pi pi

yesterday my boss emailed me and was like, we should meet tomorrow, and I was like cool when do you want to meet, at which point i didn’t hear from her again

and then today the postdoc wanders in to tell me that the boss is planning on meeting with me today and I’m just like why???? did you tell him that instead of responding to my email???? also why is making a plan so difficult????? 

i wanna remake my friend page again and i want it to be FRESH and RELATIVELY CHAOTIC so if we’re mutuals reblog this with a 100x100 icon (if you cant then just tell me a character or something you wanna be and i’ll make a 100x100 icon) and what name you want me to use


this shit with xQc and his ugly ass is so Fucking Good, he’s finally having something more substantial than a goddamn ban happen to him, first of all God Bless Muma, he has the patience of a fucking //saint// and xQc did not deserve any sort of apology from //HIM//, besides the fact that xQc’s own apology was bullshit, and second of all, HOPE YOU LIKE PAYING TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, BITCH, CLINK CLINK