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Jiggle Physics in Anime (2016)

Featured Anime (Alphabetical Order):
Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit 2nd (アクティヴレイド -機動強襲室第八係- 2nd)
And you thought there is never a girl online? (ネトゲの嫁は女の子じゃないと思った?)
Ange Vierge (アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ)
Anne Happy (あんハピ♪)
Anitore! XX (あにトレ!XX)
Bakuon!! (ばくおん!!)

*Adult anime understandably non-included. Also intentionally omitted are certain scenes from series Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (魔装学園H×H) and My Wife is the Student Council President!+ (おくさまが生徒会長!+!) that really crossed the not so fine line between non-adult anime and adult anime. (Had those scenes been included, then yeah, this video pretty much would have matched the duration of a standard episode of anime, consisting purely of breasts plopping all around.) Omissions of other shows either an oversight or due to respective show’s manner of broadcast.

my favourite tattoo is the lambda (λ) on the back of my neck. λ is one of the most common symbols i work with in engineering calculations, because it represents so, so, so many different things in math and science, from wavelengths to exponential decay to flux linkage.

(and it’s also kinda gay! when i was first exploring my queerness through literature, the lambda literary awards were a great starting point.)

The words “force vive” are a tribute to my favorite 18th-century physicist Emilie du Châtelet. It’s her own handwriting, taken from her edits in the margins of Voltaire’s notebooks.

The heart squared (the 2 is also Emilie’s handwriting) is a tribute to playwright Lauren Gunderson. Her play about Emilie inspired me to continue pushing forward in my physics education at a time when I really (really!) wanted to give up.

“Because lives aren’t equations…they are variables inside them.
The governing equations are universal,
But a life lived fully can still change the universe.”

- Emilie La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight by Lauren Gunderson

(Tattoo done by Victoria at Cirque du Rouge in Washington, D.C.)

Thanks for checking out my arm! The two beauts are Dirac’s equation for a free particle (one of the first times that relativity was accounted for in quantum theory) and Schrödinger’s time dependent equation (which gives the description of a quantum system evolving with time). I searched high and low for more obscure ways of writing them (rather than what’s seen most often in the literature). This is my very first tattoo, and it marks the celebration of my recent decision to pursue a PhD in computational physics; I can’t back out now!