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So, how do you go about writing some smut? I'm writing this fanfiction and I don't really have much experience in THAT field but I've read a lot of fanfiction with really good smut, and I just don't whether you NEED experience in order to write some good smut or if you need some wild imagination as well? Any recommendations as to how to go about this little dilemma of mine ??

Okay, this is going to be very long~ 

You don’t need experience to write smut in my opinion, but you do need a vivid imagination and I would say to be able to FEEL what you’re writing. 

I’m not talking about becoming horny and orgasming at the end of it - though I suppose being turned on by your own work is a good sign - but to feel the emotions and to immerse yourself in the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Has your character’s heart rate gone up? Yours should be too, ideally. Are they nervous, are they adrenaline fueled? If you’re in the same physiological state, it will really help you to find the words to vividly describe your characters’ sensations and feelings. Music really helps in this case, as obvious as that sounds. 

I think the next point is probably the most important one. Smut is about sex, yes. But when you write it, don’t focus solely on the mechanics of sex. It makes it much sexier when you focus on the smaller details that happen around the action. It can be details like sweat pooling on the top lip, clutching the bedsheets hard, an intense look in the eyes, the veins on the hands and arms becoming prominent. Focus on the smaller things.

Also, focus on feelings. Say you’ve got a couple - a guy and a girl. They’re having sweet, loving sex. Explore the girl’s emotions - does she feel safe? Protected? Explore the guy’s if it’s the guy’s POV you’re writing from.  Or maybe they’re having a lot more passionate sex. Is the guy in a dominant position? How does the girl feel? Does she feel a thrill at having to give up control? Is she experiencing an erotic kind of fear if they’re in a deeper dom/sub play? Maybe the dominant positions are reversed. Write about it. Write about the feelings. 

Finally, be comfortable with what you write. I think somebody’s comfort zone when it comes to writing smut can be ‘trained’ to be bigger, but start off slowly. Don’t force yourself to write something that you’re not comfortable with because it will show in most cases.