physically unable to can

I also want Damian to be unable to resist a dare. He is physically unable to do so.
“You can’t do it.”
“Wanna bet?” he snarls. “I bet I can do it, and twice as fast as you can.”
Meanwhile Colin is like, “Dames, are you crazy? You can’t knit/play dodgeball/operate a hot air balloon!”
Damian tilts his head regally, but then expresses frankly, “Maybe not yet, Colin, but I’ll learn. And you are going to help!”
“How did I get dragged into this?” Colin moans. I’m not helping him, he says to himself. I’m not. Not helping him.
“Is it curl and purl or what?”
Colin can’t help it. “You’re holding them all wrong, let me see…”
And we’re not even going to TALK about a double-dog-dare (aka the time Tim almost caused a city-wide electric blackout due to Damian)

I wish I was able to act out. I think that would feel more freeing than not being able to express my emotions to people. I know both suck but I hate hate hate feeling like I need to cry and scream but I’m so terrified of upsetting people I become physically unable to move or make a sound. I can’t stop pretending like everything is fine

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Suuper personal. But. You're casually dating Bucky and he keeps trying to make things more serious, and you keep avoiding it. After a few months of practically obsessing over you, he combusts and confronts you, demanding an explanation. You remind him that the first time you met, he was telling Steve about how he still wanted a family & you confess that you're physically unable to ever give that to him so you can't date him because he deserves someone who could give him that.

and he’d cradle your face in his hands and tell you it was okay because he wanted you and you would find a way if you wanted children

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Minty Fake Dating AU please and thank you

Okay I’m sorry this comes so late, but apparently I am unable to write fics under 3k words I apologise for the length I got really carried away but I hope you like it! (I really kept it the shortest that was possible for me)

“Oh my god no, nono, no way, Miller tell me this is not true”, Murphy, Nathan Millers flatmate and supposed-to-be best friend wheezed while he was doubling over with laughter, tearing up at the news Miller had just begrudgingly told him. 

Miller’s face was set into a dark scowl while he watched his friend have the time of his life, laughing so hard the whole couch underneath him shook with him. 

“Please tell me this is not true, tell me you are not going to pretend to be your secret crush’s boyfriend while you go with him to visit his parents please tell me this is a joke”. 

“Are you done?”, Miller asked annoyed when Murphy continued to laugh at him rather than be there for Miller in this very difficult time. 

“Not quite”, Murphy responded, a shit eating grin gracing his sharp features, “how the fuck did you get yourself into this whole situation?” Miller shrugged, if he was being honest he really had no idea how Monty had convinced him in the first place. 

“Well this is going to be the greatest thing ever”, Murphy decided, but when he saw Miller’s face he softened a bit, “oh come on Miller, it’s not that big a deal…” At Miller’s raised eyebrows his grin broke through again, “okay it is”, he relented, “but at least try to have a little fun, you’re madly in love with him after all, might as well get something out of the situation.” 

Miller grimaced at what he was insinuating and when Murphy began to laugh again he decided to leave the room.

“Oh god, I feel so bad for making you do this”, Monty shot him a look while he was driving. Miller didn’t really know how to respond to that, it’s not like he could tell Monty why this whole trip would be so incredibly hard for him. 

“Nah it’s fine”, he said with a forced smile, “what are friends for…” Monty pulled his lips into a tight-lipped smile and trained his eyes back on the road. 

It occurred to Miller for the first time that Monty was probably pretty nervous too, they were lying to his whole family and friends after all. 

“What if Michael’s not there?” he asked, referring to the reason they were doing this whole thing in the first place. 

“He’ll be there”, Monty answered confidently, “my parents have been trying to get us back together for months”. Michael, Monty’s ex and certified “all round great guy” was apparently a regular guest at the Green household, even after he and Monty had broken up, and his both his parents and he himself seemed not to have fully grasped the concept of a breakup and been trying to reunite the once happy couple on every occasion. Enter Miller, fake boyfriend extraordinaire, there to both scare away the ex and convince Monty’s parents he was actually quite taken care of in his faraway college-world. 

He grimaced and then, before Miller could react, Monty had reached over and squeezed his hand lightly, 

“I’m really grateful you’re doing this.” Miller’s heartrate sped up without warning and his “of course” came out a bit strangled. 

God he was so screwed.

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@taxiderby Hey, I love your game “Undertale-Red”, but I have a question.
as you can see, I figured out how to change the names in the game in the list of names in the game (Science didn’t seem to fit) so I used an old name of mine. I poked around in the Maindata file, and experimented, but I can’t seem to figure out how to edit the players HP to start higher, how to edit the max health, I searched for all the 20s in the script and looked at all instances of “health” and “HP” and tried changing things but its not working. 

it’s not me just messing around trying to break it or anything disrespectful, I’m simply trying to make the the game possible for those with hand-eye coordination problems, physical disabilities, and other disabilities that can result in players being physically unable to complete the game,  as such I made a post about how to edit files in Undertale and edit your save file and access debug mode to make it easier for those having trouble with battles to be able to enjoy it. This game however is proving more difficult, everything seems to be in the maindata file, and my searching and experimenting is turning up nothing useful. 

My lack of scripting knowledge is probably to blame for me not knowing how to do it, I don’t like burdening developers with making safety nets and difficulty modes, as obviously most able bodied people can press the buttons and dodge better and get the heart to move the way they want, so obviously most people can eventually do it. As you can imagine, its pretty frustrating and upsetting to those who physically cannot. It’s frustrating enough typing so slow and having typos from your hands not doing what your brain wants. 

I don’t care if it glitches the life bar or the counters, I understand you were never meant to be able to gain above 20 health. If you could explain the code so I can figure out what to change and give permission for me to let everyone know how to edit it to be able to enjoy the full extent of the game, It would really mean a lot to me, and a lot to everyone else with neural/muscular disabilities that would love to play Undertale-Red.

guys we could be missing out on one of the best hockey talents ever because people keep hitting him in the head. who says sidney crosby isn’t a few years off from being physically unable to play sports anymore because his body just can’t take it? we’re being robbed of something we might never see again.


jaune is physically unable to receive the seasonal powers so you can ditch that theory. if “men or old hags” are the last thought of the dying maiden, the powers jump to a random young woman. this is stated in the show.

no man is going to receive the seasonal powers. this is literally established in the lore.

plus, why tf would you want to give powers that are established to be female-only to a man? if the show gives the powers to a man (especially JAUNE) then that’s lazy writing. period.

i’ve said before that i don’t believe laziness is a real thing. i’m going to take it to the next level:

there is no such thing as “being lazy” or “being immature and trying to get out of Real Life” or “just being d*mb”

if you cannot do something, or find yourself upset or in pain while doing something, then you do not have to do it. you don’t need an excuse. that in itself is a valid reason. you don’t need a diagnosis and you don’t need it to be a life or death situation.

if something causes you so much anxiety that you put it off, or if you have trouble focusing, remembering, and/or planning, that counts as “can’t do it”. you don’t have to be literally physically unable in order to say you can’t do something.

you arent making excuses when you tell someone you won’t be able to do something because of your disability. that’s what disability means- a lack of ability to do something. you have the right to avoid tasks that are difficult or painful, and you have the right to get help finding workarounds or having people do the task for you. (you may not always GET that help, but you deserve it.)