Jeremy Mathieu

Jeremy is an introverted person. In the changing room he doesn't speak much. He is quite shy. We try to play jokes on him to help him relax, so that he settles in. Because it isn't easy to arrive to a new club. It has happened to all of us. And trust takes some time. As a footballer I think he is an amazing player who can play in many different positions. Very good passing, very good with his left and throwing the ball, and above all, he has a great physical stature. Something we have been needing these past few years.

Andres Iniesta

A bit similar. Andres is a wonderful person. I have always had a great relationship with him. He is very honest and a great person. Also introverted. Despite being part of this team for so many years and being one of the captains and referent for this club, one of the greatest idols of the history of Barcelona, very humble. Also in the changing room he is very quiet but he can also play jokes, but he is mostly an earnest person. Unlike other that tend to play more jokes. As a footballer, I am not going to tell you anything new. Andres is one of the best players of this country. a legend for an entire country for everything he has achieved with Spain, for what his goal in the World Cup final meant and well, one of the best players this club has ever had.


He is also a great person, someone who with Puyi and Victor back then, helped me out when I got here, besides Leo or Milito that were the Argentinians. They made me feel as if I had always been here. As a footballer, something like with Andres, he is one of the best players of the national team and Barcelona. The player with most titles in this country's history. So there is not much more to say. In the changing room he is more of a joker than Andres and Jeremy. He is someone who plays jokes. Someone I share lots of ideas with. We have many chats and talk about football a lot.


A great person who fits in from the start. A very humble boy who knows where to stand and that is not easy at his age. Especially with everything that surrounds him. As a footballer, he is one of the best in the world. Amazing individual skills, one-on-one, speed. In the changing room he is very joyful, always with his music, and his jokes. He stands out. He always does but in a good way. He is a great guy.


Get to know La Masia stars [1/?] :

Xavi Simons| [21.04.03] | Infantil B |“ Barcelona’s golden curls”

And Xavi Simons is just that - something special. On top of that talent, Xavi has everything you need to become a fine footballer. He is hard working, competitive, constantly running where the ball is both in attack and defence, and has been a leader and captain ever since he arrived at the club. In general, his enthusiasm is outstanding. He gives his all every single time. This is what makes talents stand out and all this together makes him one of the most talented players we have at La Masia. Despite having fantastic technique and vision, Xavi Simons is aggressive and plays with an intense mindset. The way he works for every single ball is astonishing, especially given his somewhat delicate physical stature. He’s a fighter, but a majestic one. x

The working classes remain poor amid the increase of wealth, wretched amid the increase of luxury. Their material privation dwarfs their moral as well as their physical stature. They cannot rely on others for a remedy. It has become then with them an imperative necessity to take their own case in hand.
—  Marx - interview in New York World 1871

How Pop Culture Is Re-evaluating Lyndon B. Johnson’s Legacy

Fifty years after his greatest electoral and legislative triumphs, Lyndon Baines Johnson is getting a worthy reappraisal in, of all places, a Broadway production: All the Way, written by Robert Schenkkan and starring Bryan Cranston as LBJ.

Adorned with prosthetic earlobes and two-inch shoe lifts, Cranston has transformed himself into the outsized physical stature of Johnson, and provides theatergoers with a brilliant portrayal of America’s 36th president. Onstage and surrounded with a large and fine cast of characters of that era—from Lady Bird Johnson and Martin Luther King Jr. to Sen. Richard Russell and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara—the action gives the audience as near to a feeling of what it must have been like to experience Johnson close-up as they are likely to get in any artistically inspired setting. The standing ovations that Cranston receives from audiences in the sold-out Neil Simon Theater are for his powerful representation of the man, but inevitably, this play inspires an examination of Johnson that he deserves—and has largely not yet received.

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Bodies of 19th century convicts found by emergency archaeology team near Portsmouth

The bodies of four 19th century prisoners have been rescued off the coast of Portsmouth. A team of soldiers injured in Afghanistan, working on the foreshore of an area known as Burrow Island, responded to an emergency call when a member of the public alerted police to human remains exposed by severe weather conditions.

Better known locally as Rat Island, the site has not been used by the armed forces for more than 40 years, despite its position near Her Majesty’s Naval Base and the mighty warships of HMS Victory and HMS Excellent. Experts from Wessex Archaeology hope to reveal the age, sex, stature and physical health of the figures, who are thought to have been held by the floating prisons moored in the harbour. Read more.

Your physical stature is unrelated to your strength. You are strong because you are many. You are strong because you are in this together. You are strong because of that weird rain that gave many of you double-quick hand combat reflexes, and seventh eyes. You are strong because, if enough people believe in their own power, even if armed only with mass market paperbacks, they could bring down not just a Librarian, but an entire corporatic regime.
—  Tamika Flynn, Welcome to Night Vale: The Librarian
The Shrimp

Elaine dates a man of much smaller physical stature. After years of insults over his shorter-than-average characteristics, George doesn’t let her hear the end of it, repeatedly referring to the man as “the shrimp”. Elaine does a good job of ignoring the insults, until she notices the man developing eye stalks, extra limbs, and a chitinous exoskeleton.

When Jerry’s date confesses she has a foot fetish, he makes it a point to go out and get a pedicure for the first time in his life. Later, after she invites him into her apartment, she opens her closet and shows him her shrine to a “magical pygmy foot” that she purchased on the black market during a trip to Indonesia.

After digging through some old magazines under his parents’ living room table, George develops a profound crush on Jean Shrimpton. He tries to track her down, but is miffed when he meets her and realizes she’s twenty years older than he is.

Kramer insists that popcorn shrimp consists of a bucket of popcorn with peel-and-eat shrimp mixed throughout.

What makes Adam Driver’s physical stature so attractive on GIRLS is his willingness to get on his knees. To bend down. To run. To carry. Emotionally. He is always embodied. His profound need to be needed coupled with his brute feral solitary troubadour masculinity feminizes him. Makes him available even when he’s not. Most “nice” men don’t even have bodies anymore. They’re too busy fucking everyone (over) with words.

Not so little brother: Scott & Virgil

Part of a longer piece about Scott reflecting on Virgil that I’ll probably never finish. Not that long but I’ll put it under a read-more anyway.

With their current difference in physical stature, Scott always half-joked half-bragged to anyone listening, that there wasn’t a time when he remembered “little brother” Virgil actually being remotely little, but of course there was. Scott’s fondest memories after all, were when his little brothers were actually physically little, and cuddly, and lovely, and needed him the most; when they needed picked up, fed, put to bed and all the other things that little ones need. Scott loved recalling when they were all small and growing, learning and playing and happy, and Virgil, no matter how big he was now, was no exception to these memories. But the most vivid time that Scott remembers Virgil being particularly small, was an unfortunate one, a poignant one, and Scott recalls it all too well; when little Virgil first met Thunderbird Two.


14-year-old Scott had followed quick on the heels of Virgil and his father, with both an air of concern and a slight jog as his little brother was reluctantly ushered into the engine room with dad. A room where, with the exception of Scott himself, none of the boys were allowed. This rule was drilled into them as firmly as the sign on the door, and Jeff barked the rule enough at John when Scott tried to sneak him into the room. Yet here their father was, suddenly abandoning all safety rules and luring little Virgil into the daunting NO KIDS ALLOWED room, where Thunderbird 2′s exterior had been freshly completed. There it was before them, incredible and bright and new and huge, thought Scott, but no doubt ten times more huge to Virgil, who had been very little then.

Scott had watched on quietly as Virgil was encouraged by their visibly excited father to sit in the newly finished pilot seat of the ‘Bird. He remembered how Virgil didn’t display the same excitement as dad. Rather he was sulking because the paintbrushes he had been occupying himself with beforehand had been suitably snatched out of his hands and replaced with the cold steering-wheel that sat before him now. A steering-wheel that he was a little frightened to touch and couldn’t even see over yet. Scott was only 14, but he was quickly catching onto these things. Virgil was only 7, and was already being reluctantly taken from his childhood and fitted into their father’s dream as if it was everyone’s dream.

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;alcohol tolerance

{ Though Akane has quite a good alcohol tolerance for her size, she’s still small compared to the majority of the people in the One Piece world. No amount of genetics from a rum-loving father can counteract her physical stature’s limit. She can handle herself well, but she’s nowhere near Nami’s supernatural tolerance.

Like most people when they get drunk, Akane’s barriers tend to melt away and she becomes much more expressive and talkative. It’s almost guaranteed that she’ll say and/or do things that she’ll regret when she’s sober and that’s exactly why Akane almost never drinks to the point of getting hammered. She knows she becomes easier to anger, to cry, to get flustered, to persuade into doing stupid pranks or dares. She learned her lesson when she was around seventeen while in the Marines, and since then she’s careful to watch her intake.

Even still, there are times where she drinks a bit too much for whatever reason. Maybe she doesn’t realize it at the time, or maybe she does and she’s drinking to bury some troubling conflicts on her mind. }