Kokomo getting water therapy from my human dr pal! He was too scared of the ocean waves and drank a few mouths full of sea water. My pal took us to a quieter bay with no waves where we illegally brought him in. He did so well!!!! #shibasofinstagram #shibastagram #shiba #dogsofinstagram #sheeb #dogstagram #doge #dogs #柴犬 #白柴 #hydrotherapy #swimming #physicaltherapy

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The glute med stabilizes the pelvis when you walk or run and abducts the leg away from the body.
Before you start treating your gluteus medius always make sure you saw a health professional first who confirmed you doesn’t suffer of a herniated disc, especially in case you feel pain ⚡️radiating into your leg!!! Also make sure your health professional has cleared your hips and pelvis!
If these things are clear you take a @BLACKROLL® BALL, Lacrosse ball, ⚾️ or 🎾. Place it lateral, below the iliac crest and try the release exercise which you can see in the upper video (Adduction/Abduction of the hip).
Or you take a @BLACKROLL® and roll slowly among the muscle (lower video), trying to identify areas of tightness or discomfort. Pause on these areas for several seconds and the tightness should begin to ease. Ensuring you roll from the origin to the insertion is a good way to target 🎯the entire length of the muscle.
👉 NEXT POST ➡️ GLUTEUS MEDIUS STRETCHING ————————————————————————
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I started physical therapy last week...

And guess what! It’s working! When I was in my first year of high school and eleventh year of ballet I injured myself by over stretching. It’s unclear exactly what my injury was by looking at it now, but it likely involved some sort of hamstring strain or tear and possibly the strain or tear of some ligaments in my hip. At the time of my injury, no one mentioned PT as an option for treatment. I saw an orthopedic surgeon for an unrelated problem and when I brought it up he recommended an MRI. At this point I don’t think my family had health insurance or the means to pay for any kind of treatment, so my injury went untreated. Most of the symptoms I experienced at the time of injury inhibited my mobility. I was in so much pain and my hamstring was so weak I could barely lift my leg high enough to take a step. I had to take a few weeks off from ballet and couldn’t compete on the track team. Eventually the pain lessened and I finished the dance year, though it did end up being my last. I couldn’t dance without pain, being on pointe was excruciating, and my dominant leg was substantially weaker than my non-dominant leg. I still experience these symptoms once that region of my leg has been sensitized, but after eight years of being in pain it is difficult to make my brain recognize feeling there. That part of my body has been “smudged out” as part of a coping mechanism for the pain. To compensate my body utilizes my calf and quadriceps far more than normal and I experience a lot of tension in those regions. Due to my injury I am unable to exercise and be as active as someone my age should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I regularly battle moderate to severe depression and have done so for most of the last six years. Over the course of these years I have discovered that a healthy diet and good exercise regime are my best antidepressants. However, I am limited by my fear of reinjury (and I refuse to skip leg day). I am sick of being limited, so last week I decided to take action by doing what I wish I could have done and what I wish I had known to do when I was a teenager. After one week of some very basic and modified strengthening exercises I am already feeling the difference. I am constantly aware of my leg and hip, which is uncomfortable, but it’s not painful. I can do more hamstring curls than I could seven days ago, though I am still using the lightest resistance theraband (a name brand resistance band). My deep hip rotators are taking longer to fatigue and I have a slightly greater range of motion during external rotation of the hip. At my second PT appointment I was instructed to do more difficult exercises in addition to the ones I am already doing. My PT says I may even be able to start doing 30 degree squats next week! Though I am still advised to stay away from running, I am excited to finally be at the point where I am able to start moving past my injury and be as healthy and fit as I possibly can.

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Nov 18 ✨

And its been 2 weeks since my school started and i really need to get my shit together this early because i do not want to cry again 😂 i can’t let my boat sink! this is my last semester and i hope i do pass, just 5 more months and intership here i goooo ☺️

so my pharmacology subj so far is interesting since it has chemistry written all over it and i missed my organic chemistry subj before 😭 its been 2 years 😫 so i’ll post soon the finished product! stay tuned ✨

Transitioning back to PT School after Spring Break

During spring break:

The last day of spring break:

The flight back to PT School:

Having an exam the first day back:

When my professor emailed us last minute homework to complete before the first day back:

Showing up at 8am:

When I looked at my calendar and saw the amount of exams that stand between me and summer:

By the end of my first day back:


Yoga for People in Pain: Part 5 - Guidelines for Yoga Posture Practice

I finally tried this out today. A nice sit down routine that will be great for days when migraines prevent me from doing any sort of exercise where my head would actually move.