Saturday, March 11 (2017)

I’m trying to get better at studying regularly and have a more structured approach. So instead of telling myself that I have x amount of time to study physiology, I’ll write down specific topics and try to master them. Since I like to go into details and really understand the concepts, I have to set some time limits. Otherwise, I’ll just run out of time and get panicky. Also, I have to remind myself more often that I don’t study for grades but to master the topics, and a comparison is the thief of joy.



hello my finals are next week and this is what i have been up to in the past couple of weeks… actually studying… lol…
(studying and getting my heart pulled back into haikyuu hEAVEN HELP ME I LOVE OIKAWA TOORU)
on another note, i got my results back for my second anthropology midterm and ya girl got an A+!! now if only i could get those kinds of grades in physiology and microbio 🤔

In all aspects of life, the body and mind are constantly adapting. Our muscles become stronger with continuous contractions. Our minds become more resilient against reoccurring stressors. Our immune system learns to react faster to incoming bacteria. Humans are astounding, really. We are so completely flexible towards improvement, not only physically, but mentally as well.


25.02.16 | Spending whole day with physiology 📚✨

Like I mentioned before, I have a huge physiology exam next week, so I really need to study hard this weekend. Truth be told, it’s not going great, but at this point I don’t have time for panicking and all I can do is revise as much as I’ll manage- hope it’ll be enough.

Hope you all have a much more productive day! 👌🏻✨ 


Hello Studyblrs!

I haven’t posted for a while, I had some personal problems going on, and during times like these its hard to keep up with social media.
I am almost done with the 100 days of productivity challenge so I decided to start again + start a completely new challenge.

Btw, check the picture I took yesterday during our lab session, we finally got to do some dissecting, its a sheep heart, it is very similar to the humans heart, studying on it helped us a lot for our cardiovascular chapter!


Quick fact. Ready?
When drinking fluid, we end up swallowing up to 3x the actual amount, but in air. This is one of the major causes of gassiness.

None the less, always remember to stay hydrated! After all, 80% of you is composed of water.


A Lithopedion, also known as a ‘stone baby’, occurs when a foetus dies during an abdominal pregnancy (a pregnancy that occurs outside of the womb), and is too large to be reabsorbed by the mother’s body. As a consequence the mother’s immune response calcifies the foetus to prevent an infection from the dead tissue. The consequence is a preserved foetus, that appears to be made of ‘stone’, that can remain undetected for decades.