Gordon Green was genuinely only interested in the music. He had no time at all for celebrity or even in a sense ‘success’. He felt these would come naturally if you had something interesting to say at the piano, if music was deeply felt inside. It left a tremendous impression on me because the ideal was never to play cleanly but freely.
—  Stephen Hough
Some of the beautiful things my piano teacher says about being a classical musician:
  • 1:It is this thing you shouldn't do, you should study law if you want to ensure living... but for some people, like us, it is the love of our lives and no one can take it away from us. We shouldn't but we do.
  • 2:I hate it, it is the worst thing I could have chosen to do in life, but every time I have tried quitting I am forced back in. I am not myself without it, and I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing.
  • 3:Study, work hard if this is what you want because getting to do this is the most amazing experience you will ever have.

Heres a little free improv i did mixing some Tango with Ragtime. I hope you like it?