesn't like their performance, she can pull the trapdoor on them (make Ayato, Kanato and Ruki fall, please? And make Yui run up on the stage to hug Subaru and Azusa?) The Tsukinami's barge in halfway saying they can do much better (Bloody Best II and Versus Song)? And you can decide how it ends ;)

Originally posted by uchiha-future-wifexd

  • Word Count: 986
  • Characters: Sakamaki brothers, Mukami brothers, Tsukinami brothers & Yui
  • Theme: SFW
  • Continuation here

Let’s begin.”
        Drums rolled, lights flashed as the music built upon layer on layer, the colour lights danced around the room grew brighter. Swirled around the stage before directed towards the judge, the crowd cheered. Howls and claps resounded around the room as another drum roll set before their ears. Trumpets sung loudly as the pianist glided their hands over the keys, everyone’s head snapped back towards the judge.
        Sat with confusion washed over her complexion, her pink eyes blinked as her head snapped from corner to corner. Shouts and cheers of her own name yelled across the room from one side to one another, only for her seat to push herself up. Muscles jolted as she stumbled against her own feet, her fingers curled around the table before her as she jumped once more. The curls of her own blonde strands jumped with her from her shoulders towards her back before she had fully turned.
        “Um…” Yui took in a breath, eyes widen with each second as she scanned across the room. From vampires to werewolves, all the demons continued to cheer. Some wore the smirk her eyes had immediately recognised as others just simply grinned. It was full packed with creatures that could advance and kill her in one second, yet a smile managed to slip passed her lips. “I’m Komori Yui, I’ll be your judge for this event!” Her fingers curled in front of her lap as she quickly bowed towards the audience. Stumbled back on her feet, Yui soon stood up as the smile turned towards a grin. “Please take care of me!”

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Artists, remember to take care of your hands!

Combating writing pain early on will help you later on down the line. Whether it’s shoulder, elbow, hand, or just wrist pain, you use them for everything. Some concert pianists have hand insurance, because they realize if anything happens to them in the future, they’re certainly out of a job. You’re not any different! You draw, blog, and type to learn and share.

Here are a few ways you can keep your hand in good shape. You’ll thank yourself in the future.

  • Homeopathic lotion like Arnica can help your muscles relax, it’s often recommended by acupuncturists. It’s especially strong as an anti-inflammatory. It doesn’t work for everybody, but it’s worth a short for annoying dull pain.
  • Wrist wraps(can get cheap ones off amazon for $10 maybe) can help return hand to a safe neutral position when you’re not using it.
  • Ensure that you are working with the entire length of your arm, trying not to move your wrist as much as possible.
  • Hand and wrist strengthening exercises, if done correctly and safely, will greatly diminish pain in the future. Stretching even once a day will help you warm-up and reduce the risk of developing tendonitis or arthritis.

Here are several hand/wrist/finger exercises you can perform daily to help keep your hands ready to work when inspiration strikes!

Stay safe!! A little preventative maintenance goes a long way!

no matter how many times I’ve heard it listening to the original godzilla sountrack gives me chills just. Fuckin Ishiro Honda you had the best choice what offering did you have to give to the devil to get that kind of music fuckingwhen godzilla comes ashore the pianist smashes his hands on the keys and you feel the eternal dread of war blighting your very soul and then it builds up to godzilla’s rampage godzilla mother fcuck and then the desperate broadcast sounds like the lizard screaming in your ear but it’s still goodand when goji comes into tokyo bay it’s so nasty and grungy like you can smell the rot and decay from everything that’s been destroyed. and then. When they intercept godzilla and they throw absolutely everything they have at stopping this beast, it sounds trumphant even but it all fails. there is no escaping death. Who was the glorious demons spawn who wrote this I feel like castrating myself for not remembering

Tell me the story of how we met,
when we were young
and stupidly lovesick,
and your hands were pianist hands,
and mine were made
from silk.

I remember your mouth
in the shape of a kiss,
but memories are too easily swayed.
Malleable; fragile.
Never as accurate as the photographs
of the two of us
still tucked into my wallet,
between the folded-up bills
and my driver’s license.

But I can remember, at least,
your mouth was kiss-shaped.

I never liked the ending
of this story.

And every sugar-sweet memory
of you, and me, and the cat
that was more your cat than mine,
has become bitter and rotten with years,
until the only image of you
that matters anymore —

not the picture of you where you’re
laughing over a passage in a book,
nor the picture of your kissing-mouth
against my pulse
(and the threat of teeth;
you could have torn out my throat,
and you never did, not once,
not even when I begged you to) —

The only image of you I have left
is the back of your coat
as you walked away that last time.

And maybe our hands, now,
are full of splinters,
and maybe we clutched each other too tightly,
and maybe we are responsible
for every rotten thing in the world.

But tell me again the story
of how we met,
when we were drunk on affection,
when we knew nothing about the shadows
and the broken glass
and the demons inside of each other.

Help me remember what it felt like
to have your mouth on me
without the fear
of being

—  “Kissing Mouth,” by dimepoetry.