pi lawsuits

Am I the only one genuinely enjoying this season? It’s by far my favourite. I think this season has really reached the peak of cinematography, writing, music, acting, etc.

It’s strange to see that other people don’t like it to the point of wanting to stop watching the show. I get that there’s no true ‘idea’ to grab hold of, like Gavin’s looming lawsuit or Pied Piper launching, but I like that. We know what would happen if this season followed the SV general plot; conflict arises that is then resolved in an unusual way that reveals another conflict for the following season.

Who knows what’s going to happen now? For the first time in this show, we don’t know what’s going to go down or how it’s going to end. It’s intriguing. This season’s ambiguity makes the show more realistic, I think. I feel that maybe Richard could even succeed this season. Because of this, at least for me, this season is incredibly promising and I’m excited for the rest of it.