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anonymous asked:

Do you think that armin (in human form) will be taller now that he has inherited bertholdt's colossal titan? Because bertholdt was like 6' 5" and had the colossal titans power

No, becoming a titan shifter doesn’t appear to change or influence your human form in any way. Mike Zacharus provides some proof of this. Mike’s nose was so sensitive he could pinpoint the exact number and direction of the titans yet he didn’t notice anything unusual when he smelled Eren before his court appearance, And he suspected nothing when sequestered with Reiner and Bertholt. Their biology must’ve been normal.

If Armin is taller when we get back to Paradis, it will be the magic of puberty, not his titan shifterhood that is responsible. Still, who am I to refuse you a dumb graphic of a Berthold-sized Armin :)

How to take care of your spirit companion?

@starryskywitch asked: “In a recent ask you mentioned that spirits need to eat, could you explain how that works? And also maybe the basics of taking care of a spirit if you’d be so kind? C: “

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for a long time. Then I saw someone did it already xD  ( @magic-for-the-masses ) But I still decided to go ahead and write my own.

I think a good way to look at this is by taking into account the pyramid of needs. By the way, I’m no psychologist, so I don’t know if this is severely outdated or not, but I think it’s a good basis. (For further reading into this, you can look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.)

So the base is physiological needs. Food, water, warmth, rest. Or in the case of your spirit, whatever they need to drink/eat so they don’t starve, whatever weather and environment they need (if any is fine, okay. Mr.Dragon doesn’t *need* a lava river, but he’s definitely happy in one.), and time to rest. (I go deeper on what they eat here: )

But then you think “But Scholar! I *have* to build wards around me and my companion for them to be safe! That’s vital!” And yes, but not physiological. Apparently this person first stated there are basic needs, and then made subdivisions. The wards fall into safety needs. A secured astral place, or well, your own home, with wards and barriers around it. The security of knowing they won’t be eaten up by a bigger, badder spirit at any moment. Even if you’re not into witchcraft, you should learn methods of spiritual/psychic protection, in order to take better care of your spirits. (Stating this since I usually see spiritual protection being talked about in the context of witchcraft.)

After that there come the psychological needs: first, feeling loved and like you belong. Then, the self esteem.

If you’re skilled at spirit communication, and a demonstrative person, you’ll make them feel loved easily, if you actually like them. If you have trouble showing love, or communicating with spirits, someways to show them they’re loved are:

-Offerings, in every shape or form.

-Daydreaming about them. Thinking about them. Seeing something and go ‘I bet Betsy would like this.’ They can feel it. They know.

-If you have an altar dedicated to them, or part of an altar, keep it clean, neat, re-design it, play with it… It’s a space in your life you’ve dedicated to them. By taking care of it, you’re taking care of them.

Then, the self esteem. Feelings of accomplishment and prestige. For the accomplishment thing, it’s good to ‘assign them tasks’, or ask them for help with certain stuff. X spirit will act as your body guard. Y spirit will help you with your self esteem and pick cute outfits. J spirit will give your food extra flavor and help maintain a clean house. They get to do stuff with you and for you, and get praised in return (you should praise and thank them!), making them feel accomplished.

For the prestige thing… I’m not sure if what I’m thinking of falls in this category. In other pyramids, I’ve seen clothes and shelter listed in the basic needs. And it’s somewhat true. Clothes and shelter makes it so a person doesn’t die of hypothermia, for example. But just really basic sheltering and clothing fulfills that need. IMO, clothes and shelter give them prestige… In their own eyes. Those are things that can elevate their self esteem. A big house filled with toys made my kid spirits really happy. Changing their old, outdated clothes for new, modern clothes (and leather jackets!) makes them feel badass, and good about themselves. Even my cat spirit asked for clothes (and we designed it from scratch and came up with the most disgusting piece of cat clothing ever and we destroyed it and swore to never do that again).

The peak of the pyramid is about self actualization and self fulfillment, including creative endeavors.

Some of my spirit companions, after watching me doing it for so long, got into tabletop roleplaying xD It’s a creative endeavor that makes them really happy. I just leave RPG books on my altar, and Mr.GuardianAngel learns the game and acts as the dungeon master for the other spirits. I wanted to tell this because it’s very endearing <3 And so you remember the spirits actually go and do things in their own.

But some ways you can directly involve yourself in fulfilling these last needs are:

-Watch informative videos and documentaries with them, on themes of their interest. For some time Mr.Dragon got really curious about how other humans were, and we watched videos of people reading their old diaries for like a week.

-If you write or draw, tell them they can influence your creation, and let them create with you.

-If they feel like they can write/draw on their own, let them, and show interest when they show it to you. My companions tell me about the stories they write/roleplay through tarot cards. I just pull all the cards I feel I need and through reading them I get to know the story.

-If you astral travel, travel with them to locations neither of you know (with safety measures please!) so you can learn together.

To anyone who has read this far, thanks for reading. I hope this is useful for you.

made manifest / 6.9k / canonverse trans!dean (read it on AO3)

wherein castiel defied god for dean before dean even knew his name.  

warning: slurs, gender/body dysphoria, some dubious consent

Dean’s twelve and bored in another health class. He’s staring at a pyramid in the margins of a textbook labeled The Hierarchy of Needs, only half-listening to the dull, muted monotone of the teacher’s lesson in the background. He’s confident he’s got this dumb thing down. After all, he’s seen it about three times this year, because they keep moving schools in the middle of the unit, and every junior high in the country apparently offsets their curriculum by one or two weeks with the sole intention of keeping Dean from getting to the really juicy bits of health.

Lecture complete, the teacher falls into his desk chair and dispassionately assigns a perky student in the front row to hand out worksheets. The promised land of goofy genitalia illustrations and condoms on bananas that lies in chapter seven is a distant dream to the depressing reality of this, a dumb photocopied doodle where he’s expected to write in where he stands on the pyramid. What he aspires to achieve in his life next. His stomach appreciates the irony of the whole situation and growls loudly as his hand hovers indecisively between the bottom tier labeled physiological needs and the next up, safety.

Are you eating? and Are you afraid for your life? Teachers usually assume the answer to that is a given for the kids in a junior high school class, but most the time but it really—isn’t. For Dean.

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My Muse

Genre: Smut | Fluff | Mini Series


It was very much so a compulsive physiological need. An addiction if you will. But to term it as such would be too much of an overstatement, or rather extreme. A more correct expression to describe this feeling would be an obsession, an idea or thought that continually preoccupied the mind of the beholder. Resembling that of wildfire, this manic craze that manifests on its own free will was unpredictable, uncontrollable and untameable. And although it was easy to ignite, to extinguish it was a challenge in and that of itself. Especially when there was only one way to satisfy what seemed to be my insatiable desire to touch, my desire to please and be pleased, and my need to control.  

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(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Seven: Managing Talking Creatures

I won’t put my Narnia-nerd on full display today–we all know it’s likely the best known example of creature companions with the power of speech. But did you remember that the dragons in Anne McCaffrey’s Pern are able to speak telepathically? There are a multitude of companion cats in stories who throw comments at their compatriot humanoids, too, not the least of which is Faithful, the black feline met by Alanna of Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet. Each of these series treats their talking creature companions’ abilities differently, with a set of rules surrounding their ability much like the rules surrounding the use of magic. You, too, should take into consideration how speech works for your creatures and your world.

Pros & Cons:

There are lots of things having a companion capable of talking can help you through. In terms of actually writing the character, they’ll be easier to characterize, give background about, detail wants and needs, and in general deal with since they’ll be able to interface with their humanoid companions without too much trouble with interpretation. They’ll be able to tell their humanoid companions, and in turn the audience, how much they hate the swamp and how hungry they are; how they could help with the plan by eating the dock master’s dinner if need be; how the main character reminds them of a former master or friend. They can even throw out jokes, and depending on the syntax of how you have them speak, they can provide plenty of comedic or world-building moments as they mention things from their own culture. They’re great mouthpieces, just like other characters can be.

Of course, having your creatures able to speak can lead to just as many pitfalls, including a tendency to gloss over their more animal or creature behaviors. Because in our own world, animals can’t speak any traditional languages we understand, we classify them in our minds as something different, that must be dealt with differently. As soon as something can speak (think about AIs like Siri and Alexa, and even learning-capable technology like Furbies), we tend to begin thinking of them as more and more human, despite all physiological proof otherwise.

You need to make sure you’re doubly aware of your companion’s creature status when you give them the ability to speak. All those animal and creature behaviors shouldn’t fade away, and it will take more mental power than you expect to make sure you’re still portraying your creature with accuracy. There’s a reason you chose this specific creature to be your character an not just another humanoid. Maintain that distinction, even if they are able to communicate in the languages of their humanoids.

Function in the Story:

We’ll get into this in some more detail shortly, but it’s a crucial factor to helping you decide if your creature should be able to speak. After all, not all of them have to, and while part of the decision is based on whether the world is built to support that, it’s also impacted by what this character’s function in the story is.

I’ll go out on a limb and say an unpopular opinion: Creature companions who are given the ability to speak to their humanoid companions in language that requires little to no interpretation (such as speaking the native language of the humanoid, not speaking in descriptions of things, not speaking in metaphor, etc.) is the easy way out. It turns your creature into an easy-to-understand unambiguous character that suddenly becomes much more easy to write because you don’t have any of the bonding required for flawlessly understanding body language or the other complications that come with creatures who can only submit their commentary through perhaps emotional telepathy or more traditional creature communications. You remove all the work for the humanoids, and by doing this, you remove the opportunity to show a real, growing trust, friendship, and understanding if you take the work to portray a non-speaking creature.

Because of this, you need to make sure you sit down and think about what you need out of this creature character, and I’m not just talking about the actions they’ll be doing. I’m talking about what role they fill in this story. What arcs of other characters’ development do they contribute to, how, and why? Why are they important to this overall story and what is it about them that makes them important? Why did this character need to be this shape? Ask yourself how their role and function within the story would change if they were able or not able to speak. Is it a significant change? Would they be unable to accomplish their role as a character if they were unable to speak or would they simply have a more difficult time? Is it possible or a truly Herculean task for them to function the way you intended without speech? Make that hard decision.

Laws of the World:

This is the more obvious consideration when it comes to speech: What does your world allow for? Is this the only creature that can speak? How does their speech work? Faithful, the black cat who takes to accompanying Alanna, speaks human words to her, but to others who are present, it sounds like regular meowing. In Pern, the dragons are capable of telepathic speech while the smaller fire lizards only communicate a basic thought impression, emotions, and images. Just like with magic systems, your creature’s speech may have conditions on its usage. Think about how accessible you want language to be and how that will impact your plot, those characters who may be around when the creature speaks, how common speech from these creatures is, whether it’s a true language or more like impressions, who they can speak to, how that bond is determined, and what happens if the bond is severed. Your creature’s speech conditions can be as simple or as complex as you feel inclined to develop; just remember that these are rules, not guidelines. If you establish them, you need to keep them. Bending these, just like bending the rules of your magic, will hurt your audience’s ability to stay engaged with and believing in the story.

Next up: Relationships!


A/N: I had fun with this fic. Thank you, anon!- Admin Uni

Warnings: Smut, 18+

“MY LIFE IS A BEAUTYYYYYY” you half sung half shrilled the lyrics to “I”. Who could blame you, Taeyeon is a queen and queens deserve to have their songs screeched by the common tone deaf human. You were parading through your home, sweats and all. You had arisen from your couch out of the physiological need for food and drink, Netflix marathoning was a difficult sport. Marley and me made you sob all the liquids your body held, and The Notebook only made you cry and gorge yourself in everything edible. You were bored out of your mind, simple to put it.

It was a modest saturday afternoon, filled with disinterest for priorities. Studying perhaps? You’d rather not, so much work would have bored you to death. Cooking? Burn down your place while screwing up instant noodles, that’s an amazing idea. Text your weird boyfriend? That would only give a temporary cure. Or maybe it wouldn’ grabbed your phone from the table and smirked evilly. Knowing that you lived alone, you hastily removed your clothing. Damn, why didn’t you think of this earlier. Clad in a cute bra and panty set, you were equipped with the determination to get daddy-Taehyungs attention. You needed entertainment and you damn knew well enough that Taehyung was perfectly capable of that. After taking numerous selfies of your scantily clad body, you begun the long process of choosing which ones to send to daddy-Tae.

“ is bored. Playtime?” you sent a lewd picture of your hands slipping underneath the waistband of your lace panties.

You  got a response quite quickly, it had seemed that your plan of entertainment was going well.

“Baby, what did I tell you about teasing daddy?” Taehyung seemingly warned, yet enjoying the sight he was seeing.

“I don’t know, daddy. You didn’t say anything about it.”

“I’ll be there to punish your teasing little ass in 10. Be ready for me, babygirl.”

You made sure to hold your device of choice: a minuscule egg-shaped vibrator, your best friend and your worst enemy. You were eager for whatever Taehyung had in store, it had been way too long since the both of you shared intimate time together. The thought of his large hands powerfully gripping your body, his tongue pleasurably ravishing your senses, making you shake underneath him, his touch driving you insane. And then he’d finally lose all his control, and indulge in you. Simply thinking of what he can do to you made you already desire him even more. You tensed your muscles as you heard the doorknob turning, and footsteps meandering their way to the shared bedroom where you were patiently kneeling, waiting for Taehyung.

“I was in a meeting with the boys, baby. They all saw what you sent to daddy. You were asking to get punished, weren’t you.” Taehyung stated darkly from the door.

“Oh well. But you’re here now. What are you going to do about it, daddy?” you replied.

“Strip. And on your back.”

Taehyung had a smug look on his face as he crawled on top of you, and took the toy from you, your bare form vulnerable to as he pleases. Tae grabbed your face with force, making you stare into those orbs of his, those orbs that were clouded with lust. Tae said no words, only kissed you forcibly, so profoundly that he was commanding you to yield to him without any utterance. Tae only chuckled at your lack of verbal expression, you would usually have some rebuttal by now. The dominant Taehyung proceeded to leave no space of your flesh unmarked, bitten, or in some way met with his lips, tongue, or teeth.

“D-daddy..” you finally managed to gasp out.

“Hush, babygirl. Let daddy do what he needs.”

Tae then reached lower and caressed your slit with a few fingers, your arousal evident with how he licked off the juices from his digits. Tae convulsed with a dark laughter that you could only describe as teasing. That guy had something planned for you, and you knew that it would only end with you becoming a panting mess. He finally moved his mouth closer to your dripping cunt, and sensually attacked it with that sinful tongue and lush lips.

You could only moan from the rushes of pleasure filling your veins, blood rushing to your head. You had nothing to say, only his name mixed with “daddy”. Taehyung smirked against your core and added a few digits to the mix again, alternating between fingers and mouth. While one hand was working on your dripping womanhood, the other was playing with your sensitive buds and the mounds attached to them. And oh my, were you being entertained.

“On your feet, baby. Daddy wants to try something with you.”

You obeyed his orders, scrambling to stand at your full height. You kept your legs closed, hands between your thighs ever so slightly meandering their way up to pleasure yourself. Tae hummed and kneeled before you, and chuckled. You had tensed even more when you felt a little toy slide into you, vibrations pulsating through your core.

“Get dressed, and look nice. You wanted the boys to see you? You got what you asked for.” Taehyung mused himself at your reaction.

You had dressed rather quickly, somewhat eager but also preparing yourself for what was going to ensue next. The car ride wasn’t as bad as you thought, his hand on your thigh, reaching to rub your clit, edging you more and more wasn’t as bad.

You had fixated yourself in your seat next to Tae, trying not to make it obvious that Taehyung was being a teasing piece of shit with the remote to your vibrator in his hands. The rest of the boys were right there next to you, make the wrong move and they were bound to find out.

“Tae? What’s wrong with y/n? She looks a little off today, don’t you think?” questioned Jin, perplexed by the fact that you were sweating and blushing profusely.

“I don’t know, Jin. Darling, you’ve been acting like this since the car ride. What’s the matter, babe?” Tae smirked discreetly, knowing that you were getting irritated with his teasing. Tae turned the vibrations to a higher setting, knowing you were going to release.

You couldn’t make it to even the appetizers, you could have sworn you came at least three times during the period you had sat down to when the waiter had taken your orders. Tae could visibly notice you releasing each time, the small facial expressions to the way you bit your lip to contain your moans.

“Sweetheart? Do you need to use the restroom?” Tae asked, knowing that you were going to release again.

You nodded and excused yourself from the table and bolted to the restroom. You hiked your dress up, pulled your panties aside and began to stroke your slit, sitting on the counter. You really couldn’t take it anymore, you had to release one final time before you went out in front of the boys again. You were sure Namjoon had figured out what was going on, but Jin and Yoongi were starting to catch on as well.

“Baby..what have I told you about touching yourself?..” Tae sauntered into the restroom and planted his elbow firmly above your head.

Tae rubbed your clit and alternated between sucking and rubbing, giving you permission to touch yourself. You could sense that Tae couldn’t hold back any longer, he needed to be inside you and quickly. His erection was quite visible through his pants, and it only helped you to release.

“Fuck, babygirl I can’t hold it in any longer.”

Tae slid down the zipper of your dressed and tugged it off your body, following with the bra that dropped to the floor beneath you. Tae unbuckled his belt and undid his zipper, and unsheathed his member. You could only stare, there was already enough precum to be lubricated.

“You like what you see, baby? Do you like daddy’s cock that much, little girl?”

Tae pumped himself a few times, took out the now dormant vibrator, replacing the teasing device with his aching member. Any words you were going to say were reduced to stressed values, uncontrollable moans, and “daddy” or “Taehyung. Tae couldn’t hold back anymore, he was destroying you by pounding into you so forcefully, that you could see stars forming.

“Shit, babygirl I can’t take it anymore. Fuck, you’re so damn tight. I’m close already. Can you come for me now, darling?” Tae followed by slamming into you harder and faster, with you tightening around him.

“Daddy..fuck, I’m going to come. Shit, daddy!” You cried out a few more times, and released all over his member. Taehyung followed suit and released his seed inside of you, and pulled out.

You had gotten off the counter quite quickly and threw your undergarments and dress on in record speed. You had put your hair up in a high ponytail, deciding not to give two shits about the purple marks left on you.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow at you and Taehyung and smirked cockily at Hoseok.

“40 bucks. I win.”

You gasped, though not surprised that Namjoon would bet on this.

“Hey Tae! What’s that white stuff on your fingers?” asked Jungkook, though he obviously knew the answer.

“Oh, this white stuff. It’s y/n” Tae smirked and licked his fingers clean before taking his seat next to you. 


12.1.2017 - anatomy notes + the view from my window + ootd (day 1/100)

today i managed to get down anatomy notes about things we would’ve covered if there hadn’t been four snow days in a row (´▽`) + i tried dressing nice for feeling good and it was okay?? starting 100 days of productivity but i’ll be in LA for two weeks starting mid-next-week so who knows what that’ll bring.

ALSO HOLY MOLY 200+ followers! Thank you all~!

things about monster physiology that i Need To Know

1. What would happen if a monster ate another monster’s dust?
2. If a monster was injected with determination to the point of melting, but didn’t melt together with another monster, what would happen?
3. Do incorporeal ghosts like Napstablook turn to dust when they die? Can they even die?
4. If one of the amalgamates (flowey not included) was the anomaly, would they be able to reset? Because it doesn’t seem possible for them to die
5. Can monsters of different species have a child?
6. What determines ones HP, DEF and ATK aside from LOVE?


Day 73/100 of productivity! (2017/06/15)

Yipiiiii I passed!!! I’m so happy 😁!!!
So I started the exam at 8:00 with the written parts (50 MCU tests, 5 normal values, 2 essays - 90 minutes) then came the oral part which took really long as there were a lot of students so I finally finished at 13:08….

I was so fuckn tired but so happy XD I spent the first part of the afternoon at my best friend’s house sunbathing and playing with the cats… then we went to the library to study 📖again…

My next exams are immunology and microbiology on the 21st!!! Let’s do this!

But first, sleep 😴 (would be coffee but after four weeks I feel like I’m gonna die…)

4/5/15 10:59pm
Late night studying. Been at it since 8 pm. Need to finish up some flash card for my anatomy & physiology test, and my notes. Tomorrow reading up on chapter 8-10 for my Intro to physical therapy test on Tuesday and reading up on the origin and insertion of a muscle. Hope everyone had a great easter (if you celebrate it, of course) busy day and busy night. But at the end, it will all be worth it once I graduate.

more first officer kirk stupidity (because i just finished a physiology exam and i need something happy to think about because im pretty sure i messed up)

i like to think that bones just pretty much bulldozes his way into jim’s life. like, once, in a pique of forgetfulness, jim eats something with peanut oil or something (he’s actually pretty aware of all his allergies and is constantly vigilant but sometimes when he hasn’t slept in like three days and is just basically existing on caffeine, he just kinda forgets) and someone rushes him to the hospital with numb tongue and swollen hands and NO ONE TREATS HIM (because they learned the first time, and no one in starfleet medical really wants to deal with a phaser-toting captain winona kirk)

because it’s kind of an unspoken rule that no one, and i mean, no one is allowed to treat lt. cmmdr. james tiberius kirk except for doctor philip boyce. but then boyce is in the middle of an operation so jim’s just kinda trying to chill at the waiting room. and then leonard mccoy, who has just finished a hellishly long shift and wants nothing more than to collapse on the nearest flat surface, sees him and reacts accordingly: “why the shit isn’t anyone treating you?! nurse, why isn’t anyone treating him?” “lt. cmmdr. kirk’s attending physician isn’t here yet and no one’s allowed to treat him–” “like hell no one’s allowed to treat him. look at his hands!” and then bones starts shooting jim with the typical allergy hypo and almost kills the idiot because OF COURSE jim is allergic to the typical allergy hypos and the next five minutes is the tensest of leonard mccoy’s life because what the fuck WHO IS EVEN ALLERGIC TO THE HYPOALLERGENIC HYPOS?!

through it all, boyce is just watching in silent interest in the shadows as mccoy eventually figures out that jim’s immune system is a piece of shit

So I had an interesting conversation yesterday, about Finn and sex and how sex worked inside the First Order. Anyway, it got me thinking, or rather head-canoning, and then this happened and, well…

tl;dr: allow me to project my demisexuality onto all my favourite characters.


Sex inside the First Order works like this:

Shortly before the onset of puberty, sex-ed becomes a mandatory part of their training. There are literally thousands of them, all living in close quarters, trained to fight together, live together, shower together, eat together… Sex is inevitable, and the First Order goes out of their way to ensure their education is comprehensive.

They learn about different customs and sexual mores. They learn about consent. They learn about how their bodies function. They learn about how other bodies function, human and otherwise. They learn about safety and the importance of maintaining their inoculation regiment. In short they learn about sex in the same way they learn about blaster assembly and maintenance. Thoroughly. Scientifically. 

And of course they’re all eager to try it. Well, a lot of them, anyway. Stories start to surface: hand jobs in the fresher; digital penetration in the storage closet; frottage in cargo bay. By the time they enter their late teens it’s a badge of honour, like a nickname or inclusion at the sabbac table. They’re still cadets, so the First Order lets them get it out of their system. The understanding is this:

Once you’re a trooper, the First Order comes first, so experiment now because there won’t be time later.

It works pretty well for the most part, so that by the time they hit their early twenties it’s no longer an issue. Sex still happens in the freshers, but it’s no longer a pressing need. Their hormones aren’t surging anymore so they can direct their energies towards more productive activities.

So Finn knows all about sex. He knows that a healthy adult human male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. He knows the males of several species can achieve orgasm exclusively via prostate stimulation. He knows the Devani people mate in groups of twelve. He knows Teranga females kill their mates after conception. He has encyclopedic knowledge of sex and yet…

The First Order had no problems turning a blind eye, letting them get it out of their system, but it wasn’t mandated, and the unspoken rule was simple: you did it on your own time and consent was paramount.

That last part was good, Finn thinks, because the alternative left him feeling vaguely nauseous, the idea of forcing someone–of being forced–beyond repulsive, it’s just…

No one ever asked. And Finn could never work up the courage to ask. So here he is, a million light-years from his previous life, being propositioned for the first time and…

He’s not interested.

And no, that’s not true, parts of him are very interested, and parts of him are very curious, but the part of him currently running the show? Isn’t. Because the guy propositioning him, while cute and nice and someone Finn probably would have said yes to back in the First Order, isn’t the guy he spends the bulk of his free time thinking about and Finn’s starting to think the First Order had it all wrong.

Because according to the First Order sex was a physiological need. Something to be taken care of in the same way you brushed your teeth, or hit up the gym, or maintained your carb to protein ratio. It certainly didn’t involve emotional attachments because emotional attachments outside of general camaraderie were strictly forbidden.  And now Finn’s beginning to think it was never about working up the courage.

So he turns the guy down, politely of course, and decides right then and there that it’s probably time he and Poe have a conversation. First though, he needs to get his hands on a nebula orchid, because if the First Order taught him anything it was the importance of understanding cultural courtship rituals, and on Yavin 4, nebula orchids are considered powerful aphrodisiacs, and knowing Poe like he does, he’s pretty sure Poe will appreciate the gesture.

At the very least, he’ll understand the significance.

danisnotofficer  asked:

as much as i love seeing your gifs, you should get enough sleep <3 gifs can wait but your physiological needs are always the most important!!!

i sleep too much. like… i slept the entire 24 hours car ride (but how can you sleep really if you’re bouncing all over the place) then i slept 8 hours at home and then 5 more hours. i’m a mess

really i just need to get on the meds. (try to found the ones that work for me) so i’d be able to learn, go out and sleep like a normal person (bc i literally keep forgetting everything. it’s not funny anymore. i went to the kitchen today and forgot why. i have stuff saved and i don’t remember why i saved this. i keep saying the same thing twice bc i forgot that i told that already. in poland my mom brought me to the home every time bc i couldn’t remember where i live and how to get there. like, brain what the fuck? in college everyone made fun of me bc i live in this town for my entire life and i have no idea how to get to the bus stantion or smh.  and just… i write everything down and set up an alarms bc i keep forgetting. but it’s not like i have a memory disorder. it’s just a thing with which i somehow live :\ )

Hey I’m back! Without further ado, Cardiologist!Lucio. (Very long post, be warned.) (Please note I altered the timeline of his career, this starts a little after his single release of Sonhos Ômnicos, but in this version his first album is released before he pushes the Vishkar out.)

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We ask an expert why you should amp up your skin care routine with a regular peel.

Your beauty products work best on clean, healthy skin, and nothing helps skin get its groove back more than a quality peel. But what makes a quality peel? What sort of results should you expect? When should you use one? We ask Jamie Anderson, Sephora’s Director of Education and Client Solutions. She clarifies all that and more, as well as explains why the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta line has the best starter or supplemental peels for most people. BECKY PEDERSON

Let’s start with the basics first. What’s the purpose of regular peels?

The benefits to a peel are multifold, but they certainly help with radiance. They also help with texture, so you’ll have softer, glowing skin. Dr. Gross, in particular, is a perfect example of micro exfoliation, which is just literally sloughing off that very top, superficial layer of dead skin while keeping all of the other layers nicely intact. You want that dead layer off because it makes your complexion look dull and rough.

Does this affect beauty product application?

Yes. By cleaning your slate, it leaves your skin ready to maximize whatever you follow with. You’re really just setting your skin up for success for whatever follows. And that definitely does include makeup. It makes your makeup glide on really evenly.

What sorts of skin care concerns will a peel address?

It can be really effective on a multitude of specific concerns: the look of pores that are enlarged, sun damage, dark spots oftentimes left over from breakouts, fine lines, and wrinkles. Because when you think about what a peel is actively doing on your skin, it’s supporting cell turnover.

How often should a person peel?

It kind of depends on your starting point with your skin and your skin type, what your needs are, and your environment. There are so many variables that impact your skin. But if you want optimal results from the Dr. Gross line, you should use his Alpha Beta Original and Extra Strength peels every day. And his Medi-Spa Peel is recommended for once a week in addition to your daily peel.

That said, I wouldn’t want anyone to trade out his or her current peel routine for this, if what you do now is working for you. This is more incremental, like something you can include in your routine to have bigger and better results.

Is there an optimal time of day to peel?

I think people should do it when they can, because compliance and consistency are what count.

Personally, in a world of everything being equal, I would do it at night because your skin really does go into recovery mode when you sleep and is very receptive to ingredients that you follow with. So it would be great to go ahead and get that layer off that’s impeding your nighttime routine.

It seems like the Medi-Spa Peel in particular is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

I will say the experience itself is more luxurious, so it might be a special treat that you reserve for your weekends when you have time.

With the Dr. Gross peels, the solution always comes in pre-soaked cotton rounds. In this peel, the cotton round is a little more robust and has a little more oomph to it. It’s not paper-thin and it’s not a scruffy, textured round. It’s very soft and pillowy. But it does have some heft to it, so it can maneuver your skin and stay intact as a viable, physical exfoliant to help distribute the solution.

The solution, of course, is a chemical exfoliant. It’s unique to this product and very elevated. And then the neutralizing step, which is what we love about Dr. Gross, is the second. Obviously, it’s a very purposeful process.

What about it is purposeful?

It links directly back to his dermatological practice. After you apply an acidic peel, you’re affecting your pH. When your pH is in flux, you want to neutralize it. What’s special about Dr. Gross is that the neutralizers in his peels all have a lot of treatment benefits as well. So, you’re not just neutralizing; you’re conditioning and hydrating as well.

This neutralizer in particular has a beautiful texture; it’s a milky, soft liquid that just feels lovely on your skin. It’s delightful, really.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of putting acids on their face. Should that be a concern?

People hear acids and assume that means burning off. I want everybody to understand that you are not likely to see pieces of skin peel off. I can’t imagine a scenario where this would cause that, unless you used it incorrectly.

The acids in these peels aren’t designed to burn off your skin. In fact, a perfect example of a well-known acid that does the exact opposite is hyaluronic acid. Its whole primary benefit is as a humectant. It attracts and binds water to your skin.

At what age should a person start peeling? Should you start sooner rather than later?

It depends on the peel and other variables. I will say, if you use a gentle peel, you can certainly start in your mid or late 20s. Certainly by 30, you’ll have an actual, physiological need to peel because that’s when you start to notice dead skin doesn’t slough off on its own as effectively and ideally as it should.

The hard facts are that when you’re younger, your skin does a great job of turning itself over. Pretty much every 28 days, the dead skin is gone and you’ve got that beautiful, new, glowing skin right underneath.

But as you age, by the time you hit 35 it’s more like every 35 days, instead of 28. So you’ve got a whole week of lag time there, where you’re facing the world with that accumulated surface of dead skin cells. And then, of course, the lag time gets longer as you get older.

The most critical thing is to wear sunscreen 365 days a year under any circumstances. If you’re peeling at any age, you definitely need to do that.


I’m super irritated that veterinarians don’t know shit about basic evolutionary biology.

If we’re going to be learning about comparative physiology there needs to be at least one fucking class that puts this into an evolutionary perspective. Basics, people.

anonymous asked:

How would you implement appendages such as claws or fangs of a fantasy/sci fi race (for example such as khajiit or some sort of humanoid alien species but not limited to) into a martial arts style? How would alternate biologies and physiologies affect what they're capable of?

The thing that’s honestly kind of frustrating with the Khajiit is, they have a couple named martial arts. We’ve even seen characters proficient in them… and, no animations to go with them, or any real explanation for what they do or how they work. Khajiit use the standard unarmed animations, and get a slight unarmed damage bonus, leading to Punchcat builds.

But, that distraction aside, this is actually a world building question. Though, the Khajiit are a pretty good example of it, so we’ll keep track of them for a minute.

For characters with a non-human biology, any martial arts they develop need to do three things. They need to reflect their physiology, they need to reflect their society, and they need to account for the societies they interact with on a regular basis.

Physiology is the easiest. If your characters can bite, that’s probably going to be a part of any formalized martial style. If they have retractable claws, those will also probably find a home. It’s the same with stingers, barbed tails, horns, serrated plates. If the character can use it safely, and there isn’t a social stigma associated with it, they probably will. And, in an emergency, that stigma might not be enough to keep them from using it anyway.

The Khajiit are actually an interesting restriction on the physiology element. There’s actually seventeen different varieties ranging from bear sized cats, to the bipedal cat men seen in the games, to almost human looking, to intelligent house cats.

If you’ve never looked at it (and it’s not already becoming apparent), The Elder Scrolls is a very strange setting. One that’s passing itself off as normal, but poke it and weirdness starts to seep out everywhere.

I suspect a large part of why they’re so vague about what the martial arts entail is because most of those arts are supposed to be accessible to most Khajiit, and the range of physiologies makes trying to get into specifics impractical.

The characters’ culture will determine a lot of what is or isn’t socially acceptable. If you have a culture that embraces their bestial impulses, or just considers that a normal state of being, then again, they’re probably not going to have an issue using their claws, teeth, or other appendages.

It’s worth remembering that, for any civilized culture, proportionality is still very important in combat. For instance; if you have a race with a venomous bite, biting would be viewed as an attempt at lethal force. With all the associated consequences.

As with humans, the amount of harm done to the victim will be predictable, and their society’s values will influence how their violence is perceived.

If their culture considers their nature bestial, or something they seek to suppress it, then things like using their claws may be viewed as shameful. This would make attacks using them much more extreme.

I said there were external cultural pressures as well. The simplest way to think of this is, as an entire, societies are affected by peer pressure in the same way individuals are. It’s not as immediately apparent, but it can and does happen.

So, if your fantasy race is set apart from those around you by physiology, there’s a very real chance it will affect their outlook on the world, and their perception of self.

I realize this gets into an uncomfortable topic, but it’s one you should probably consider, both in building your world, and your characters.

A couple good things to look at: Though, none of these will be especially useful for the fighting specifically, they should help with world-building in general.

Lucasfilm’s Aliens Chronicles by Deborah Chester: What’s stuck with me, years later, was how distinct Chester managed to make the various alien races. It also does a great job exploring the potential effects of outside influences on a character.

Farscape: I know we’ve plugged this series before, but it’s very good. This is probably one of the best Sci-Fi television series out there. It populates it’s universe with loads of memorable and unique aliens. In part the writing uses that to feed the sense of otherness and alienation that it’s driving, but it usually keeps the strangeness on point.

Since we started with the Khajiit, it’s probably a good idea to look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, assuming you haven’t already. Skyrim’s tricky to recommend, though. The main story’s writing is fairly standard save the world fantasy fare, and the protagonist is a fantasy, demigod, superhero. But, the world it builds is far more interesting when they player isn’t shouting people off mountains to watch them ragdoll. Things like the treatment of Khajiit and Argonians by the Nords, are fairly easy to find. Digging up the full depth of the setting is a lot harder, and something the game doesn’t ever really suggest you should do. You really should.

The MMO will paint a more coherent picture, particularly of Khajiit and Argonian culture… but it’s also an MMO, so the signal to noise ratio is insane, and I’m not about to say you should spend 200+ hours to dig up it’s insights. Even if it does do a fantastic job of looking at racism and it’s aftermath, which might be relevant for you.

Morrowind is probably still the best game in the series, but, the last 13 years have not been kind to it. It’s wonderful, but incredibly slow. I can honestly say you’ll see a different world in that game, but it’s probably one that would take more of a time commitment than you have (even in comparison to the MMO). That said, if you’ve gone through the later games in the series, but missed this one. It is probably taking a look back.