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Why do you think Lotor keeps his hair down when it's obviously not the most practical in case he suddenly has to fight or run or do stuff? Do you think it's for aesthetic reasons, because he finds himself more handsome like this?

I have been asking this to myself since day one, dear anon…

I think he keeps his hair long partially because of aesthetic reasons. Not all Galra have gorgeous flowing locks like our wonderful Prince Lotor. I guess it’s his own trademark that makes him stand out and unique.

 I guess you could argue that the hair can throw off his opponents. Lotor could whip it around and eventually hit his opponent in the face and make them blind for a second.

I’m also pretty sure the creators wanted to keep some of his original design from the ‘84 series.

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How would Tokoyami, Hatsume Mei, Itsuka Kendo, and Momo react to having an s/o that's really affectionate and loves cuddling and stuff? Thank you so much!!!

Tokoyami is very caught off guard at first, and takes some time to get used to it. He’ll still hug and cuddle you and stuff, but he might hesitate at first because “where do I put my hands? what about my beak oh my god I’m gonna stab them with my beak.” Dark Shadow will play wingman and push him to reciprocate. Like, literally push. This is inevitable

Hatsume loves that shit!!! She’s pretty affectionate too, and it’s all the better if you’re down with that. She doesn’t care about PDA or anything just run up and kiss her it’s fine

Itsuka is more reserved about it. Behind closed doors she’s super affectionate, but she’s not always the best with PDA. Hand holding and a kiss on the cheek is about as far as she’ll go. She’s a cuddle monster though, and almost always the big spoon. You’ve never felt so safe

Momo just gets flustered about it. She’s hyped that you like her so much but her parents weren’t overly physically affectionate and she’s a reserved person. She warms up to it very quickly, but she’ll blush about affection for a long time into your relationship.

Autistics can be chronically ill. Autistics can have a physical disability. You can have more than one type of disability. Just because you have a neurological/ developmental disability doesn’t mean you can’t have a disability that affects you physically. Being autistic doesn’t prevent you from having a chronic condition or prevent you from having a physical disability. PEOPLE CAN HAVE MUlTIPLE TYPES OF DISABILITIES INTERCHANGEABLY

You haven’t hit me in so long but you still lie and steal and try to make us feel crazy and gaslight us and you force me to drive you places and I thought when I got a car I’d be free but I’m not you’re still controlling me. I can’t wait until you go back to prison where you belong! What kind of man steals money from his own child how can you not see how pathetic you are? You don’t think you did anything wrong. How can you think dragging your kid by her hair or spanking her at 17 is not wrong?

Physical Contact

Bones, Jim

Summary: It becomes increasingly more obvious to Bones that Jim is whining because he craves physical contact and not just because he wants to be difficult.

A/N: Based on this that was prompted by an anon a while ago. I hope you like it, even though it’s short!

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Words: 832

Bones wasn’t an idiot, and not many people had ever accused him of being an idiot, but sometimes he would realize something that had been staring him straight in the eyes this whole time while they were glazed over in reveries, and then he would, in fact, feel like an idiot.

This particular realization concerned Jim. Of course. Recently he felt like they always did.

He didn’t feel like anyone could blame him, to a certain degree at least, for not noticing. Having Jim as a friend had always meant high maintenance. The kid had an easy time adapting, and he didn’t publicly complain a lot since he knew it technically wouldn’t get him anywhere, but with Bones it had always been different. He’d always felt comfortable displaying that more childish and impatient part of himself, because he knew Bones wouldn’t judge him. And Bones had always appreciated it, despite how often he acted like the opposite. It gave him space to be the less flattering versions of himself as well, which was something he reckoned was needed from time to time. It was a good little system of trust they had going.

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Self harm is :

•making yourself sleep deprived
•making yourself cold (not wearing warm clothes in the winter, sleeping without a blanket etc)
•not eating
•not drinking
•eating too much
•not looking before crossing the street
•letting your skin be dry & break easily
•picking at skin
•substance abuse
•over-working yourself
•making yourself go out and do things even though you’re exhausted
•putting yourself in anxiety-inducing situations (even if you have a choice to stay out of them)
•triggering yourself
•purposefully angering someone who you know will yell at you
•entering relationships you don’t want to be in/being around people you don’t want to be around
•having sex when you don’t want to
•setting yourself punishments
•not giving yourself time
•not letting yourself spend time with the people you love & know will be good to you
•yelling at yourself inside your head
•pinching or bruising yourself instead of cutting
•holding everything in even when you have the option of venting
•over stressing
•over thinking
•staying in abusive relationships (friend wise or romantically)

STOP assuming that self-harm is visible and easy to notice. It’s NOT. Self harm isn’t always physical, it can be emotional, and mental as well