pi and pea's adventures


Hiiro no Fuusha - Sound HorizonThe boy who laments the position of the weak, tossed by destiny… 
Will eventually yearn for『Power』… 
Is that…a『Shield』to protect himself from mighty powers? 
Or…a mightier『Sword』with which to suppress them?

The ALL CAPS font is Wild Words, while the lowercase one is Gosmick Sans. Right now I think I prefer Gosmick Sans, but Wild Words is also a very good font…

so I could use opinions other than my own. What do you think, Wild Words or Gosmick Sans?


I put my nuzlocke characters into my Tomodachi Life and apparently the game ships them

no regrets

(they end up sweethearts later when Cheren is the one confessing omf)


Say Goodbye - Yuki Kajiura (.hack//SIGN OST)

To people who came to my comic for cute:

[[apologies echoing in the background]]

Pi and Pea's Adventures' 2nd anniversary?!

Was just reminded of the date, whoa what?? What do you mean it’s been 2 years???

Haha I’ve completely forgotten about this day, even though I really wanted to do something for the anniversary, but I fell sick for the last few days so obviously I can’t. :’D But I digress. What I want to say is…

Thank you everyone who has been reading the comic! Your supports always make my day brighter!