We here at physicsphysics want to thank you all for helping us reach yet another milestone, 100,000 followers!

Over the last few years since physicsphysics started we’ve learned one important thing, you all are the #1 thing making this fun - your interaction, submissions, questions, and all that stuff.

We really do owe you nothing less than a heartfelt thank you, each and every one of you. This blog would have died a long long time ago had it not been for the amazing response we recieve to even the most quaint post.

We love all of you, and we’re glad you love us enough to press that plus!

Thank you all one last time,

We’ve reached yet another milestone here at PhysicsPhysics, 30,000 wonderful followers!

It has been quite along time since we started this blog, and almost 900 posts later, it is amazing to see the response we’ve drawn. We have nobody to thank but all of you, our loyal followers who help make PhysicsPhysics as fun as it is.

As always, we welcome all your submissions, questions, or anything! PhysicsPhysics is nothing without you all.

Thank You all!

- Kevin & Olivia