PSYLOCKE IS AN OMEGA LEVEL TELEPATH.  This is not to be confused with being an omega level mutant.  Only her telepathy has been classified in the higher level but this lumps her in with the likes of Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Emma Frost and the Shadow King.  It is certainly worth noting that Psylocke has defeated the Shadow King twice, even trapping him for an extended period of time within her own mind.  Some examples of her telepathic strengths are:

  • Took out Archangel after his ascension after he had displayed powerful telepathic skills (ie.; taking out AoA Jean Grey while she was hosting the Phoenix force).  
  • Overpowered Cassandra Nova (another omega level telepath).
  • Defeated the Shadow King on the Astral Plane (again, another omega level telepath).
  • … did that twice, actually.
  • Often acts as a power booster or conduit for the team on missions.

SHE IS AN ALPHA LEVEL MUTANT.  In terms of her other powers, specifically her telekinesis and her ability to switch between the two power sets, she is classified as an alpha level mutant. Her telekinesis has been listed only being limited by her will and imagination and she has been referenced as being able to destroy mountains on more than one occasion.   Beyond brute strength, she has manifested her telekinesis in a parallel to her psychic knife: telekinetic katana (but it is not limited to strictly a katana, she has created throwing knives, crossbows, longbows, maces and more).  It is capable of cutting through any material and can be as thin as a molecule but it does not dismember, but when it comes into contact with organic material it wreaks havoc on the synapses and nerves to create excruciating pain and neural overload to incapacitate an opponent.  It can also be used to overload and destroy machinery.

She has excelled at switching between her powers but she is limited in that one or the other must be dominant, the two cannot function at full power at the same time.  It can be done but it is draining and tiring.  Often times she uses both powers as a physical extension of herself, especially in terms of her knives/sword.  

* ( omega classification was stated on numerous occasions by Remender )

  • my psych eval:even if garrett didn't identify childhood bullying and isolation as traumas, the experiences were likely traumatic for hir
  • my therapists after I talk abt something bad from the past:it sounds like that was very traumatic for you
  • me thinking about these experiences:*feels physically ill and extremely unsafe, immediate stress responses, panic attacks, general feelings of grossness and uneasiness, envisions/feels phantom hands touching me, fears touch, fears people, notices gaps in memory*
  • me @ myself:it's not REAL trauma everyone goes through bullying and having their boundaries violated and being touched without their consent and bad workplace experiences there are people who are ACTUALLY traumatized and you're minimizing their trauma grow the fuck up and get over it

im actually so glad i like Got Better etc on here tbh like obv i never planned to be a ~recovery blog~ i didn’t even fuckin plan to Recover but here we are and it’s cool that i have like a 7 year electronic progress report decorated with gay posts n pictures tbh. it’s nice to be able to see how much happier i am

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(could this be tagged as "lauren" please?) quite often (a few times a day) I feel like there are bugs crawling over my skin, and I can feel it crawling on me but there's nothing there, & I go to brush the "bug" away but I know there more than likely is no bug. but I was wondering if this was normal or not?? and if it's not normal what is it called and do you know how I could stop it please? (ps. I'm not sure if this is considered a mental health thing so hopefully this is the right place to ask)

Hi darling,

I’m sorry to hear this has been happening to you lately! It sounds like it’s impacting you a lot and I can imagine that it must be really scary for you! I’m not a professional so I can’t tell what exactly is going on, but in my opinion there could be a few options.

One of those options is that you’re having sensory hallucinations. “Hallucinations happen when someone sees, hears, smells, tastes or feels things that don’t exist out of their mind.” (source). Hallucinations can be a part of a variety of things, including schizophrenia or other disorders on that spectrum. They can also be caused by a lack of sleep, or other things similar to that. What’s really important is finding out why exactly you’re having hallucinations. Identifying the source can be a big part in deciding what treatment you’re starting, and treatment again is a big part in recovery. If it turns out you have a psychotic disorder, you’ll most likely start psychotherapy and get on medication, antipsychotics. The medication will help to reduce the hallucinations and make them more bearable, whereas in the psychotherapy you’ll work on coping with them, but also figuring out on what else could be going on. Sometimes hallucinations are caused by stress, so if that’s the case, or if stress is a trigger, then it’s important to see where that stress is coming from and how you can manage that better.

Hallucinations are really scary to deal with, especially when you have to deal with them all by yourself. Have you told anyone you trust about what’s been happening? I think that would be a very good first step to take! They can help you by supporting you and they can possibly help in telling other people what’s going on or going to the doctors with you. I think it’s good to go to the doctor, as they can refer you to a therapist or other mental health professional. There is very good treatment available for hallucinations, medication can honestly do a lot and I just wouldn’t want you to keep struggling with this when it can get so much easier for you! You don’t have to deal with this all by yourself <3 If you want to read more about getting help, you can read this page or watch this video.

Another option is possible something to do with your skin, or something else physical. If you’re having some issues with your skin, it could cause an itching feeling on various places, similar to feeling like a bug is on your skin. If you think this might be the case then I’d strongly recommend you to see your doctor, to make sure what is going on and to see if there is anything you can do to improve it.

I’m pretty sure these aren’t even all the options of what could be going on, but again I’m not a professional and I’m not all-knowing! I hope this at least gives you something to work with, and I really hope you will see your doctor to figure out what’s going on. You’re not alone, remember that!

Sometimes what seems impossible, is just hard.

Keep fighting beautiful <3

Love Pauline

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random confession. my mom and dad both abused me (mother physically and father emotionally) and i prefer my mother even after the beatings. the more she beat me the more i wanted her to love me and be nice to me. it makes me sick.

Abuse brings up all sorts of complicated and unwanted feelings. It’s okay to feel the way you do about your mother. <3


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i get weird urges to be productive at night??? like i have a procrastination problem and tbh im kinda lazy but at night (like 10:30ish starting) i want to try out a new makeup style or organize my bookshelf or something?? is there a reason for this??

+also like ill get urges to be active and fit like ill set an alarm for 6am to go running and be healthy and plan to eat super healthy but then not want to do it when the time comes?

You could simply be a night owl.

This page is about chronotypes (when your body prefers sleep), explaining what they mean and how you might change your habits.

- damegreywulf

it’s really annoying when ppl address the whole “average starting pay post-graduation” as like? which degree/career options pay more and are therefore Better without addressing the real problem, which is that a lot of those other Bad jobs are actually just unfairly underpaid and undervalued

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My mom is the one who physically abused me, but my dad is the one who hurts me emotionally. He looks at me like I'm nothing , he treats me like dirt. They say girls will marry a man like their father. I refuse to marry a man like him.


Dear Future Wife,

Sometimes, when I’m typing out an assignment, and I stop to take a break, I crack my knuckles, stretch my fingers out, and think about the relationship you’ll have with my hands.
I think about how you’ll intertwine your fingers with mine, how I’ll brush strands of hair away from your face when it’s windy and I want to look at you.

How my thumbs will gently dig into the muscles in your shoulders, working away the stress of a long day, and how you’ll hold your hands up against mine, comparing their sizes, marveling at how they fit together so well.
I wonder if you’ll be able to feel my pulse racing, the first time we hold hands, or if I’ll be able to feel yours when I cup your face in my hands to kiss you.

I think about the days you’ll come home, and I’ll be cooking; how I’ll dip my finger into the curry or the sauce, and hold it up for you to taste – relishing the feeling of my finger against your lips, while you enjoy the spice.
I think about my hands holding you, playing a crucial part in my memories of the way you feel on the rare nights we don’t get to sleep next to each other.

And I think about my hands holding our children, putting band-aids on tiny, scraped knees, fixing little ponytails, securing diapers, doing up the laces on the cutest little sneakers.
My hands were made to hold you, to work together with yours in building our lives together.