Counting in Lenca!

1 pis             11 Isis-la-pis                 21 Wamasta-la-pis

2 pe              12 isis-la-pe                 30 Wamasta-la-isis

3 lawa           13 isis-la-lawa             40 Ku-pis

4 sa               14 isis-la-sa                 50 Ku-pis-la isis

5 tz’ai            15 isis-la-tz’ai              60 ku-pis-wamasta

6 wi               16 isis-la-wi                 70 ku-pis-wamasta-la-isis

7 wiska          17 isis-la-wiska           80 ku-pe

8 tepka          18 isis-la tepka            90 ku-pe-la-isis

9 kalapa         19 isis-la-kalapa         100 Ku-pe-wamasta

10 isis             20 wamasta

50 Sombras de Grey (frases)

1.    “Quiero que tu mundo comience y termine conmigo”.

2.      “Yo nunca he querido más, hasta que te conocí a ti”.

3.    “La canción, que más gusta en el mundo es tu risa”.

4.    “Hago esto porque al final he conocido a alguien con quien quiero pasar el resto de mi vida”.

5.    “Mi cama es demasiado grande sin ti”.

6.    “Anastasia, no soy un hombre de flores y corazones. No me interesan las historias de amor”.

7.    “Porque estoy muy jodido. Tengo muchas más sombras que luces. Cincuenta sombras más”.

8.    “Nunca te fíes de un hombre que baile bien”.

9.    “Obtendré un gran placer, incluso una gran alegría, si te sometes. Cuanto más te sometas, mayor será mi alegría. La ecuación es muy sencilla”.

10.    “Pondré el mundo a tus pies, Anastasia”.

BTS ‘Love Yourself: 承 Her’ on Spotify Charts as of Sept. 19, 2017; 11PM KST)

Global Top 50

#50 DNA

Greece Top 50

#41 DNA

Hong Kong Top 50

#10 DNA

Indonesia Top 50

#3 DNA

Japan Top 50

#7 DNA

Lithuania Top 50

#34 DNA
#37 Best of Me
#43 dimple
#46 Pied Piper
#47 Go Go
#50 MIC Drop

Malaysia Top 50

#6 DNA
#10 Best of Me
#16 dimple
#20 Pied Piper
#22 Intro: Serendipity
#27 MIC Drop
#30 Go Go
#40 Outro: Her

Philippines Top 50

#40 DNA
#49 Best of Me

Poland Top 50

#50 DNA

Singapore Top 50

#9 DNA
#25 Best of Me
#29 dimple
#36 Pied Piper
#38 Intro: Serendipity
#48 MIC Drop

Taiwan Top 50

#18 DNA
#24 Best of Me
#42 dimple
#45 Pied Piper

Thailand Top 50

#1 DNA
#2 Best of Me
#5 Pied Piper
#6 dimple
#7 Intro: Serendipity
#8 MIC Drop
#10 Go Go
#12 Outro: Her
#24 Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech

anonymous asked:

3, 37, 47, 53 and 89

  • 3. City that you live in: I actually live in a town in Lincolnshire called Gainsborough but when I’m at Uni I live in Liverpool
  • 37. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because the world is a shitty place
  • 47. Do you believe world peace will ever exist? I hope it will, but it’s doubtful because as I said for number 37, the world is a shitty place
  • 53. How many countries have you visited? 3: Switzerland, France and Belgium
  • 89. How many digits of pi can you recite? 50. A few years ago I literally spent ages trying to reach 50 digits and I did it because I have no life :/

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clonea32  asked:

I honestly think that Chara being drunk is the only way to keep her sain, without going into "serious measures" COUGH COUGH STRAIT JACKET COUGH COUGH.......... Any way, my question is, did you ever take drugs while drunk Chara? If so......... Toriel, bake her about 50 pies and have Papyrus' spaghetti in them. As well as the abandoned quiche

((Core!Frisk will need bigger sockets….))

it really annoys me when people say jack didn’t know how he felt about bitty until graduation because like not only does it take away a lot of jack’s autonomy you’re also depriving yourself of the BEST thoughts???

if you can look me in the eye and tell me jack zimmerman never sat down at the haus kitchen table watching bitty tell the story of how he once had to save a bake sale and make 50 mini pies in one night while jack looks up at him and says “all by yourself?” you are not the type of person i would like to know