Screenshots From The Aftermath & Announcements...

2,369 1080p screenshots from “The Aftermath”!  The RARs are still uploading to MediaFire.  My machine is slow so it takes a while…  -_-;

I’ve removed most of the book scans from Piandao.org.  I did this last weekend and forgot to post about it here.  Oh well.  Read all about it…

I’m at 87% capacity on a hosting plan that has 80 gigs of space. I’ve already started swapping the PNGs for the screenshots and panshots with JPEGs for everything but the 61 episodes of A:TLA.  The goal, of course, is to cut my usage roughly by half.  So…if your hotlinks are broken, that’s why.  Probably shouldn’t be hotlinking to stuff on Piandao.org.  I tend to move things around from time to time.  The icons are good, though.  You can hotlink to those all you want.

Piandao.org: Under Construction

So, uh, just ignore that down there for now. Apparently, my server went offline like…an hour ago. -_-; I was almost done when the FTP server kicked me off. And it’s 2:30 am here so, rather than wait the twenty-three minutes to speak with someone (since I apparently can’t log in to my cPanel), I’m going to bed. Hopefully, when I wake up, the server will be back online and I can finish uploading the pages for the screenshots.


The new pages (2,300+) are being uploaded, and files are being reorganized. Should be done soon, though, and the screencaps should remain accessible throughout the update. The icons should be back online within the hour. Everything should be running smoothly by midnight (hopefully). If things don’t work this time tomorrow (broken links, pages not matching the new layout, etc), then you should probably say something.

I’m sure there are some problems. Honestly, I’m so tired of working on it…  I’ll just call this a beta and you guys can be my beta testers, okay?

Just a heads-up: Piandao.org has been tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. But you WILL need to use the most updated version of one of those browsers since older browser versions don’t recognized several important elements in HTML5, or you will not be able to navigate the site. If you don’t see a header, navigation strip, or a footer, then your browser needs to be updated.


1) I am accepting affiliates. I’ll pretty much affiliate with any graphics/graphics resource or fan site. I’m not super picky about these things. Doesn’t have to be A:TLA/TLOK themed, and it doesn’t have to be updated on a regular basis. It does have to be a functional, up-and-running site with some actual content. Go ahead and read all about it.

2) Again, I have to emphasize the importance of not hotlinking to most of what’s on Piandao.org. I will be changing the directories, dividing them into sub-directories for A:TLA and TLOK, and changing file names, once I start producing more Korra resources. A ton of resources - panshots, movies, music, graphics, wallpapers - have already been moved. If you’re hooked up to any of that stuff, then your links are dead.

Previews For Piandao.org's New Layout (which is still a work-in-progress).

I’m starting to upload the new pages of Piandao.org onto the server.

A new look for the screenshots archive featuring screenshots from Sokka’s Master:
50 thumbnails per page, rather than 20, means you have to sift through less pages to find what you want.
Thumbnails are 50% larger than they were before.

A new look for the book scans featuring a preview of Piandao.org/s available scans from the artbook.
The Book Scans section features thumbnails that are twice as big as before, and a popup on the Book Scan’s Index that features a preview of each book’s cover before you click each link.

I just enjoy scrolling over the names of each section in the Icons Index and watching the icons pop up. :)

And a sample page for the new look of the icon pages with icons featuring Zuko.
50 icons per page means, again, less pages to dig through when you’re looking for icons.

New sections:
 - A section for Photoshop resources that won’t be online when the new site launches. I have the files I’ve been custom making for A:LTA/TLOK themed resources (brushes, patterns, custom gradients, etc..) saved, but I haven’t organized them for the site, yet.
 - A working FAQ
 - A proper section with an alphabetical listing of guest artists and authors who have donated their fanworks to the site.
 - A section with a completel listing of acknowledgements and credits.
 - And Piandao.org is accepting Affiliate requests.

…and the header’s a work-in-progress (and the copyright footer needs to be changed). So, obviously, there are still some bugs to be worked out. But I’m getting there…


So….apparently, my server stats have me at 99% capacity, and the FTP server won’t let me upload anymore content to the server until I clean some stuff off of it. So now I have to spend this week–GOT IT, THIS WEEK (SEPTEMBER 23 - 29, 2013)–moving and converting the screenshots for A:TLA Books 2 and 3 to free up space. So, if you’re still hotlinking to the screenshots from A:TLA for your picspams or your image whateverz, you are screwed!

Just letting you know..