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Spontaneously playing something from my mind. 

The Piano Man

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Prompt: Pianos have never really been Dean’s forte, but when there’s a dark haired guy at the train station, playing the piano like an angel, he might change his mind.

Tags: pianist!cas, mechanic!dean, winter fic

Words: 1955

A/N: Sorry for the pun in the prompt. Could be part one of a series if there’s interest. For @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire , her prompts are amazing <3 

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fugue || chapter 1

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Mercenary/Assassin AU
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Words: 1.9k

Originally posted by sugagifs

Summary: Your profession isn’t the ideal breeding ground for romantic relationships, however when your husband is the legendary G.Host of the mercenary industry, things tend to be smoother. That is till the day you both receive assignments that threaten to tear your carefully crafted world apart.

Preview - (here)

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AU!musician moriel 😘😘

There’s Sunshine In My Shadow - Moriel - E

When you play the piano for a living, practicing day in and day out, it lends your fingers certain qualities. Rigorious practice gives them dexterity, increased range, and flexibility. Having to play near-silently at 2am because a song is stuck in your head and your flatmates are asleep teaches you how to work with feathersoft touches and delicacy. Being a member of a rock band means you know how to tickle those ivories hard

Mor is thinking about all this and nothing at all as she is hoisted up upon a grand piano. Her arse kisses the keys with a dissonant clunking of notes. “Your finest work yet,” she whispers with a cheeky smirk against the black hair brushing her nose, as a certain someone dotes upon her neck. 

“Because I have my muse here with me,” Azriel says dryly, never the type to discuss his work openly, never the type to take it anything but seriously, and yet for her he makes exceptions. For her he is everything. 

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I'm asexual but I find pianists' hands so... attractive... is that a problem? Am I crazy?

pretty sure asexuals can still acknowledge that there are attractive things about people. it’d only be kind of weird if pianist hands turned you on, then you might have to reassess a little

Eruriren AU where Eren is a pianist.

He started playing as a teenager and through sheer determination and multitude of practice, has become a professional musician. It’s his whole life, to practice, play, and perform. Hey may not be the most technically skilled, but he makes up for it in the amount of expression he throws into everything he plays.

Until he develops a repetitive strain injury (rsi) in his hands and wrists from the constant playing. When Eren starts to feel pain, he ignores it and pushes through. Years of abusing his hands eventually catch up with him and suddenly his hands are in so much pain, so stiff, he can’t play.

He goes to his doctor, Erwin Smith, who tells him he needs to take a break from playing to rest his hands, perhaps for up to a year, or he risks permanently damaging them forever. Eren is angry and frustrated with himself and struggles to follow dr’s orders.

Erwin refers him to a physical therapist, Levi, to help Eren recover quickly and strengthen his hands to prevent further problems. Eren doesn’t like Levi’s methods very much, which are very blunt and straight forward.

Not being able to play starts to send Eren into a depressive spiral. At first he makes some attempt to follow Erwin and Levi’s advice, but finds himself playing before he should and pushing himself too hard. Each time he comes back to therapy with hands in equal or worse state, he gets a lecture.

Eventually Erwin and Levi sit Eren down to have a talk. They explain that he either needs to get serious about physical therapy and take care of himself, or he’s going to burn out in a few years. If he’s so desperate to keep playing now he could, but he won’t be able to once he runs his hands into the ground. Eren’s got to make the decision he’ll regret the least.

With their words, Eren comes to realize how difficult he’s been and makes a renewed effort in his physical therapy. It’s hard to not touch his piano for weeks, months. When he’s about to start playing again, he can only do so for short amounts of time.

During all this, Erwin and Levi continue to support Eren, becoming an inspiration for him. Maybe he starts falling for them too.

The first concert Eren is able to play again, he dedicates to Erwin and Levi. They attend to show their support. At the end of the show, they approach him, both with congratulatory flowers.

And then Levi announces they’re both dropping Eren as a patient. For a quick moment, Eren protests, hurt and angry. Until Levi pulls him down by his suit collar to give him a searing kiss, followed by Erwin bringing him up into a sweet embrace.

Eren never thought there’d be something that made him more happy than his music. But he’s happier than he’s ever been in that moment.






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why are so many pianists obsessed with hands?? richard can u please explain cause I, a mere singer, don't understand

why are so many singers obsessed with vocal cords?? anon can u please explain cause I, a mere pianist, don’t understand


One-handed pianist Isaac’s video