pi room

Ok so, @the-polite-fan said to me “yo, Ransom from check, please! is basically Sam Wilson” and I was like “but what if… Ransom was Sam’s nephew?”
This way you can have the Samwell team going to Sam’s place and accidentally run into “Captain Fucking America, dude!” (it was no accident, Sam organized everything as Ransom’s late birthday gift).

And during the afternoon Steve realizes how much pressure Jack is under and steals a few moments alone with him to give him a word of advice from someone who has been dealing with expectations for quite some time. And Jack?? Actually feels better after that????
Jack is in awe for the rest of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Bucky (who somehow crawled his way into Sam’s house and it’s the third time he’s done that in a week and Sam is getting really tired of it, Barnes!) has covered the kitchen AND part of the dining room with pies and cupcakes thanks to Bitty.
Bucky also adopts Bitty, whether he likes it or not. Bitty is basically an asthma-less baby Steve and Bucky is emotional. They keep in touch and exchange recipes.
Barnes also sometimes pops up at their games, stays just enough to give a thumbs up after the match and then he disappears.
Most of the team doesn’t even recognize him and Bucky becomes a legendary ghost that supposedly died after being crushed in a hockey match??? And now he comes to support his beloved team even after his death.
Bucky accidentally becomes the new (and kinda creepy) team mascot

Ah, Christmas

Family parties were hectic. There was so much to do: pies to bake, rooms to decorate, and the last minute errands to run. Oh, and a new thing on Bitty’s list this year. Prepping himself for the influx of familial, good ol’ southern homophobia.

Ah, Christmas.

Yet, Bitty wasn’t really worried. There would be the snide side comments, sure, but it would be fine. He had put up with worse before. This time he had allies. Mama and Moomaw were already on the defense, all of them barging into his room to tell him that no matter what the family said they would love him. Even Coach gave him a firm slap on the back and told him “Don’t mind what your Aunts’ll say to you today. They’re just gossip hags.”

He had spluttered on his coffee, already wishing he could spike it with something a little stronger. Today was going to be long, but at the end of it he would be alright. Bitty was sure of it. Jack, however, was a different story. Bitty was starting to regret calling him.

“She said what?!” Jack asked, and Bitty could hear his frustration. His fists would be clenched, the vein in his jaw ticking. His accent was much more pronounced when he was this pissed off and his words slurred together. “To your face?!”

Bitty ground his own teeth together, trying to distract himself. He had been assigned to cooking dinner; Mama was being overprotective. When the Aunts got drunk their words got loose. Which is why he (stupidly) told Jack: “That’s not even close to what Aunt Jem said when she got here. She doesn’t even have three glasses of wine as an excuse.”

“Being drunk isn’t an excuse.”

“That’s not even close to their limit, hon.” Bitty nestled the phone in his ear as he stirred the gravy on the back of the stove.

“Doesn’t matter. So what exactly did Aunt Jem say?”

“I’m not going to tell you. You seem pissed off enough already,” he stuck a bite of potatoes into his mouth. Nowhere near done.

“I’ll keep it down. It just makes me want to strangle them. They can’t get away with this shit!”

“They can down here!” Bitty argued, giving into his growing frustration. “It goes unnoticed, just dismissed as ignorance at best. At the worst everyone just agrees and continues on with their lives.”  He slammed the fork into the sink. “Like when Aunt Jem asked me if Jack is short for Jacklyn all the Aunts just tittered. Because to them it’s perfectly okay, and hilarious to mock their nephew.”

“Bitty,” and now Jack was the voice of calm. “You don’t have to put up with that shit.”

“Damn right I don’t!” Bitty snapped, trying to keep from yelling.  “And I wasn’t going to put up with that, I told Mama that. Even if it starts a family feud I’m not going to stand there and be mocked. And she agreed, she said to fight back. Maybe not in the way I did, but it worked pretty damn well.”

“What did you do?”

“I showed her - accidentally - that picture I took of you last week.” Bitty was laughing, and the tension drained out of him, as he heard Jack join in. Maybe it hadn’t been a bad idea.

“The one after skating?”


Jack was still laughing, “I should yell at you, but Christe, Bits. Remind me never to mess with you.”

Bitty wiped a tear out of the corner of his eye, and looked up as the kitchen door creaked open. “Will do babe. And my cousin just poked his head into my sanctuary. Whatcha need Tom?”

“More wine.” he tossed an empty bottle into the recycling. “Aunt Jem drained the last of it.”

“Here you go hon.”

In his ear Jack asked, “Accent much?”

Bitty’s brow furrowed, “You can be quiet mister.”

“Sorry?” Thomas asked, turning around in the kitchen doorway. “I don’t think I said anything?”

“No, you didn’t.” Bitty pointed to the phone.

“Oh. Is that your boyfriend?”

“Not for much longer if he keeps chirp - teasing me.”

“Oh.” Thomas looked confused. “Anyway, thanks for the wine, and tell him I say hi. And that I think what you’re doing is cool. Like really cool. And really, fuck Aunt Jem, she just hates anything that’s not like her. Remember when Suze had that black boyfriend? She’s  a bitch when she’s drunk.” And he left the kitchen, leaving Bitty gaping and holding onto the counter for support.

“You okay, cher?” Jack asked.

“Thomas, just.” And maybe he was crying a little. “He- Thomas. It’s just this family is more on my side than I thought, that’s all.”


sorority sugar IN LOVE

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one of my favourite things about the omgcp fandom is how many different stories there are just about how jack and bitty’s first kiss is going to be 

like at the faber during checking practice at 4 am?? in the kitchen covered in flour while baking apple pies?? in jack’s room during a crowded kegster party with loud music faintly in the background?? late night on a hill in madison georgia on the fourth of july as they watch the fireworks shoot into the sky while fireflies surround them??? [spins wheel] on the freaking moon I DON’T KNOW


The doctor said that the TARDIS was infinite, and I was just remembering recently I saw this thing about pi being infinite, and how everything that ever existed and ever will exist can be translated into numbers and be found in pi.

So I think in the TARDIS there would be this room of pi. Where the digits are spilling out of the walls and floating around, telling of the adventures of the doctor and his companions, going on and on for eternity.