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Who Needs MI-5?

Another installment of the Professors Fraser with a side of cinnamon roll Jamie.

All the Fraser children knew it was a verifiable truth that their parents had a marriage built on complete honesty. Despite this well known fact, as soon as each term began an un-discussed tension radiated from their mother while their father was perplexed as to why. The issue, their mother had recently explained to the two oldest, was relatively simple; as incredibly intelligent their father was about Scottish history, he was equally inept at reading stranger’s social cues.  His students’ infatuated offerings more specifically were the source of Claire’s annoyance. Which is why the pair hatched a plan to avoid having any anonymous presents causing unnecessary stress in their familial well-being.

As was his habit, Professor Jamie Fraser was in his office well past his posted hours working on his newest project. He had just gotten back from a week on Shetland and was eager to gather his findings into a cohesive report. It had gone half six, Fraser tea time, so Bree and Faith were sent to fetch him home.

“Da!” Bree called from the hallway. “Mama says it’s time for tea. It’s Forfar bridies, your favourite!”

Faith coughed a few times as they walked closer to their father’s open doorway. A perfume drenched box sat just outside it on a chair seemed to be the culprit. It appeared that another season of enamoured gift giving had begun. She looked at her sister with her nose wrinkled and a frown on her face.

Shh! We have to hide this from Da.”  she signed. “And Mama as well.  Da’s editing his new manuscript and that’s all he’ll be thinking about. Give it to me and I’ll get rid of it!”

Bree quickly handed the offending item over to her sister and watched her dash towards the incinerator chute. She suddenly felt a weight on her shoulder and turned to see her Da grinning as he grabbed her into a hug.

“How is my wee little Bree today!” he chuckled. “And what’s this I hear about your Mam making bridies? We’d best get home before your brother eats them all.”

Faith rounded the corner and skidded to a stop right. “Hiya Da!” she squeaked. “Time for tea!”

He narrowed his eyes at both girls since he knew if his oldest was using her voice, her hands were too shaky to sign, a dead giveaway of guilt. His stomach growled before he could find out what she had been up to.

He pointed to his belly, “Your Mam must be psychic!” he signed. “My stomach is about to eat itself!”

His daughters rolled their eyes. “Da jokes!” they gestured in unison.

Crisis averted for another day.

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Excerpt from IronHawk Part Six

Idk if I’ll be able to update tomorrow, so here’s a little peak at our boys being adorable.
Protective!Alpha!Clint and Bratty!Omega!Tony are the sweetest together.
Tony sat comfortably on Clints lap, letting the Alpha feed him bites of yogurt, the wings swept forward around them in a protective embrace. They were sitting in the kitchen, watching the sunset from the huge windows in the common areas, chatting quietly, sharing the food.

“Thank you.” Clint said softly, taking a bite of the yogurt himself.

“For what? I’m eating most of it.” Tony opened his mouth and pointed impatiently, until Clint smiled and gave him another bite.

“For letting me share your heat. For letting me take care of you.” Clint wiped a drop off his omegas lips. “For being open with me.”

Tony smirked. “I will literally do whatever it takes to get what I want out of life, Hawk. You should know that by now. I’ve let you live here rent free long enough you should have known I’d demand some sort of payment.”
Now that his heat had completely worn off, Tony was back to his snarky, smirking self, but Clint could see the softness in his eyes anyway.

“Oh so it’s like a kinky landlord/late tenant thing?”

“Yes. Fully expect to find a video transcript of this week on some role playing website sometime in the next 24 hours. JARVIS? Get right on that please.”

“Sir, since you insist on shutting me down for the duration of your days of inconvenience” replied the dry, automated voice, “ I am afraid I have no videos available.”

“Damn.” Tony took another bite, his lips curling in a shy smile. “I suppose it will just have to stay between the two of us then. No one else will ever know how amazing we are together.”

“I want the whole world to know how happy I am with you, Tony. My omega.” Clint whispered tenderly, and Tony leaned forward to kiss him, trying to pretend like he wasn’t crying.

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