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Strange is our situation here on Earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that man is here for the sake of other men - above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Happy 138th birthday to Albert Einstein, one of the brilliant fathers of modern physics and the founder of physical cosmology and relativity. 


It’s Pi Day tomorrow! A very special Pi Day, because on March 14, 2015, at 53 seconds past 9:26 AM the date and time will spell out the first 9 decimal digits of the constant π. I’ll be celebrating by eating pie.

This GIF is a visual representation of C = 2r*π (the relationship between the circumference and the diameter).

*These smart folks have pretty much convinced me that Tau (τ=2π=6.2831…) is actually a better constant. And on Tau Day (June 28th), I get to eat TWO pies. But we have to wait until 2031 to get those extra decimal digits for τ.

Pi Day FAQs

#314: Wait, I thought it was Caesar Stabby Day?

No, it is not. This is a common mistake. That is tomorrow. The Ides of March. As in “Ide-on’t think this should be done on the 14th”

#314B: I’ve already kind of started stabbing Julius Caesar. Should I just keep at it?

No. Stop stabbing Caesar right away. You don’t want to get desynchronized, do you? Get some bandages and, if you have access to them, some tampons (this is why they were originally invented, well, for wartime bullet wounds, not stab wounds on temporally displaced Roman emperors, but still, that should work). Carefully remove the daggers one at a time; staunching the bleeding as best you can before removing the next blade.

Wrap your Caesar in damp towels and store in ice until tomorrow.

I’ve been watching Season 1 of Wander Over Yonder.

And, uh…

I’ve noticed that

Sylvia seems to 

have a thing

for tying up Peepers.

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submitted by @sushi-snek: She gave birth under the bed while i was at work. They were born on the 14th at around 11 pm since i got home at about midnight to a room full of kittens. Only one of them is orange while the rest of them are that grey silver colour. I want to name one after a mathematician since they were born on pi day. I’ll try to get something better quality once they come out.

Guys, guys… What if… What if it’s The Falconers who actually realise Jack is in love with Bitty first?

Like maybe nobody at Samwell sees it because they are too close to the situation, and in general a bunch of weirdos not used to normal human interactions, so they are honestly all clueless.

Jack maybe breaks the ice (ha!, I remain hilarious) by bringing a pie to the first practice, and launches into a story about Bitty, maker of the pie, and how he bribed his way into a class with one.

It’s pretty obvious to everybody there that Bitty is more than a teammate. By the end of the week they are convinced he’s Jack’s boyfriend, I mean clearly all the stories and ‘Bitty said’ conversation are him heavily dropping hints so they all know, without you know, him coming out out.

It’s kind of impressive that Jack is so chill about having a boyfriend and is cool about letting them all know.

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what if every now and then Hermann just gets really happy and cheerful and wanders around all day being actually friendly and nice and talking to people and not calling Newt an idiot and just generally being pleasant and Newt kinda follows after him squinting suspiciously and being like ‘what is this. you’re being nice. this is weird. what’s wrong with you.’

and then one year Newt realizes that it happens every year. in March. about halfway through the month. in fact, it happens on the fourteenth. and at first he’s all, hm, what is the fourteenth, 3-14 - and then he sits bolt upright and is like “YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKING NERD" 

and after that he bakes Hermann pie - apple pie, that’s Hermann’s favorite - every year on March 14th and they eat it together and Newt makes fun of him and Hermann is too cheerful to get mad. 

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Scenario based of Meghan Trainer's " Dear future husband. " with suga please

Yoongi/reader fluff -Admin G

“Have you thought of marriage yet?” Yoongi asked you one day. You two were lying on your bed, your hands clasped tightly together, music playing softly around you. You turned your head towards him and he looked at you, seriousness etched on his face.

“I have. Have you?”

“I have been. But I don’t know if I’d make a good husband.” He said and you smiled at him.

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How would hyung line react if their gf suddenly exposed her nerdy side (like being super excited for the epic Pi Day 3.14.15)?

(Who wouldn’t be excited for the ultimate pi day though?? I’m too excited, forgive me.)

Mark: He would think it’s actually pretty adorable. He seems like one of those people to just listen and smile as someone rambles on about something they really like or are passionate about, in this case being a ‘nerd’ and being excited about pi day. He’d probably ask you questions that would keep you going on and on, which would delight him because you seem happy.

JB: He may seem a bit “weirded out” by it and raise an eyebrow at you, but it’s probably because he’s just jealous. (He wasn’t that great of a student, so seeing you like this, giving off the aura of a good student, might bring him back to his high school days). But since you’re his girlfriend, he’d be intrigued by it and ask you to continue on your ‘nerdy’ excitement.

Jackson: He really likes to push people’s buttons, so he’d tease you about it at first, but he’ll do it in a playful manner. He’ll ask if you could help him with his geometry homework or help him study for his calculus test. You may get a bit annoyed, but he’d let out that laugh and remind you he’s only kidding as he pulls you in for a hug.

Jr: At first, he’d probably shake his head at you, to which you might frown at him. But right after, he’d totally join you in your nerdy montage. He’d probably bring out a pair of glasses (it might be fake or he would ‘borrow’ it from another member) and you two would engage in an actual ‘nerdy’ conversation.

Kenny G got his saxophone out on a flight and played to a plane-load of passengers

Kenny G, the American saxophonist as famed for his magnificent head of curls as for his easy-listening horn playing, surprised fellow Delta Air Lines passengers with an impromptu performance on Saturday 22 April.

On an otherwise uneventful flight from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles, the best-selling instrumentalist whipped out his soprano sax and played his way down the aisle, like a cross between a modern day pied piper and an enigmatic snake charmer.

You never get something for nothing in this life though. Cabin crew announced on the intercom that they were collecting donations for Delta Relay For Life, an American Cancer Society event to support those affected by the disease. Flight attendants promised that if they raised over $1,000 on the flight, Kenny G would put on a special performance.

Clearly this was a plane of sax fans, or good-natured philanthropists at least, as within five minutes those on board had pledged more than $2,000 to the cause – enough for two Kenny G performances (although, disappointingly, he just gave the one).

The whole thing was caught on camera many times over; the video shows most passengers were also filming it on their mobile phones, though somewhat gratifyingly there is one woman who appears more interested in her book than Kenny’s sensual jazz playing.

Delta thanked the musician on Twitter following the flight, to which he replied, “happy to help!”. It’s lucky for the airline he was on a commercial plane at all; Kenny is in fact a qualified pilot, and flies his Havilland Beaver seaplane regularly. Is there anything he can’t do? (Don’t answer that.)

However, impromptu saxophone playing isn’t always welcomed with open arms in the States. In 2011, self-proclaimed sexy sax man Sergio Flores infuriated security guards in LA when he played Careless Whisper, topless, in a variety of locations including a mall and upmarket shopping district The Grove. A video of his exploits, which include Flores writhing around the floor of a food court while playing his saxophone to a round of applause, went viral, garnering 33 million views.

“He is not above the law,” says The Grove’s security guard in the video. To which the cameraman replies, “Look at him, he’s playing to a baby right now.” Which says it all, really.

“Oops” Wrap-up 3/2/15 - 3/29/15

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Hijack Pushing Daisies AU!

Because today is Pi-day (it’s 8.15pm in my time zone, sue me, I’m not late yet), and derpfire and I have been geeking over this AU for two days! 

Expect a lot more of this AU because I’m no where near getting over it!