Aerogel, also known as “solid smoke”, “frozen smoke”, and “solid air”, is the least dense solid known to science. It is created by removing the liquid portion of a gel and replacing it with a gas. The resulting substance has extremely low density and thermal conductivity. Silica aerogel, derived from silica gel, is also extremely strong - it can support objects of over one thousand times its own weight. 

Interestingly, despite being extremely resistant to heat, cold, and weight, aerogel has one weakness: water. Because it has a large number of hydroxyl groups (OH-) on its surface, it is extremely hydrophilic, causing the aerogel to catastrophically dissolve when placed in water. 

If you think aerogel is as cool as I do, then I have good news for you: you can actually buy it online. You can buy it here for as little as $25: [x]

(Side note: I bought some of this once just because, and also because I wanted to do some experiments on it. 100% worth it.)

Water Russell -  A New Concept of the Universe, 1953.

God is Light - and God is Love
Love is divided into pairs of Opposites - giving and regiving.
Radiation is the action of giving. Its reaction is Gravitation.

My favorite Dr. Mannella quote was him referring to F=ma as “my beloved equation” and I drew up what it would look like as a classic ~mom tattoo style~ design because it seems like a ~mom-style tattoo~ -worthy quote to me but I drew it when it was-

-hold on Niels just knocked my nightstand radio off my nightstand and scared the shit out of himself and I can’t stop laughing at him because he’s such a goober-

-but I drew it when it was dark in my room because I had my prized unicorn touch lamp on its dimmest setting so my drawing looks dumb? Because I couldn’t see what I was drawing?

Idk to me figuring out how to relate something all the way back to F=ma always feels like hearing one of my favorite songs come on the radio it’s just really exciting and satisfying and never fails to make my day and I always kinda do a little dance in my seat about it when it happens???
Same goes for the Pythagorean theorem and the ~fundamental theorem of calculus~ and E tew thuh pie aye pluz wun eekwulz zeehrow because they are my favorites

Also the unicorn touch lamp is one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents forever and I’m really excited that I finally found an excuse to brag about it ngl also also it came with a tag that says “Touch Me” on it and I’ve never taken it off and I never will


How To Detect A Secret Nuclear Test

How To Detect Secret Nuclear Tests by North Korea (or anyone else).

Thanks to the CTBTO for helping keep the world safe by detecting secret nuclear tests.

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Electromagnetic Radiation

Paul Andersen details the waves in electromagnetic radiation. There is an inverse relation between the wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation includes gamma rays, x-rays, infrared lights, visible light, uv light, microwaves and radio waves.

By: Bozeman Science.
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Some unseen pictures of me from the past couple months.

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