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hey guys, i know i havent been posting a lot. ive just had a lot of emotional trauma the past month and its been taxing both physically and mentally. and posting the doodles and getting so little notes (even tho this blog is bascially dead and i cant expect people to want to like/reblog my shitty 10 minute doodles) has been really discouraging. i still love this blog and all of you tho, and im not planning to quit anytime soon ! but exams are coming up soon and its gonna be really hard to upload somewhat frequently. thank you all for being patient with me, reading your tags is basically what motivates me to keep this blog going. but really, thank you guys, i mean it from the bottom of my heart ♡

[Graves is] probably a lot more tired from the burden of responsibility that he lives within and under than the film was allowed the opportunity to explore…he is somebody who has physically and emotionally taxed himself for the good of wizardkind.
—  Colin Farrell (x) aka Graves is a confirmed workaholic y’all 

Requested by Anon:  Can you write a cute fluffy Sonny/reader where the reader’s pregnant and goes to visit Sonny at the precinct? The squad’s surprised at the reader’s visit because they didn’t know Sonny was married and expecting a child.

Warnings: Female reader (duh)

In your opinion, Sonny worked too much. 

But you knew it was because he loved his job and although it could be emotionally and physically taxing at time, he loved helping people and putting away their attackers. 

And that was one of the reasons you loved him so much. He had a passion for police work and law and you found it admirable.

But, you never saw him because of his work hours. Okay, never was an overstatement, but he usually was working on some case and he worked late some of those nights. You weren’t upset by it or anything, you knew he would always be there for you and your child when they came along, but you just missed him. 

So you took it upon yourself to one day stop by this coffee shop that you knew he liked and picked up coffee for him and his coworkers and pay him a surprise visit. 

You knew that he didn’t talk a lot about his personal life at work, but you weren’t sure how much the squad knew about you or if they even knew he was married. You wouldn’t be offended if he hadn’t said anything. It wasn’t like you were married after he transferred over, it wasn’t a new occasion and you understood that personal lives don’t neccassarily come up in his place of work.

You got your answer when you entered the precinct, looking very confused and very out of place when you got there. Then you caught sight of Sonny and smiled. “Bambino!” You called, using the nickname you playfully call him every now and then, even though you had no Italian blood in your lineage.

Sonny turned, and for a split second he was confused as to why anybody would even know of that name, let alone be calling him by it at work. Then he saw you walking towards him and grinned. “Doll, what are ya doin’ here?” He asked, though he wasn’t upset, more excited to see you.

“I thought I’d give you a visit and maybe meet some of your coworkers? I brought coffee.” You smiled widely, causing him to chuckle softly

“Well then let’s go to the squadroom and see who’s there.” He said, taking you by the arm in the gentle way he usually did out in public.

“Carisi, who’s this?” The question came from a blonde woman, who looked up from her desk curiously. That prompted everyone else in the room to look up from their desks and papers and stare at you. 

“Hey, this is my very pregnant wife, and she decided to bring us all coffee today, surprisingly.” Sonny said. He sounded almost proud to show you off to his friends, even though you were eight months pregnant and the size of a Mini Cooper.

“Carisi, since when are you married?” Someone asked from his desk across the room. 

“And expecting a child?” Another woman asked as she stood in the doorway of a separate room.

You took it upon yourself to pass out coffee after saying your name so that they at least knew what to call you. “Now, Sonny. Are you going to tell me who all these people are?” You said playfully, causing a few low chuckles.

Sonny blushed slightly. “Right, sorry.” He introduced you to Amanda, Fin, Olivia, Mike, and Nick. “And then you’ve met Barba.” You nodded slightly.

“So, um, Carisi, you’re married?” Amanda, the one who first looked up at you, asked him.

“We were married before he transferred here. I guess he doesn’t talk about me much, then.” You teased.

“Not at all. “ Fin said with a monotone voice but he was smiling. “Carisi, how’d you keep her hidden away so long? This coffee is great, too.” 

Sonny, unsurprisingly, had just gotten slightly redder but he looked so happy and proud that he had you in his life. The questions went on for a while and you got to relax a little and have a conversation with the squad, who seemed to like you. Hell, you’d like you if you brought coffee as a first impression.

When the small gathering ended and you had to go in for a doctor’s appointment, you bid goodbye to everybody and Sonny walked you back down to the car.

He kissed you outside of the car and grinned. “You’re truly the greatest.” He murmured.

You just smiled. “Did they like me?”You ask.

Sonny scoffed slightly. “Of course they did.” He pecked your lips softly. “I don’t know who wouldn’t.”

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"im not a transphobe buuuuut i think transness is only about physically transitioning and am so oblivious to how trans politics work that i think i can just opt out of cis privilege by taking HRT and also i have no idea how mentally taxing physically transitioning is for trans people, let alone a 100% non dysphoric cis person"

I’m sobbing what the fuck was that anon thinking

Why do men act like abortions are just a fun thing women do before they go to the mall
NO WOMAN wants to ever be faced with that painful choice
NO WOMAN takes abortion lightly
It’s an invasive, emotionally and physically taxing process
You can not imagine the pain of that decision, stop acting like if unregulated women would be having abortions every other day

And honestly, how disgusting of a human being do you have to be to think you have any say of what happens in my or any woman’s uterus

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What kind of manager makes a girl who's due to give birth any day continue to work in one of the most physically taxing shifts there are? FFS

The kind of manager that needs to give birth to a full grown adult without an epidural. Seriously, what the fuck? I hope your doing okay! Get a doctor’s note forbidding you from certain activities. Morons sometimes lack the common sense to know these things and need written proof they can’t do this shit. Let us know when the little one is born. :) Congrats! -Abby



Kusama spent much of her time between 1962 and 1964 sewing thousands of stuffed fabric tubers and grafting them to furniture and found objects to create her Accumulation sculptures. She exhibited the works together in an attempt to create hallucinatory scenes of phallic surfaces but found the labor involved in making them physically and mentally taxing. In response to the labor intensity of this work, she started to utilize mirrors to achieve similar repetition. Infinity Mirror Room— Phalli’ s Field was perhaps the most important breakthrough for Kusama during this immensely fruitful period. The reflective surfaces allowed her vision to transcend the physical limitations of her own productivity. Furthermore, the mirrors created a participatory experience by casting the visitor as the subject of the work, a feature that the artist demonstrated through a provocative series of self-portraits in which she used her body to activate the space. This work first appeared in the exhibition Floor Show, held at Castellane Gallery, in New York, in 1965.

I feel like the worst thing (for me) about (probably*) having EDS is that I still can do stuff, it’s just not good for me. Like… I might avoid going to town with friends because my joints are too weak/I’m too tired/it’s a bad pain day, but then I’ll continue to run up the stairs a bazillion steps at a time, or I’ll do a cartwheel just for funsies or something. And I feel like most people are gonna look at that and I think “well they clearly can do physically taxing things so they’re just being lazy/using EDS as an excuse”.

Because the problem is never that I can’t physically do something, it’s that my body I going to suffer after I’ve done it. But I feel like so few able-bodied people get that?

Like with my walking stick… I use it about ¼ or 1/5 of the time I go out. And I could just pack it away and walk without it. But I feel like when somebody sees me walking with a stick and another time walking perfectly fine without it, they just assume I’m faking and don’t really need it. I don’t use my stick because I’m incapable of walking without it. I use my stick because the more I use it, the easier and the less painful/stressful/difficult/uncomfortable walking will be later.

My joints don’t hurt very much or very acutely once I actually get going. It’s when I stop. They just give up and give way, or ache like nobody’s business. So yeah, I could constantly push myself, never use my stick, do more exercise etc. but if I did that I’d completely crash once I stopped. I’d feel really drained, unstable, weak and in pain that evening and the following day.

And perhaps worse than other people’s opinions is the way I internalise it? Like… I feel guilty every time I do something that requires exercise or is physically taxing, like hike, or run during a warm-up game, or do cartwheels, just because it’s fun. I will suffer later on - the more I’ve done in a day, the more drained I feel and the worse it affects me. I know I need to look after myself. But doing something that’s physically taxing and boring has no plus side. Whereas at least I get enjoyment out of doing things that are physically taxing but really fun? I mean… why should I have to conserve all my energy for work and obligations? Am I not allowed to use some energy for having fun?

Take, for instance, a few weeks ago - some friends and I went to the beach. We played frisbe, walked long distances up and down the sand, and I spent quite a bit of time prancing around, leaping and bounding from one boulder to another on the rocks. It was a little dangerous, and very physically tiring, but mostly it was outrageously fun. To me, it feels almost like flying and I haven’t done it since I was a kid.

But by the time evening came and we were meandering around town and looking for a place to eat, all that exercise was taking its toll and my leg joints gave way continuously. At one point my hip gave way without any warning and I literally hit the deck, right in the middle of the road.

But as embarrassing as it was to collapse like that, I didn’t regret over-exerting myself, because even though I know I should take care to look after myself and never over-exert myself or do too much, I haven’t had that much fun in ages.

Even so, I’m constantly feeling guilty over not doing much physically taxing work-related stuff, while often still indulging in physically taxing fun stuff. And I know so many people probably look at me and assume I’m either lazy or making the whole thing up, because how could somebody possibly find it a challenge walking to lectures, but do a cartwheel when they get there? How could somebody possibly prance around on the rocks at the beach, but need a walking stick to walk 100m to the nearest restaurant?

And I just find it so frustrating and invalidating…..


2016.4.9 [27/100]

Whoa, so tired right now… it was a long day! I woke up early and made plans to meet with a language exchange friend. We were originally going to meet on this coming Wednesday (election day in Korea, so no work for me~), but his boss told him that he has to work that day, so we scrambled to move our first meeting to today! We worked out the timing, and I ended up having about four hours of 99% Korean only covering a wide variety of topics. It was intensely fun but a bit mentally taxing!

After I got home, I had to run to buy some groceries… which meant trying to navigate a super-crowded store to get all my stuff and head back home. Physically taxing, haha.

Once I got home, I started to rewrite my Japanese grammar notebooks into one of the cute notebooks I bought (and posted photos of!) earlier. The new notebooks are hardcover, so they’re a bit more durable than my old grammar notebooks, and they’re spirals so I will never have trouble with them refusing to sit flat. I plan on copying all three of my grammar notebooks, which will take a lot time, but it will be so nice and clean when it’s done. I took a photo of the first page of my Japanese grammar notebook for you~ just Hiragana, Katakana, and some basic phrases. Also, I did some practice problems in my Japanese book to finish up a unit, though I still have to do some review and more practice with it before moving on.

Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a quick journal as well!

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I love your slowburn terumob fic but I also love your shoumob stuff?? C-can you possibly write like an alternate scenario of when Mob calls Shou for advice on Teru? But with Shou having a huge crush on Mob. And uugh, your last angst drabble was just so good. Need more angst for my smol red head. :')

Since you liked the recent angst, I hope you’re ready for some more :->)
(Also its like 4AM as Ive finished this so if its a little off w h o o p s.)

Hey, @imagine-shoumob, Shou and Mob are interacting :D

If you dont know whats going on, read all about it.

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cons: so much work, like just physically taxing in the extreme, pros: that fanficcy moment where they start absolutely losing their minds from sensory overload

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Head canons for Sinbad, Hakuryuu, Judar, and Koumei having a physically frail s/o who's short and sweet.


  • If Sinbad’s s/o isn’t with him, he asks one of his Generals to guard them on the downlow. He even goes so far as to arrange for them to be too busy to see him with enemy diplomats visit so they can’t make his s/o a target to force negotiations. 

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei keeps a very close eye on his s/o’s health. He makes sure they get three meals a day, water, and plenty of rest. He cares for their health closer than his own in an do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do situation. 

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu scolds his s/o for doing anything too physically taxing and not calling him for help. He often gets carried away when trying, waiting on them hand and foot, but he enjoys it all the same.


  • Judar teases his s/o, pinching at their arms and sides and laughing over how little muscle they had. He doesn’t let it go, making jokes that usually someone so weak isn’t his type—but for them he would make an exception.
Dance With Me? (Jungkook)

drabble about being a backup dancer for BTS/Jungkook’s dance partner as requested by growlwolfexo! hope it’s to your liking~

Genre: kookie’s so shy and sexy at the same time wtf no

Word count: 2688

Rating: K for why don’t you just Kill me now Kookie

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Mershark Biology Headcanon

So I know that I didn’t explicitly state why Kakashi bleeds when he talks, so here is the nitty-gritty of it that I spent way too long rationalizing in my head.

  • Reason 1: Because how vocal chords work - You need air to pass through the vocal folds to create sound, but the gills are diverting openings, he has to close them in order to talk. But gills work best when they’re open because that’s how the oxygen-exchange works. TL;DR: He basically has to suffocate himself when he wants to talk to her.
  • Reason 2: Because evolution - Merpeople probably have some form of lung system in order to survive on land, but they probably wouldn’t communicate underwater the same way people do on land. As a result, their vocal chords have started to evolve out of the species and shrink down.  So he has them, but they’re a really small, sucky version of the human vocal tract.
  • Reason 3: It’s physically taxing - Because his throat isn’t really built for it anymore, it takes a lot of energy to use his vocal tract and it really irritates his throat and palette. (Think talking when you have laryngitis.) It’s already stressful forcing your body to do things you don’t normally do, but the fact he’s suffocating himself on top of that takes a huge toll on his body as well (He’s probably rupturing the capillaries in his gills), and he bleeds as a result. 

This is why “Adrift” is so devastating to him because he knows he only has a limited number of times he can speak, so he’s all “Okay, I have a limited number of tries with this. GOTTA GET THIS RIGHT. GOTTA IMPRESS HER.“ And then FAIL WHALE. ;_;  



Today’s practice is over. Just a little bit longer till the actual opening day…! It’s the final part of practices! It’s the most physically taxing battle in the history of Haikyuu!! But the sense of accomplishment is incredible 
The interview I got to do with Cast Size earlier will be released in the March 2017 Special Issue tomorrow! 

splatoon2 inkling headcanon:


“head” canon if you will
the reason that they all have unique hairstyles is that

since 2 years have canonically passed, the 14-year-old inkling generation is now 16

and apparently, (this is the headcanon) it is only at that age that they are able to finally stylize their hair in ways that extreme (prior to that it’s just too physically taxing)

basically a logical continuation of this

another headcanon would be that almost all inklings in a generation are born at the same time, so they all grow up together and that’s why almost all the inklings in splatoon 1 had the same hairstyles