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maydaykoigo  asked:

What are your favourite affordable highlighters that are more glowy than glittery? 💫

Highlighting is all about bringing the highest points of your face forward and making them look more pronounced, not looking like you applied glitter all over your face before heading to Coachella. Finding that perfect highlight that gives you a gorgeous glow on a budget can be tricky, but I’ve tried my fair share!

ELF Baked Highlighter

ELF Baked Highlighters are undoubtedly my all-time favourite highlighter drugstore or not! Although some people have complained about it in recent years (I suspect they changed the formula) I find that this highlighter gives me a gorgeous intense highlight that no other can, it really is perfect for that “blinding” highlight and has a pearleascent metallic finish as opposed to a glittery one.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All in 1 Face Palette

This palette contains multiple shades of highlighting goodness, making it super easy to customize it to suit your skintone. You can either use certain shades individually, combine rows together or just mix the whole thing! For the most part this highlighter just gives a gorgeous highlight but you may find the odd fleck of glitter every now and then!

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter

A brand made famous thanks to Instagram, when it comes to ColourPop the price is unbeatable. An online only brand, their highlighters have an amazing mousse like texture that set to a powder once applied. The formula has  great pigment and is filled with beautiful fine shimmer, not glitter!

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*This post contains a product/sample which was sent to me for consideration, products are marked with an asterisk. This post also contains affiliate links. Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

I haven’t worn foundation or lashes in over a month. My highlight game is still as strong as ever though 💁🏻

drchellybeemd  asked:

I am reaching 30, and after using a popular (but terrible) acne cleanser for the last 10 years, I am keen to minimise sun damage and fine lines, while keeping my oily/combination skin clear. This is a lot to ask, and I have been researching myself into a massive hole trying to find skincare that is as natural and not harsh as possible. Do you have any recommendations, drugstore or otherwise??

Hi there!  I absolutely have some recommendations!  Skincare is my #1 passion, so forgive me if I get a bit excited and/or longwinded in my response.  :)

Before I get into actual product recommendations, I want to make sure that you understand your skin’s current situation.  Whenever I hear that someone’s been using the same skincare product for an extended period of time (10 years!? jeesh!) I know that your skin is probably completely different now than how it was when you first started using the product.  As you are in your late 20s, your skin is beginning to phase into an entirely different “wants/needs” category than when you were a teenager!  Specifically when talking about acne - breakouts in your teens are completely different than breakouts in your mid20s-30s. Your hormones have changed, I’m sure you have different environmental stressors, and your skin is officially in the declining stage. You mentioned that you have sun damage and lines that you need to address - so its time to get away from harsh acne products, and start looking at nourishing your skin to create optimum health!

I know that you mentioned cleanser, but I must stress that it is so SO important to develop a genuine skincare routine, especially if you are seeing breakouts, damage, etc.  Cleanser is probably the least effective product to use in order to see results - it is on your skin for a short amount of time, and it’s true purpose is simply to remove impurities, and not so much to replenish the skin with ingredients it needs.  Moisturizer and/or a serum, and SPF, are going to be very important for you.  

Cleansers by nature strip the skin of its natural oils and can throw it off balance.  Often this can cause acne, rough texture, and can accentuate signs of aging.  For this reason, I recommend using a hydrating cleanser, or a cleansing oil (massage onto dry skin and then add water to emulsify and rinse).  These will nourish your skin while removing impurities and balancing you out.  

Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil - $9

This cleansing oil melts away dirt and makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and healthy.  Contains no artificial dyes or fragrances and contains just 6 ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser - $9

This exfoliating cleanser uses the powerful antioxidants and amino acids found in royal jelly (like honey) to nourish, brighten and prevent aging in your skin.

Your moisturizer is going to be an integral part of your skincare routine.  This is where you find all of the best, most effective ingredients, and they actually have time to absorb into your skin.  Look for lightweight moisturizers with ingredients that will help correct and prevent damage, as well as keep your skin clear.

Origins GinZing Moisturizer - $28

This is one of my favorite skincare products of all time.  Origins will be a GREAT brand of skincare for you to look at, because they’re very natural, super effective, and genuinely feel good and are fun to use.  This will help repair sun damage, prevent lines, minimize your pores, brighten your skin, and make you look amazing.

Sunscreen is not very glamorous, but it’s probably the most important part of everyone’s skincare regimen.  Especially for you!  Sunscreen is the best anti-aging and preventative product you could possibly use.  If you’re skeptical, I highly encourage you to check out the extensive articles I’ve written here.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder - $12

This is a convenient, natural method for applying SPF that serves a dual purpose - it sets makeup and makes your skin look airbrushed!  Just be sure to reapply every few hours.

Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen - $7

This more traditional form of sunscreen is entirely mineral based and nourishes the skin while you wear it.

I know this is a lot of information to absorb, but I hope that it’s helpful to you!!  It’s so important to care for your skin.  Good luck!

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Witchyfashion tip: Sunscreen

Summer’s here which means the sun rays are somthing you need to worry about. Here is a small list of cruelty free sun protection for your skin.


Yes To Carrots SPF 15 Fragrance-Free Daily Moisturizer

Yes To Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Stick

Burt’s Bees Renewal Day Lotion SPF 30, 2 Ounces

Kiss My Face Face Factor Sunscreen SPF 30 Sunblock for Face and Neck, 2 oz

Mineral Fusion Mineral SPF 40 Face Moisturizer


Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Aloe Vera Sunscreen SPF 30

Alba Botanica Sport Sunscreen Fragrance Free SPF 45 4 oz

Kiss My Face Cool Sport Continuous Spray Natural Sunscreen SPF 50

Kiss My Face Sun Spray Natural Sunscreen Lotion With Hydresia SPF 50 Sunblock


Yes To Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 for Kids

Alba Botanica, Kids Sunscreen SPF 45

Alba Botanica Sun Spray Kids Spf 40

Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

Kiss My Face Baby’s First Kiss Mineral Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50

face make up(comes in different shades as well)

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Makeup

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Tinted Moisturizer

e.l.f. BB Cream SPF 20

e.l.f. Studio flawless finish foundation SPF 15

e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Burt’s Bees BB Cream with SPF 15

jj-lust  asked:

What drugstore highlights do you suggest for darker toned skin ? 💞 • I have normal to oily skin

Highlighting often seems like a pretty universal product and for darker skin tones people often think you can use any and every highlighter on the market, but if you’ve got a darker skintone and put a bright, iridescent highlighter on the skin it can look incredibly harsh and stark.

Generally speaking if you’re someone with a darker skintone you’re going to want to opt for something that is warm, rich and has a beautiful sheen to it. Darker skin tends to have really beautiful natural highlights to it anyway so anything with glitter or overly intense metallic pigments can look unflattering.

ELF Baked Highlighter - Blush Gems

It’s a well known fact that I swear by the ELF Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls, it’s one of my all-time favourite highlighters, but elf actually have two other shades in the range, Pink Diamonds and Blush Gems. Blush Gems is very similar to Moonlight Pearls, but has a slight hint of copper to it which looks beautiful on darker skintones. 

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips, All-in-1 Custom Nude Palette - Warm Nude

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips are another one of my favourite highlighting products, and one of the things I love about them most is that you can mix and match the shades in the palette to create your own custom highlight. For a beautiful golden glow I’d suggest picking up the “Warm Nude” variation and using a highlighting brush to apply the two darkest rows of colour to the highest points of your face.

Revlon Highlighting Palette  - Bronze Glow 

Very similar in appearance to the famed Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, these highlighting palettes are a great alternative if you don’t want to splash out the cash. The “Bronze Glow” variation is full of rich, warm-toned shades which are great for highlighting. Like the Physicians Formula palette, you can use all the shades together, use one alone or mix and match them to get your perfect highlight shade.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

Review:  Physician’s Formula Cushion Foundation

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear All-In-One ABC Cushion Foundation

What it is:  A compact sponge soaked in lightweight, mineral based foundation
What it does:  Provides convenient, portable packaging for a liquid foundation with protective SPF 50
What it costs:  $17
Where to get it:  Drugstores or online

See my YouTube Review:  HilTalksBeauty



- Portable and extremely convenient packaging

- Lightweight, natural-looking formula

- Broad-spectrum sun protection

- Free of parabens, gluten, and fragrances

- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not contain pore-clogging ingredients)


- Very limited shade selection

- The packaging is bulky

- Pricey for the drugstore

Would Recommend to:

- People with a medium skin tone

- People with normal-to-dry skin, or people who prefer a natural finish

- People who want a “barely-there” look, light coverage

- People who are looking for natural SPF all in one

Would NOT Recommend to:

- People with fair or tan-to-deep skin tones

- People who require a matte finish

- People who desire medium to full coverage

- People looking for a long-wearing foundation

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I had a little fun today…

Today’s Haul:

Urban Decay De-Slick Complexion Primer - $34
Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation - $34
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - $21
Beauty Blender - $20

Round Cubic Zirconia Sensitive Ears - $12.50
Square Cubic Zirconia Sensitive Ears - $12.50
Square Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia - $9.99

Gain Flings Refill - $13.23
Cascade Platinum Refill - $10.15
Extension Cord - $3.50
Ajax - $0.86
NY Strip Steaks - $15.25 (not pictured)
Soy Vay Island Teriyaki - $4 (not pictured)
Instax Mini - $59.99
Simple Eye Makeup Remover - $7.99
Simple Soothing Facial Toner - $5.99
Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil - $9.99
Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Facial Scrub - $9.99
Yes to Tomatoes Daily Moisturizer - $12.99
Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil - $15.99
L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara x4 - ($9.99ea) $29.97
CoverGirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara - $6.99
CoverGirl LashBlast Volume - $5.99
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eyeliner - $6.47
ELF Aqua Blush & Bronzer - $6
Milani Brow Gel x3 - ($6.49ea) $19.47
Milani Brow Pencil x2 - ($5.99ea) $11.98
Milani Stay Put Brow Color x2 - ($6.49ea) $19.47
Essie Nail Polish x5 - ($7.99ea) $39.95
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel x5 - ($7.49ea) $37.45
OPI Nail Lacquer x2 - ($6.99ea) $13.96
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer x6 - ($6.79ea) $40.74
Milani Prime Light - $9.99
Milani Retouch + Erase Concealer x2 - ($8.99ea) $17.98
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer x10 - ($6.99ea) $69.90
Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray x2 - ($10ea) $20
L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation x2 - ($12.99ea) $25.98
L’Oreal Total Cover Foundation x2 - ($12.99ea) $25.98
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick x3 - ($6.99ea) $20.97
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer x4 - ($14.39ea) $57.56
Physicians Formula Summer Eclipse - $9.99
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster - $10.99
Physicians Formula Happy Booster x2 - ($11.99ea) $23.98
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Blush - $10.69
Flower Beauty Highlighter Palette x2 - ($14ea) $28
Flower Beauty Sculpt Palette - $14
Milani Strobe Powder x7 - ($10ea) $70
Milani Rose Blush - $6.99
Milani Baked Blush x5 - ($7.99ea) $39.95
Milani Baked Bronzer - $7.99
Yes to Tomatoes Mask - $2.99
Kiss Lashes x2 - ($10.99ea) $21.98
Airspun Powder x2 - ($5.97ea) $11.94
Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit x8 - ($4.99ea) $39.92
Milani Amore Liquid Lipstick x15 - ($7.69ea) $115.35
Flower Beauty Blush - $2.50 (clearance price)
Flower Beauty Chubby Lipstick - $3 (clearance price)
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone - $8.78

Barnes & Noble:
The Paleo Healing Bible - $9.98
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - $10.99

Total Savings: $1,244.72


heres a few of my holy grail makeup products that i still use and that are great and affordable for beginners!

• Maybelline Fit Me! - Matte + Poreless (for oily-normal skin)
• Maybelline Fit Me! - Dewy + Smooth (for dry-normal skin)
• L'Oreal tru match super blendable liquid makeup
• L'Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation (for oily - combination skin)
• milani 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

• maybelline age rewind concealer
• L.A girl pro conceal
• Maybelline fit me concealer

• Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

• Hard Candy sheer glow all the way face & body illuminator (can double as a primer)
• physicians formula shimmer strips
• NYX illuminator (can double as a primer)

powder/finishing spray:
• airspun translucent extra coverage loose face powder
• rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder
• covergirl translucent professional loose powder
• L'Oreal infallible pro-spray and makeup extender, setting spray

• nyc smooth skin face powder, bronzing
• rimmel natural bronzer
• wet n wild color icon bronzer
• milani baked bronzer

• milani baked blush
• Maybelline dream bouncy blush

• Maybelline great lash mascara
• L'Oreal teloscopic mascara
• Maybelline the colassal mascara

• L'Oreal brow stylist definer brow liner
• Nyx wonder brow pencil
• milani stay put brow color
• elf cosmetics brow kit

• covergirl truNaked eyeshadow palettes
• Maybelline color tattoos
• milani everyday eyes eyeshadow collection

• Jesse eyeliner
• Maybelline amster precise liquid eyeliner

• milani color statement lipstick
•revlon color stay ultimate liquid lipstick
• milani amore matte lip creme

• any ardell lashes

• real techniques brushes
• ecotools brushes

if youve read this far, id like to announce some BIG news in 30 minutes!

Makeup I Associate Hogwarts Houses With:
  • Ravenclaw: Nars, NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Buxom, Maybelline, The Balm, Lorac, Laura Mercier,
  • Slytherin: Urban Decay, Revlon, Too Faced, Chanel, Covergirl, Yves Saint Laurent,
  • Hufflepuff: Burt's Bees, Elf, Colourpop, NYC, Physicians Formula, Benefit, Bare Minerals,
  • Gryffindor: MAC, L'oreal, Makeupgeek, LA Girl, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Smashbox,

ciobellaaxoxoo-deactivated20160  asked:

Best drugstore makeup? I need a list for school essentials 😄

loreal magic perfecting base: for a super smooth finish
revlon photoready skinlights/loreal magic lumi light infusing primer: if you want that glow
nyx shine killer primer: for oily skin types
elf hydrating face primer/maybelline master primer (smooth+illuminate): for dry skin types

loreal infallible pro matte: for oily skin
covergirl 3 in 1 outlast: for combo skin
loreal true match lumi: for dry skin

hard candy glamoflauge: for heavy duty concealing
nyx orange concealer jar: for color correcting under eye circles
maybelline fit me: for general concealing
maybelline better skin: for a natural concealer

elf high definition powder: most natural
revlon nearly naked powder: for sheer coverage
physicians formula happy booster glow & mood boosting powder (beige): glowy finishing powder, hourglass powder dupe!

nyx matte bronzer: to contour
nyx taupe blush: contouring for very fair skin
la girl pro conceal: for cream contour/highlight
milani baked bronzer: to bronze

nyx powder blush
• elf studio powder blush
• nyx cream blush
• milani baked blush

personal fave drugstore highlighters
for fair skin
• for dark skin

elf eyebrow kit: personal fave/you can make it look natural or bold 
nyx brow pomade: for more definition
loreal brow stylist plumper: adds more “hairs” to the brows/tints them

maybelline color tattoo: you don’t need a primer, and it’s super easy to apply
loreal infallible eyeshadow: amazing color payoff and the shades are so gorgeous
best eyeshadow palettes

nyx super skinny eye marker: for wings
nyx slide on eye pencils: great shade selection
maybelline gel eyeliner: best drugstore gel eyeliner !

maybelline define a lash waterproof. that is all. 😂

LIPS (basically some of the best drugstore lip products out there)
• nyx lipliner
• nyx soft matte lip cream
• wet n wild mega last lipstick
• nyx butter gloss

loreal makeup extender spray: love this! actually makes my makeup last longer
nyx makeup setting spray: there’s a dewy and matte finish that you can choose!

Since we’re halfway through 2017 I thought I’d make a list of my top picks of new products I’ve used this year! (Not sure if most of them were released this year but they’re all new to me.)


Garnier Moisture Bomb
This shit literally cured my very dry skin. I no longer have issues since I started it. I do occasionally get dehydrated skin but that’s usually my own fault. This has a nice gel consistency and melts like butter into the skin and makes it feel plump and ready for makeup application.

Garnier Moisture Rescue
I use this on very hot days or when my skin feels oily and I don’t feel I need as much moisture as Moisture Bomb gives.

L'Oreal Eye Defense
This is a gel eye cream that preps the skin for makeup since it melts in quickly and doesn’t sit on top. It has caffeine in it which plumps the under eye area so giiirl you need this if you’re missing out on sleep.


Hard Candy Color Correct Primer
Not a foundation, but had to be added! All of Hard Candy’s color correcting collection is great. These primers go on like a moisturizer and dry down to a slightly sticky finish that foundation adheres to so well.

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir
This foundation is amazing! It has a healthy demi-matte finish, lasts all day, and looks better the longer it’s on. Very high coverage and buildable.

L.A. Girl PRO.coverage foundation and white mixer
This is a great every day foundation especially if you have dry skin. I mainly use the foundation and the mixer to adjust the tints of other foundations and to lighten thick/matte foundations.

NYX Total Control
I feel like at first there was a learning curve with this foundation but once I figured it out, I loved it. It can be very sheer or very full coverage and can also be mixed with other foundations. I usually apply this in sections by dropping a few drops directly on my face and then quickly blending out with a beauty blender. This has a fairly matte finish but doesn’t look flat.

Wet N’ Wild photofocus foundation + powder
This foundation is beautiful in photographs and feels super lightweight on the skin. It has a matte finish but it also gives a soft focus to the skin and blurs out any problematic areas. The powder helps melt everything into the skin.


Tarte Shape Tape
Perfect. Full coverage. Do you even need to hear about this one anymore?

Physicians Formula #instaready
This is a veryyyy lightweight concealer with a ton of pigment. One pump covers both under eyes and you can use the rest on the t-zone.

Milani Retouch+Erase
This is a great concealer for dark circles. It doesn’t crease or budge if you set it.

Hard Candy color correcting creams-this is very pigmented and very cheap. It’s better than most high end color correctors I’ve used.

Maybelline Shine Shot-omg so glittery and iridescent.

Lash Paradise-so much better than Better Than Sex. Way more length and volume and doesn’t flake. Doesn’t smudge either. First mascara that’s ever impressed me.

Hope this helps and you guys can always message me with other beauty questions. 💗💗

I Tried A Shitload of Black Eyeliner So You Don't Have To

I figured for my first real post I could focus on my ongoing obsession with finding the perfect black eyeliner. I swatched 30(!) different black liners and did a rub test and a water trial for all of them, so we could really get an idea of what all this goth-water will wear like. hit the cut if you wanna paint it paint it paint it black, BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL. 

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