[Turmoil Truth Tuesday]

#1 “The Mathematician’s Delusional Vegetarian Diet”

The Ancient Greek Pythagoras and his followers had a strange vegetarian diet regime consisting of beans only. It wasn’t for healthy eating or animal compassion, but rather a strange belief that “It was the only way to ensure you weren’t eating your grandmother or another relative, whose soul could have migrated to your neighbor’s pig. The great mathematician’s passion towards this diet resulted in him meeting his death defending a bean field.

Information From: "10 Ways To Recycle A Corpse, and 100 More Dreadfully Distasteful Lists” By Karl Shaw

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Did some quick calculations using trig to figure out exactly what length we need our back and front piece to be, knowing our base is a foot and the angle of incline of our front wheels is 30 degrees.

The top piece must be 34.06 cm and the back must be 15.12 cm

Here is a trig cheer to keep you celebrating life: 
Sine sine cosine sine
Derivative left, derivative right
Bishop Allen fight fight fight!