physics notes

Greek Alphabet

Α α = alpha

Β β = beta

Δ δ = delta

Ε ε = epsilon

Φ φ = phi

Γ γ = gamma

Η η = eta

Ι ι = iota

Ξ ξ = ksi

Κ κ = kappa

Λ λ = lambda

Μ μ = mu

Ν ν = nu

Ο ο = omicron

Π π = pi

Ρ ρ = rho

Σ σ = sigma

Τ τ = tau

Θ θ = theta

Ω ω = omega

Χ χ = chi

Υ υ = upsilon

Ζ ζ = zeta

Ψ ψ = psi

My Notes Masterpost

Hey guys! It’s finally that time of year, the time where I post all of my notes from the semester! (I’m actually posting all of my notes from the last three years) Feel free to use and distribute these notes as you please, but please do not repost on Tumblr without giving credit!

High School Notes

Algebra II- These are by far my largest files to date. Both PDFs are a mixture of my own notes and notes that my teacher gave me. 

Physics- I don’t have a whole ton of these notes, but they include key ideas, as well as step-by-step instructions for 1-D and 2-D motion problems.

AP Human Geography- This folder includes chapter outlines, worksheets, articles, and practice tests.

AP World History- FIFTY PAGES WORTH OF APWH NOTES! These are the notes that got me through the exam!

AP Psychology- Chapter outlines + two projects I did. I don’t have a whole lot of notes on this subject because I mostly used a workbook.

Introduction to Digital Technology- These notes are helpful for anyone taking a computer science class, but these do focus fairly heavily on web design.

Digital Design/Web Design- These are from second and third year web design classes, focusing on HTML/CSS.

Sociology- All vocab from a textbook written in the 90s.

Spanish II- I’m gonna be honest here and say I did very poorly in Spanish, but I did at least take a decent number of notes.

College Notes

ENGL1101- These are all Blackboard handouts from my professor. 

ENGL1102- These are all vocabulary terms for all things literature.

HIST2111- EXTREMELY HELPFUL FOR APUSH. This folder is literally hundreds of pages of American History notes from my college lectures.

American Government- Every single vocabulary term from my American Government textbook. These notes were written with Mildliners so I apologize for the light-colored text.

That’s all I have for now! As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions/technical problems with these notes. Remember that what I did may not work for you, but I hope these notes will at the very least help you out come exam time! Good luck and happy studying!


handwritten physics notes from grade 11 🔭💫🌎 i wrote these notes during class (hence the post-its for additional info the teacher would mention here and there 😅) & i honestly enjoyed taking the class even though the tests were so difficult?? i guess that’s just me aaa

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well today. ^^ I’m currently watching some physics videos learning about magnetism. It’s quite confusing at first glance, but once I’m accustomed to its properties, then I should be off and away~ But I’ve also been binge-reading this manga that my good ol’ pal recommended and I can’t thank her enough bc it’s sooo good qwq (it’s called Last Game).
「Quick tip: Don’t be afraid to take risks. You’ll never know unless you try! ✨」

08/22/2018 | Physics.

Do you see how there is a period at the ending of Physics? That is there on purpose. I am trying so hard to like Physics (trust me, I really love it)… it’s just the love and hate between math and me. Thank god, it’s only the first day(ish).

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