Astrophotographer Göran Strand captured this incredible solar prominence of almost 7 Earth-diameters high.

Using a particular method of astrophotography that involves hydrogen alpha filters, images of the Sun can be taken in great detail.

In the final edit, a scaled Earth was included to exhibit the sheer magnitude of the prominence, as well as the Sun itself.


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Do u know about cold fusion??? Bc cold fusion is just a cheap tactic used to make shitty physicists disgraced

The science side of tumblr comes out of the woodwork to make steven universe jokes

I wish I could say I was surprised it was happening on ADAD, but I’m not

Amazing ‘Red Lightning’ Photographed from Space

by Stephanie Pappas

Like a giant jellyfish floating through the atmosphere, “red sprites” hover above thunderstorms in two new photographs snapped from space.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) captured two rare photographs of red sprites from above on Aug. 10. Red sprites are strange luminous phenomena that occur alongside more familiar lightning strikes. They’re rarely seen from the ground because they occur above storms; they’re also dim and hard to detect with the naked eye.

“They’re very exciting to look at, they create these fabulous visual images, but there is a lot that we still don’t understand about them,” said Ryan Haaland, a professor of physics at Fort Lewis College in Colorado who is involved in an ongoing project studying sprites…

(read more: Live Science)

images via: NASA/Johnson Space Center


nice watch on a sunday.. “Welcome To The 11th Dimension”



Celebrating 500 posts with sculpture progress pictures! Well, kinda. Look, just let me be self-indulgent and talk-kind-of-out-loud-to-myself here about my never-ending project for post #500.

Ok, so, the main progress here is that before my $270 shipment of 12″x12″ Plexiglass sheets arrived (…late. Still don’t understand why ANYBODY would use FedEx tbh but anyway), I realized I needed to leave the protective paper ON the plexiglass when I laser cut it and THEN peel off the section to be painted so that I can get ~crazy sexy beautiful~ clean outlines like these because freehanding it and wiping the paint I got out of the lines off with my fingers and praying for the best was not working out at all. Because Plexiglass is unforgiving and miserable to work with. But, damn son, those lines so crisp, they like walkin on a carpet of saltine crackers. Which now that I think about it sounds really uncomfortable.

The first four of the 25 plates for this one (which’ll be arctanh(x+iy)!) weren’t aligned properly in the laser cutter so I’ve sacrificed three of them to make 100% sure that I really, really ain’t gonna get the kind of 100% even color without brushstrokes or ink splotches that I’ve been killing myself trying to achieve without an airbrush. The transparent colored one is alcohol ink (medium-tried #5), with a spritzing of 90% rubbing alcohol+a lil glycerin first on the side that isn’t splotchy and… not on the splotchy side. The opaque one with the protective paper still on is oil paint (medium-tried #3), which I piled on there so thick without liquin and with so little turpentine that it probably won’t even be fully dried until the end of the semester, so fuck that (and, yes, I know, I could’ve done thinner fast-drying layers but I got 25 of these to do, so also fuck that.). Not pictured is the one I tried with acrylic (medium-tried #2), which looks so bad it’s not even worth sharing. All of these I had put down a very, very thin layer of clear gesso, making sure to be hella anal that I was putting it on a smoothly as possible, and then sanded supersupersuper lightly with supersupersuper fine grit sandpaper to get rid of the graininess so the paint would lay more smoothly. (You can see a little bit of the graininess in the second picture). I actually went through the effort of taking the protective backing off the uncut sides of all the plates for this one and putting the clear adhesive backing stuff I bought a huge 100 yd role of on so I could look and see how even my paint was from the underside to avoid unwanted surprises right as I take alllllll the backings off during final assembly as I mount them onto the rods.

I really wish it’d occurred to me to try and use an airbrush a long time ago, but this really is so much of a trial-and-error learning process, as art tends to be. Airbrushes ain’t cheap, though. Fortunately for me, though, since I’ll only be using it to paint solid areas of only one color as oppose to trying to do, you know, gradients and shading and all that tacky Myrtle Beach Airbrush T-shirt With Your Names And Tweety Bird On It shit, which you’d want a double action airbrush for, and it looks like the single action ones are cheaper and according to my research are easier to clean (the latter is hella perf for me since I’ll be changing out colors constantly). Also, internet says that gravity feed airbrushes are better for small detail work and that siphon feed ones are better for painting large areas and And I’ve decided to go with a portable air tank that I can refill at the gas station two blocks down my street (hopefully for free?) or in the machine shop in the physics building (definitely for free) instead of getting an air compressor, since air compressors are loud as fuck, I hate loud noises, and portable air tanks being the silent poor man’s alternative sounds great to me. Leaning towards just a lil 5 gallon one since I can always refill it at the gas station down the street, or if that’s too expensive, there’s undoubtedly an air compressor in the physics building machine shop I can use for free.

Ok I got distracted looking at airbrush stuff on Amazon and I’m going to go finish my homework now bye


Meet Oobleck ( Corn Starch )- A Non- Newtonian Fluid!

It is a fluid, but not the conventional type. You can walk or even dance on it and yet not sink. Under the percussive action of the speaker, it abstractly behaves as a solid! 

You can dip your hands in it and play around with it like any other fluid. But if you try to punch it ( see animation ) it becomes hard ( like a solid).

Bewitching isn’t it?

PC: Slowmoguys, Discovery, Hong Leong Bank.