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Strange is our situation here on Earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that man is here for the sake of other men - above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Happy 138th birthday to Albert Einstein, one of the brilliant fathers of modern physics and the founder of physical cosmology and relativity. 


It’s Pi Day tomorrow! A very special Pi Day, because on March 14, 2015, at 53 seconds past 9:26 AM the date and time will spell out the first 9 decimal digits of the constant π. I’ll be celebrating by eating pie.

This GIF is a visual representation of C = 2r*π (the relationship between the circumference and the diameter).

*These smart folks have pretty much convinced me that Tau (τ=2π=6.2831…) is actually a better constant. And on Tau Day (June 28th), I get to eat TWO pies. But we have to wait until 2031 to get those extra decimal digits for τ.

NurseyDex Week 2017 - Day 1 - Get Together

I’ve decided to do NurseyDex week this year! Let’s see how many of these I actually get to. (PS - I’ll probably end up posting these all to AO3 as a series at the end of the week so I have a chance to clean them up a bit, but for now, enjoy this un-betaed fluff I wrote in ~ 4 hours) Prompt found here. Find the rest of my nurseydex week stuff here!

Finals are always an interesting time around the Haus; with Chowder and Dex yelling between their rooms about why their code wouldn’t run, Nursey discussing philosophy and literature with anyone who sat still enough to listen, and Bitty stress baking every flavor of pie he can think up, you were hard pressed to find anyone who was functioning on all cylinders.

Dex had spent more time this past week in the library than in his bed, and it was starting to take its toll on him. He was basically asleep on his feet when he walked into the Haus one night, moving into the kitchen on autopilot to seek out any leftovers or pie that might be waiting there. Even the crappiest day could be made better by the promise of Bitty’s cooking. Nurse sat at the kitchen table, leaning heavily on his arm and flipping frantically through one of his texts, marking the relevant pages as he went.

“Hey, Poindexter? Back from the library?” he asked, barely looking up to register who was walking through the door.

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Pi Day FAQs

#314: Wait, I thought it was Caesar Stabby Day?

No, it is not. This is a common mistake. That is tomorrow. The Ides of March. As in “Ide-on’t think this should be done on the 14th”

#314B: I’ve already kind of started stabbing Julius Caesar. Should I just keep at it?

No. Stop stabbing Caesar right away. You don’t want to get desynchronized, do you? Get some bandages and, if you have access to them, some tampons (this is why they were originally invented, well, for wartime bullet wounds, not stab wounds on temporally displaced Roman emperors, but still, that should work). Carefully remove the daggers one at a time; staunching the bleeding as best you can before removing the next blade.

Wrap your Caesar in damp towels and store in ice until tomorrow.

I’ve been watching Season 1 of Wander Over Yonder.

And, uh…

I’ve noticed that

Sylvia seems to 

have a thing

for tying up Peepers.

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Im loving the role reversal au. Please, please more of the role reversal. Thank you you blessed soul

“Zehahaha” A man laughs joyfully surround by his pirate crew. In his lap, Sabo grimaces briefly as pieces of cherry pie fly out of his mouth landing on him before his face clears. 

He raises a fork with a small smile, offering to feed the man he sits on. “Would you like some more….love?”

Blackbeard gives him a leer causing his skin to crawl. The older man says nothing but he does lean down and chomps on the food. Sabo has to fight every nerve in his body from stuffing the utensil into his throat and choke him with it.

It been eight weeks of his promotion from pensioner to captain’s little boy toy and honestly, he thinks it was better to be chained up in the dark. He was never out of Blackbeard’s eyesight.

He went everywhere that man went. The bombs strap to him were set to go off if he wandered too far away from the ship or more specifically away from the captain of the ship.

Sabo had spent a good six or so weeks getting reintroduce to food and getting back into shape. He was dressed with…alluring… clothing all in different shades of black. At first not looking too good on his skinny body but after a while fitting him almost skin tight, wrinkling over his muscles.

The clothes left nothing and everything to the imagination. 

Laffitte was right.

Blackbeard treated him like fine arm ornament. 

and Sabo despises it. 

When they went into any kind of town anything he wanted he got, even when he really really didn’t. If he so much as glanced to a store the Blackbeards ripped it apart for him to gift Sabo with the contents. Innocent people suffered because of him, so the blond learn to keep his gaze on his feet as he walked. 

These monsters were taking his freedom little by little adding habits to his routine and making him submissive to this fate. Sabo needed to get out of here.

The blond wasn’t allowed to do too much, guards always closely watching his every move making it hard to do anything. It put an awful dent in his escaping plans.

He couldn’t even gaze at the horizon for too long before he was ordered to return to Blackbeard’s side.

At least he knew where they were now. An hour away from an island called Banaro Island. Nowhere near a Reverulationary safe house sadly but maybe with a few more days, he could get some help.

“The pies always tastes better when you feed me.” Blackbeard grinned running one of his meaty hands on the blond’s cheek. He can’t force a flush but he can make his eyes soften- all he has to do is think of Marco’s gaze in the mornings after waking or when Ace laughs at his own jokes. 

He misses them…

Hell, he misses everyone. 

“Of course it does. I’m feeding you and I’m amazing.” Sabo chirps faking the pride from the praise he received with ease. Blackbeard’s lips quirk in amusement before he suddenly yanks the smaller man closer. 

Lips smash against him in a hard desperate matter. He screams in rage inside his mind but returns the gesture almost shyly. He realized early on that Blackbeard prefers him to act like he’s never been touch before. It’s a dangerous line he dances on.

On one hand, it makes sure his captor doesn’t get bored of him and turn him over to the marines but on the other he makes Blackbeard want him. Luckily he hasn’t forced the blond into anything past kissing yet, but Sabo can tell his patience was running thin. 

The asshole already ran his hands up and down his thighs whenever he sat in his lap and made the smaller male sleep on him during the nights. His hands gaze all of Sabo’s body during that time and he took extra long in the showers the next day because of it. 

“Land ho!” 

The yell makes the gross man grumble but he pulls back from the blond. Sabo takes a deep breath- sometimes the bastard doesn’t let him go up for air when making out- and he slides off of the man’s lap. 

Before he can go too far, a hand snakes around his waist pulling him into a large belly. Sabo hates how he automatically rest against it and snaps his eyes to his feet. 

Thank the Sea the civilians have evacuated. 

When the Blackbeards threaten to destroy the island they were smart enough to listen. Leaving everything behind the people ran out of the town following Blackbeard’s demand of giving him anything valuable.

Sabo is handed a bag, told to go to the houses and pick something pretty for himself. Burges as his guard this time follows close behind. The large man is one of his least favorite babysitters cause he loves to taunt the blond. 

“Why don’t you see if you can find some nice panties?” The large man mocks from where he is leaning on the house door. Sabo’s face scrunches up, but he refuses to answer.

He takes careful steps through the house. His vision is blurring a bit, and he’s wobbling again. As an extra precaution to make sure Sabo didn’t overpower his guards he is drugged.  When and how he wasn’t sure but every time Blackbeard leaves him, he starts to feel like shit.

Doc Q is always happy to try out his latest experiment on him. Lucky he isn’t vomiting this time, that’s an up side. 

He could beat these bastards easily, the only one that’s a problem is Blackbeard himself, but with his movement dulled and all his strength sapped out his body, Sabo will never be able to beat Burges.

Not before he is surrounded and killed.

Or worse.

The blond sighs, leaning onto a wall panting hard. He slides down when his legs start to give up. His dull blue eyes run over the living room he is in. It’s very homey. There is a couch, and two rocking chairs placed by a unlit fireplace.  

A small coffee table is placed in the middle of the room with a large bookcase pushed to one side.  Pictures of people he can’t make out are all over the walls and the smell of unfinished food drifts from somewhere in the house. 

Nothing really he wants is in the living room but he doesn’t have it in him to walk upstairs and see what else is there.

 If he doesn’t take something though, he worries what Blackbeard will do so he forces himself to get up. Burges laughs as he stumbles down, grunting as his forehead slams against the floor.

“Need help pretty boy?” 

Sabo shakes his head, but the room is spinning too much for him to focus.  Bile rises in his throat but luckily he keeps it down. Taking deep breaths he manages to push away the nausea.

Through sheer willpower, he gets up and wobbles to the bookcase. His hands land on the shelve a little harder than he intended, but it works to keep him up straight so he doesn’t care.

Burges stands behind him large shadow covering his body completely. A reminder, silent it may be. Sabo feels a haterd burn in his very soul but ignores the man as best he can. He squints trying to understand what is in front of him. 

He is reading the title of some books when suddenly the right wall explodes open. He spins around watching through half-lidded drugged eyes as a man covered in blue fire punches the wrestler square in the face. 

Burges screams large body sent flying but he can’t tell how far he went or if the Blackbeard pirate is down. In that moment the whole room starts to spin. 

Sabo’s vision is still too blurry more so than before. It takes him a minute to realize who is standing before him. The yellow of his hair and the blue of his eyes is the first thing he recognizes before relief crashes through his system.

The small blond falls as arms grab onto him. Someone is talking to him but he can’t understand the words. A blur of orange enters his eyes sight and- oh Ace is here too. 

They found him. 

He smiles in the direction he thinks Marco’s face is, whispering “I knew you would come for me.”

Then everything goes black as the drug runs its course. 

Unknown to the blond outside a horrible storm starts up and Blackbeard is struggling against a hooded man. Lightning flashes, lighting up a tattooed face as the figure says.

“You have something that belongs to me. I like my Chief of Staff back.” 

I know everyone is talking about Mic Drop but

Go Go is literally my favorite performance ever LOL It legit had me smiling and giggling even after the 10th time I watched it

who wants to play a jonsa headcanon game?

thanks to @amymel86 for starting this (she did A and B) and @myrish-lace-love for letting me play too! she also prepared cute ficlets for c and d which is found at c and d

Hopefully, others want to play too. Anyone who would like to be tagged to continue with the next two, please comment on this post and I will nominate one of you to post your headcanons for ‘G’ and ‘H’, that person also asks for volunteers to continue and so on and so forth! Let’s get to Z jonsa fam! You can do modern or canon AUs, whatever you like!

E for excitable (modern au)

- Everyone thinks she is the excitable one of the two, as they see her cooing at doggies (all of them good doggies, even if they slobber all of over her), sighing with pleasure at the glazed lemon pops at the Starbucks, and excitably chatting with her besties about fashion, etc.

- Their friends thought that she would turn into Bridezilla but it turned out that it was Jon who masterminded their wedding ceremony (Sansa doing the planning on their honeymoon), from flowers (blue roses as they match the color of her eyes), the timing of their I do’s when the sun hit her hair to set it ablaze, etc. He worked tirelessly with their wedding planning Margaery to get everything perfect for her, his love, to have a fairy tale wedding, like the cartoons she loved when they were kids.

- Before Sansa met Jon, her hopes for fairy tale happy ever after endings or dream weddings were much dashed, but he helped her trust again, trust herself, trust him, trust what they have is real. Since he is so casual (tight jeans, tees, etc.), she had no expectation that she would have her fairy tale wedding but that was OK - she had Jon and that was more than enough.

- When he saw come towards him, he cried and almost bawled. She oft hid herself with her pleasant “public” smiles but when she came down the aisle, he saw that smile she shared when she awoke in his arms. (Everyone cried.)

- Jon was not usually big on dancing but he danced the night away with her, even dipping her a couple of times, as she beamed with happiness. He only let Ned dance with her twice and Rickon once.

Family (modern au)

- At first, she was jealous that he got along so well with her siblings, even better than she did herself. She felt like an outsider sometimes in her family, as her interests did not match with her siblings’. She knew that she loved them as they loved her.

- But then she realized that what Jon, an orphan, wanted was a family with her. He loved all the Stark family traditions, especially Christmas, caroling with the neighbors after dinner, gingerbread house competitions (the Starks are tres competitive!), opening of gifts from youngest to oldest, and the kids singing their parents goodnight with “So Long, Farewell”.

- And later, she made sure that they made their own family traditions, the “private” (in their bedroom) traditions which helped grow their family and the more “public” ones with the kids (such as pi day where everyone gets to make their own sweet or savory hand pie as Jon is a math geek and Sansa thinks he is sexy with his professor spectacles)!

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Hey, take a platonic bubble bath with me while wearing face masks and eating vegan pies after watching crappy movies. Plz ❤️❤️ (I am counting the days I get to see my bestie!!!)


and 93 TILL I SEE MY BOO! 


Thanks! I hadn’t thought of doing the maths holidays to be honest. Next year perhaps. 

Well Brae and I have differing views on whether dates should be DD/MM or MM/DD. So we get two Pi Days. We could argue but this way we get twice as many excuses for pie…

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little!shua, a concept.

First off: I h8 you for asking this

Second of all:

-i see little shua being soooo obsessed with pokemon (like little!hosh) and dragons and studio ghibli and mythology just fantasy stuff in general tbh
-i would say his little age is probably around 6 y/o
-hes such a good boy for daddy!cheol and jun
-he’d happily sit down and read about dragons and watch pokemon all day
-his favourite thing ever to wear is his pikachu indie or his totoro onsie
-shua is so clingy as well
-during a lazy day, he’ll just crawl up inbetween daddy Cheol and jun and get them to read to him until hes asleep curled into a little totoro looking ball
-will eat cookie dough and Apple pies for days
-only gets bratty when he’s told to go to bed when he wants to stay up late and play pokemon with the others
-throws a tantrum and doesn’t talk with Cheol for a while but Junhui throws him on the naughty step and manages to sort him out
- but hes good otherwise he promises
-all the other littles call him a daddy’s boy a lot of the time because he’s so good
-unfortunetly though he likes to make the others happy so even though he kinds his own business a lot he seems to always get pulled into Minghao’s and hoshis antics more often than he’d like which always ends up with severe punishments and stickers taken off svt’s good boy chart
-and shua hates it because it’s always when he’s like 1 off his reward :^(
-shua always gets daddy Junnie to promise to take him home to China so he can see all of the dragons and watch Junnie fight them!!
-although he hates to admit it he still sometimes needs a dummy to sleep or to calm down
-likes nap time but only if he can cuddle everyone so they nap in a massive pile to make shua happy
-or alternatively he sleeps on his daddy’s chests
-soft or what

what if every now and then Hermann just gets really happy and cheerful and wanders around all day being actually friendly and nice and talking to people and not calling Newt an idiot and just generally being pleasant and Newt kinda follows after him squinting suspiciously and being like ‘what is this. you’re being nice. this is weird. what’s wrong with you.’

and then one year Newt realizes that it happens every year. in March. about halfway through the month. in fact, it happens on the fourteenth. and at first he’s all, hm, what is the fourteenth, 3-14 - and then he sits bolt upright and is like “YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKING NERD" 

and after that he bakes Hermann pie - apple pie, that’s Hermann’s favorite - every year on March 14th and they eat it together and Newt makes fun of him and Hermann is too cheerful to get mad. 

Guys, guys… What if… What if it’s The Falconers who actually realise Jack is in love with Bitty first?

Like maybe nobody at Samwell sees it because they are too close to the situation, and in general a bunch of weirdos not used to normal human interactions, so they are honestly all clueless.

Jack maybe breaks the ice (ha!, I remain hilarious) by bringing a pie to the first practice, and launches into a story about Bitty, maker of the pie, and how he bribed his way into a class with one.

It’s pretty obvious to everybody there that Bitty is more than a teammate. By the end of the week they are convinced he’s Jack’s boyfriend, I mean clearly all the stories and ‘Bitty said’ conversation are him heavily dropping hints so they all know, without you know, him coming out out.

It’s kind of impressive that Jack is so chill about having a boyfriend and is cool about letting them all know.

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HELLO CUTIE PIES!!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 we’re getting ready to start this welcome week off by going to a BBQ, then to an induction ceremony, then to the beach, then to a bonfire, THEN to a mandatory apt meeting so……. I’ll probs be dead tired by the end of the night omg 😂😂😂 also i don’t really feel like being super social today but I guess I have to kind of get use to that now????

ANYWAYS I hope you are all having an amazing day/night/morning!!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💕💞💓💗💖💘💝