piaget's stages of cognitive development

Game of Catch Up

(I have only just recently got interested in slam poetry, so this is my best attempt at creating a poem that is meant to be spoken)

As far back as I can remember
Go to college
get a good job they’d say. 
My parents.
My teachers. 
drilled the concept into my head 
that this was how I could lead a better life.
I’d make good money
they’d say.
I wouldn’t have to work as hard as they did.
I wouldn’t have to worry
they’d say. 
And then I graduated high school
and our economy crashed 
not knowing the turmoil it truly caused.

I went to college
thinking that sitting through a lecture
taking notes
and passing tests
that tested your memorization of  vocabulary terms.
and remembering
that Sigmund Freud
was a pioneer in the field of Psychology
who came up with the ego defense mechanisms.
and that Abraham Maslow
came up with the Hierarchy of needs.
and Jean Piaget
came up with
the stages of cognitive development in children.

They say knowledge is power.
But I have all this knowledge and no where to go.
Knowledge doesn’t seem to push me forward to new heights.
My education failed me.
I have no job prospects
and am in no better shape than before I graduated high school.
Even after all this time I can only seem to get a minimum wage job.
Just like I could then.

My education should have done more than offer me
and tests
and research papers to write.
All of which don’t seem to have any value.
My education should have prepared me for work.
and given me marketable skills instead.
So that my education was worth my time. 
and that there was a point to it all. 
Now I feel aimless.
and worthless.
Now it’s an endless game of
catch up
and I keep wondering when it’s gonna end. 
Wondering how much longer I have to keep fighting.