physically and mentally disabled

I can’t believe this needs to be said, but…

- Withholding medication from a disabled person is not a joke, it’s not a punishment, it’s abuse.

- Withholding mobility equipment from a disabled person is not a joke, it’s not a punishment, it’s abuse.

- Withholding stim toys, comfort items or similar from a disabled person is not a joke, it’s not a punishment, it’s abuse.

- Stopping a disabled person from using harmless routines or coping mechanism is not a joke, it’s not a punishment, it’s abuse.


the saddest thing to read in an article about parents of trans kids is “i didn’t sign up for this” like yes you did. yes you fucking did. you signed up the minute you decided to have a child and i’m fucking appalled that you even thought to say that, because having a child means loving and celebrating them unconditionally. when you decided to have a child you signed up for a trans kid, a not straight kid, a mentally ill kid, a mentally disabled kid, a physically disabled kid, and a chronically ill kid all at once and you don’t get to idealize any of that away goodbye


No other show is going to make an impact on TV as much as The Legend of Korra. Like, go on, do your best. But having Korra – the main character, a tomboyish, bisexual, PoC who is mental ill and was physically disabled – end up with Asami – a beautiful, bisexual, saint of an heiress, who can kick ass despite losing both her parents, one of whom was a helping a bunch of terrorists – raised the bar so fucking high for both cartoons, tv shows, and even games when it comes to representation. 

Quit your anti tech bullshit!

Anti-tech is anti-disabled people.

Tech is what makes many of our lives possible.
Much accessibility relies on tech.
Many accommodations are tech!

Without technology, many disabled folks wouldn’t be able to read, write, use social media - or the Internet at all, watch TV and videos, work, take online classes, take notes in class, record the class, have social lives, draw, do other hobbies, leave the house, take fucking care of themselves.

That story about the teacher who banned laptops just fuels this kind of thinking. Bet neither the teacher nor the article’s author even had a passing thought that technology is more than just a distraction, or that, y'know, disabled people exist?

A multiply physically and mentally disabled person who wants you to quit your ableism.

hey please rb this

just kidding i need to be back on here can you guys please please please reblog this, i’m a mentally ill, physically disabled trans guy. basically what is going on is i am currently homeless, my abusive father was hitting and screaming at my mom and i stepped in and essentially the cops got called on us. my grandma has officially kicked me out (and my dad) with absolutely nowhere to go, there is no one in my family that can help bc theyre all dead lol but im serious i have no immediate family left besides my grandma and mom- and as i said as of today my grandma is kicking me out. and my physical health has plummeted worse than ever.  i’ve been hospitalized over 5 times within the past month and a half and i have two doctor appointments i cant miss tomorrow but i cant even eat or uber and i have no place to sleep- i get paid on the 30-31st of each month (from state disability checks) so that means 10 days with no money and no shelter. i need your help if you can please boost this around or donate, anything really helps

this is an emergency

thank you,


Happy Pride Month to the parts of the LGBTQ+ Community who are told they don't belong here. You are valid. This is your month too.

That includes (in no particular order): asexuals, pansexuals, intersex and nonbinary pals, people in heterosexual relationships such as transgender and bi/pan peeps, people who identify as queer, as well as the people who don’t fit the white gay male aesthetic (I see you POC, neurodivergent, mentally ill, physically disabled, fat, Muslim/Jewish/practicing an otherwise non-Christian religion, and/or female people. I see you), as well as anyone else who is told they aren’t gay enough or LGBTQ+ enough. You all rock 🌈🌈🌈

Reasons Why “Kubo and the Two Strings” is the Best Animated Movie of 2016, Regardless of What Fancy Award Shows Say

1. It’s simple enough to reach younger audiences, but dark enough to speak to the older audiences as well.

2. It stares death right in the eyes and says “I accept that you exist and I will not run away from you.”

3. Excellent voice talent. I’m not going to go into the colors of the cast, because this is an animated movie, which means you are looking at animated characters and not who’s behind the microphone. 

4. True dedication, as shown through its gorgeous and pain-staking animation, as well as its true and honest respect for Japanese culture and mythology.

5. Magic, but not the kind that brings people back to life, oh no. The magic of storytelling and memories, and how they both have the power to heal. But there is some real magic in there, too. 

6. Not done for merchandising, but because LAIKA Studios wanted to tell a story.

7. It’s a story that will resonate with people for years to come. 

8. It shows that not every hero or protagonist has to be perfect. They can be disabled, either physically or mentally. 

9. The misfits don’t have to be shunned or made fun of. They can be loved unconditionally and can love back unconditionally. 

10. Men and boys can be gentle, kind, and emotional. They can also be goofy, light-hearted, and extremely loyal. They can be all these things and still be strong. 

11. It was never a revenge story. It’s a story about acceptance and the process of healing. It’s about bravely fighting for yourself and those that you love, not to lay waste to someone who has hurt you.

12. It proves that the act of forgiving is the strongest act there is, and holds more power than any final blow. 


[Image: Four screenshots of disabled characters from recent media; Erica from Doctor Who, Yang Xiao from RWBY, Billy Cranston from Power Rangers and Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One.

In white space between them reads “Disabilityfest 1st July - 31st July”]

Hello everyone, this July we’ll be running disabilityfest again!

What is it?

Disabilityfest is a celebration of disabled characters across all media, we encourage everyone to make any contribution to it; art, videos, fics, gifs, meta, fanmixes, anything that you do!

Original characters and content are absolutely allowed as well as fanworks!

This covers all disabled characters, so physically disabled, developmentally disabled, mentally ill, chronically ill, d/Deaf, blind, significantly scarred and any other disabled characters are all welcome! Just tag it #disabilityfest and it will be reblogged to this blog!

When is it?

We’ll be running this from 1st of July until 31st of July but we want it to lead to people making more works about disabled characters all year round!

Guidelines, we won’t be too strict on them but if you can fit in with these that would be great:

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So I get so angry and frustrated with healthy (BOTH physically and mentally) people are lazy. I just can’t stand it because they’re wasting that perfectly good body to sit on their asses and do nothing. Or even have not healthy people do stuff for them.

It makes me so mad because I would kill to have a working body so I could do all the things I’m dying to do. I’d kill to be able to work out and go on adventures and travel the world…and just exist happily in no pain. I would kill for that. I think about it every day.

And then here are these certain people who could do all that and more. But they’re sitting on their asses doing nothing. Too lazy to even walk down the street for something or take the trash out or whatever. It kills me. I just want to scream at them.

I know this isn’t the nicest opinion but it’s something I feel. It’s something that makes me cry and rage. I just want a working body so badly and they’re wasting theirs.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Regarding the sixpenceee fiasco I've been reading her posts and stories for like years and it might just be because I usually skim but I don't recall any specific stories that target mental illness. Do you have any clear examples??? Rly shocked tbh bc I used to love her

I’ve been seeing the stuff go around for a couple of years now and I admit at first I didn’t pay it much attention, which is a shame because a lot of those call out posts had good links that are now all gone because of people deleting. As a result, a lot of the initial stuff that made me start thinking more critically about sixpenceee’s posts have been deleted. I’ve spent the last few days trying to source them again via people’s new urls and internet archives, but literally 90% of the links are gone.

So, I’ve done a bit of digging of my own, and I’ve managed to find some still live posts that I think illustrate what I’m saying a bit better. I’ve screencapped them all and will be hosting the images myself independently of a specific post, so the links should always work.

I’m specifically focusing on the content of this ask here, with posts that use mental illness as entertainment, or treat it in the same way as regular “creepy” (i.e. horror) content.

  • The case of Margaret Schilling is a post about a woman in a psychiatric hospital who died after getting lost in the building, and her body wasn’t found for many weeks. There is a short paragraph at the end about how the hospital is apparently haunted by Margaret now, but the majority of the post focuses on her being mentally ill and the suffering she must have felt being lost and dying of cold and exposure. There’s also a picture of the stain her decomposing body left, so beware of that. It’s tagged #paranormal.
  • The Mentally Ill Man Who Cured Himself With a Gun is a post about a man with serious OCD who tried to kill himself by shooing himself in the head, resulting in brain damage that “cured” his OCD. The photo is of a man with a gun to his head, if that will bother you. It’s tagged as a science post.
  • Short Creepy Story is a story from Reddit where the “creepy” event is a schizophrenic woman acting strangely because of her hallucinations. That’s it. Dude’s mum is schizophrenic and he goes upstairs to find her in the bathtub thinking she’s in The Little Mermaid. The title is “short creepy story” so like, yeah.
  • The Child Star is a story from Reddit which focuses on children being sexually abused and not understanding what’s going on, and the police interviews with one of the grown up children who is now clearly suffering from mental illness thanks to the trauma. (Full story)
  • The Suicide Orphan is a story from Reddit which focuses on an orphan that drives people insane and results in them committing suicide, and I know that this isn’t the only example where sixpenceee posts things that use suicide as the main element of a horror story, which is exploitative and also I personally think it’s inappropriate to use something that comes as a result of serious suffering and imply that it was the creepy ghosts that did it. (Full story)
  • “Psychopath” post includes a link to a quiz where you can see where you “fit in on the psychopath sprectrum”. I’ve seen people mention her using outdated terms in her posts and so this is here as proof that it does happen, and also because “do you have a severe personality disorder?” is a bit of a cheap entertainment trick in my opinion.
  • Karin Catherine Waldegrave is a post about a woman who replies incessantly to her own posts on social media, believing she is the target of a conspiracy. It’s clear she’s likely mentally ill. The post is tagged #creepy.
  • Chinese Water Torture is a post about the torture method that drives victims to extreme stress-related mental instability, and is here both because of that and because the fact that it’s tagged #creepy, which doesn’t seem appropriate.
  • The Edmonton Train attack video shows someone apparently in an altered state of mind through drugs or mental illness (or both) attacking someone on a train. She gifed a video which has since been deleted but a different video of the attack can be found on Youtube, and described it as “insane”.
  • Drawings of a Young Schizophrenic Boy is exactly what it says – a bunch of drawings from a young boy suffering from schizophrenia. The boy is quite obviously distressed by his hallucinations but the post is treated like the other paranormal posts, designed to shock and scare. The post is also tagged #creepy, which is inappropriate. (Close up of caption and tag, as the image is difficult to read)
  • Made By a Paranoid Schizophrenic Patient is another drawing by a person suffering from schizophrenia, also tagged #creepy, and this one with a self-promo in the caption.

I also found a post where sixpenceee addresses the claims of ableism. She says she agrees on the points made about films and stories portraying the mentally ill/physically disabled as “scary”, and that she tries to avoid using words like “insane”. She also asks people to differentiate between her paranormal/creepy posts and her scientific posts. However, she still continues to frequently refer to things as “insane”, both as descriptors and to self-promote her blog (1, 2, 3).

This covers the things I’ve seen people claim she does, but if anyone has any other links (especially things saved from earlier posts like this) feel free to add on.

Divination to Save a Life

tl;dr i need an expensive, invasive surgery to keep me from dying. {(here’s the original post.)}

hey so i have to pay for surgery and recovery therapy + prescriptions and essentials (food, OTC meds, hygiene stuff) and, being mentally and physically disabled, i can’t work and have no income.

so what i’m asking is this–* PLEASE, if you have the means to, buy a divination reading from me.* and even if you can’t do that, please please please reblog this so others can see it.

i’m incredibly desperate and terrified. this is a very tough time for me. i appreciate any and all help. so, thank you.

Autistic and mentally ill and physically disabled students are incredible! We exist in a world that is built for and by neurotypical and able bodied people and we still manage to navigate it!!! Disabled students are so important and deserve all of the validation in the world. I hope every single one of you remembers to look after yourself.

You don’t need to earn self care; you don’t need to completely drain your batteries before you’re allowed to practice self care. You deserve to feel as productive and a part of the community and the student body as any neurotypical able bodied student. Don’t ever compare yourself to their performance standards or force yourself to live up to them in a way that causes you harm. You are perfect exactly how you are. Also, don’t EVER feel badly because you need to do things in a different way from everyone else or you need help accomplishing something. Don’t feel guilty for being yourself. Your accomplishments are not lesser. You are not lesser.

Less “I’m not mentally ill! Don’t treat me like I’m mentally ill!” More “you shouldn’t be treating people who actually are mentally ill that way either.”

Less “I’m not intellectually/developmentally disabled! Stop treating me like I’m intellectually/developmentally disabled!” More “you shouldn’t be treating people who actually are intellectually/developmentally disabled that way either.

Less “At least I’m not THAT kind of mentally ill.” Less “at least there’s nothing wrong with my brain.” Less “at least I’m intelligent.” Less “at least I’m healthy.” Less “I may have X disability/neurodivergence/mental illness but at least I’m not like THOSE people.” 

Less taking pride in not having that kind of disability or that kind of mental illness. Less furthering the stigma of one mental illness/disability in an attempt at destigmatizing your own. 

Less “mentally ill/neurodivergent people aren’t really disabled.” Less “physically disabled people have it so much easier.” 

Less “you’re not disabled/sick enough for your voice to be relevant.” Less “you’re so disabled/sick that you don’t know what’s best for yourself.”

More cross disability solidarity. 

Reasons Logan should replace The Dark Knight as the gold standard for superhero films
  • Hugh Jackman‘s final performance as Wolverine: Yes, Bale is really good so long as you get past the “WHERE ARE THEY?!“ voice, but Hugh is on a whole other level. This is his swan song and he gave it everything he has. It’s the best lead performance in any superhero film, as far as I’m concerned.
  • The feels: Remember how Rachel died in that film and the reaction from most of us was ‘oh shit, that happened‘. It was more shock than sadness, lbh. Meanwhile, this film packs so much emotional punch. And it’s the full range emotions as well. There are some surprisingly funny moments. But when it gets sad, it does not hold back.
  • It’s proud to be a comic book movie: While Nolan’s Batman films, TDK included, repress any hint of anything that would compromise his realistic version of Batman, Logan embraces the fact that it’s a comic book movie. A very different kind of comic book movie, but still a comic book movie. Complete with a kid killing grown men with claws, clones, and cyborg hands.
  • Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney aka X-23: Seriously, there is not a single film in existence that could not be improved by Laura Kinney.
  • Diversity: OK, the diversity in Logan is not, say, Moonlight levels. But of the three central characters, one is disabled physically and mentally, the other is Mexican. Plus, the story explores the themes of prejudice and racism that have always been a part of X-Men with mutants being referred to as ‘objects‘ and made to be ‘controlled.‘ The Dark Knight has one person of color. And he gets the least attention of the side characters. Everyone forgets that because Morgan Freeman can make five minutes feel as satisfying as a 30 minute scene.
  • A tightly put together story: I honestly can’t think of a single plot hole in Logan. Sure, the timeline was up in the air, but I was never questioning the characters decision making, or how the logistics of this post apocalyptic future worked. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight has a few plot holes. Like how did Bruce Wayne swim onto a plane from a boat filled with models without any of them saying anything to the news? How is Lau’s arrest even remotely legal? The Joker’s plan hinges a lot on coincidence and people acting and reacting exactly the way Joker wants. And the ending. Why did Batman have to take the blame? Blame the Joker. It is technically his fault, since he pushed Harvey over the edge. And if he says ‘Harvey did it‘, who the hell’s going to believe him?

There’s other little stuff as well. The action scenes are better overall, it never feels too long, it looks better. But most importantly, Logan was a step forward. The Dark Knight was a step forward as well, don’t get me wrong. But it came out 9 years ago. The superhero genre has made leaps and bounds in the time since then. And I want to see a sign that we’re moving forward with the genre, and not clinging to 2008.

It doesn’t even have to be Logan that gets to be the new benchmark of the genre. It could be another film that made a similar or larger impact on the genre (The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman) or a film that’s just as good as The Dark Knight if not better. (Winter Soldier, Civil War, First Class, Days of Future Past, Spider-Man 2). Hell, I’ll take Deadpool or a DCEU movie. Just some indication that we’ve moved on from a film that’s actual impact has overshadowed the film itself.

I am by no means saying that Dark Knight is anything below great. But it’s been 9 years. We’ve had several other great superhero films since then. Some even better than The Dark Knight. Can we please just move on? Nolan has. The actors have. The genre has. DC… is getting there. Why can’t we?

We finally have a movie that seems destined to be the new gold standard for the rest of the genre. Let’s take this as an opportunity to move on and let the genre step out of the shadows of the Dark Knight.

Fuck you Anka niggas that only include black women in the struggle for black liberation if we are the right kind of black woman. That has a tattoo of Egypt, dont sleep around, talks about black history but mostly only to speak of kings and queens, quotes Erykah Badu daily, doesnt question the black man, has a bunch of babies but isnt a single mom, always talks about the oppression black men face but never black women, and always has dinner ready on time. The black community is made up of whores, mentally and physically disabled women, single mothers, trans and non binary women, crimials, drug addicts and so much more. Their lives arent worth any less just because they don’t fit the black mold you put before them. Anyone that fights me here will just clearly prove my point when i say #BlackLivesMatter only means black men. Ankh niggas and Hoteps fight below. And be sure to include how problack you are. -ShiShi