Oswald “Wally” Caruthers - 25 - Production - Aaron Johnson - ROBYN

Wally is a temperamental writer that puts a lot of pressure on himself to produce something spectacular and ground-breaking. He’s trying to write the ‘next big thing’, and all it’s doing is clouding his muse and piling onto the frustrations. After being nothing but a disappointment to his parents, it’s been his biggest fear to remain a failure in life. Much of Wally’s time is spent with 'colorful’ people; a heavy drinker and drug abuser, he often shows up to work late and ill-prepared. The only thing that’s kept him in the game this far, is his way with words - using pretty verse to manipulate others. The writer isn’t the easiest person to tolerate, and he’s certainly confrontational at best. Deep down, he’s just wanting to find the place he belongs.


Punching In A Dream // Quick

Puck blinks his eyes open, only to see the lack of sunlight coming through his window. His clock says five pm. He must’ve slept the day away again. Hopefully Sarah could’ve handled breakfast and lunch herself. At least she hasn’t burned the house down from just using the toaster. Sitting up, he feels like something’s missing. Like, he went to bed a lot warmer than he is now. It hits him, then, that Quinn stayed the night. Looks like she had better places to be, since she’s not here now. 

He still can’t believe he slept til practically sundown again. Although, this time, he has good reason, since he and Quinn were up talking until dawn. He hobbles out of his room and down the stairs. He can hear one of Sarah’s favorite movies playing as he makes his way down. And something smells really good. His mom must be making them dinner before she leaves for work again.


When Anton’s grandmother taught him to sew, he didn’t expect he’d be making a career out of it. In fact, he didn’t even come to Los Angeles for the movies at all. Originally making the jump across the pond from a small town in Germany to study engineering, he found himself twenty nine years later as one of the most sought-after art directors in the business. And it goes without saying that his kids have always had the best Halloween costumes in town. As someone who makes a living designing spacecraft, hobbit holes and exotic faraway lands, Anton’s surprisingly a homebody whose idea of a Friday night includes his couch, a blanket and a good novel. While he’s an undoubtedly imaginative eccentric, Anton’s a devoted father above all else. And with his kids quickly leaving the nest, he’s taken to “adopting” his crews and just about anyone who comes on set. 

aim: obscurial

lifestyles of the rich and famous - fast cars, hot women and more money then you could ever need. what’s not to love? everyone wants their time in the limelight, to have their five minutes of fame, to finally be someone and live the life. but it’s not all spending sprees and photoshoots there’s also the dark side filled with rumours that can break a career and back stabbing friends who will do what they have to to get to the top. do you have what it takes to be famous? punching in a dream is a celebrity based site and your time in the limelight is now.


Play it Again Dick - Rewatch ???

So I watch PIAD today as most of us marshmallows did. (I’m sorry sweetamara I hope you get to see it soon.) However I watched after meeting with my oncologist for the first time. And looking forward, I don’t really have the time or energy to coordinate two rewatches a week.

I enjoyed the webisode, and cheered when Kristen called Ryan out for what Dick really represented in the show. But as EW put it, this show isn’t for fans of Veronica Mars, it’s for fans of the Veronica Mars actors.

If anyone else wants to coordinate a rewatch I am happy to hand over that mantle. But if that doesn’t happen, I don’t think there will be one. Sorry!

For those interested, I am planning on posting an update on my personal medical crap after my appointment tomorrow when I find out the final piece.

punching in a dream is an upcoming celebrity roleplay set in the sinful city that is hollywood. i’m going to keep this pretty short, you guys because we all know this works, right? XD anywhoo, in the upcoming days, we’re going to keeping you posted on site development, and reserve openings so why don’t you follow us and join us along the ride. we won’t be doing none of those target reaching or any of that nonsense. we’re going to go right ahead and build the site and then we’re going to show you some previews and open the reserves

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petpluto replied to your post: Sorry to all of you who enjoyed PIAD, …

I watched the first episode and none other from that point on. I have this perverse desire to watch the whole thing, but that’s battling it out with the fact that I didn’t enjoy it that much…

Definitely watch it if you feel you want to.  I would say that the only funny moments have been gif-ed many times and you can also view those on tumblr.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t have watched them again if I went back in time.  But part of me kinda wishes I hadn’t.  I like the innocent feeling of not having seen something like that because it does worry me that what we saw was what Rob thought we might all like, find funny or get passionate about.

Or maybe I’m just unusual in my thoughts on this. So of course please take it for what it’s worth.  

user groups


this  is one of the more obvious user groups. we all know who actors are and what they do, whether they’re stars on the silver screen or the small screen. then of course there’s the stars of broadway which will also be apart of this group.


another of the more obvious groups. these are the people that make all the music that we love whether they're solo artists, band members, composers and anything else you can think of, if they make music in some way then they’re definately apart of this group.


directors are the main people when making a film. these are the people who’s job it is to make sure the actors do the best job they can do and they’re in charge of making all of the big decisions when it comes to the film


the production group can include everyone from the camera crew, wardrobe and make up artists up to the producers and the writers. basically anyone who works on the production of a film or tv show will be in this group.


we all know who these people are whether they’re tv reality stars, radio or television hosts or sports personalities anyone akin to these will go into this group.


civilians are normal old average joes, people like us who have no claim to fame. they could be people that are trying to break into the business and make it big or they could be p.a’s to the stars or that girl from the coffee shop down the road.


media can be anything from an internet blogger like perez hilton to journalists as well as those pesky paparazzi who are always following celebrities around and snapping pictures.


this group kind of speaks for itself, if you’ve thought of a character that doesn’t fit into any of the above groups then this is where you’ll put them.