pia vivas inspiration



Hair in sports has inspired me for quite some time as sports players tend to be both superstitious about their hair as well as open to experimentation. Many times hair needs to be away from their face to not get in the way of their body but it’s also a great way to visually intimidate opponents. Additionally it’s a great way for spectators (and teammates) to be able to quickly identify the individual players from a distance.

Recently I watched HAYWIRE with former MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Gina Carallo and was not only inspired by the film (love Steven Soderbergh) and makeup but was inspired by the hair. In a key fight scene Gina Carallo wore beautiful corn rows. Upon further research I learned that corn rows are very popular amongst fighters to keep hair away from the face as well as keep it flat to the head so it can’t be pulled or grabbed. According to Wikipedia it’s also Asian tradition in mixed martial arts to wear corn rows for fighting.

Hair in sports. It’s important!