physical progress

Day One Hundred and Twenty

-A woman in her forties thanked me for carding her, saying that I gave her a reason to smile and made her entire week. My reasoning for this was that our computers have changed and we now must have a physical ID to progress with the purchase, but I am happy to take credit for this accidental good deed.

-A British man came through my lane and, upon leaving, said, “Buh-bye.” I have now determined this to be the greatest accent to say this phrase in, and the greatest phrase to say in general.

-My register crashed in the midst of paying for a $250+ transaction consisting of dozens of small-ticket items. I went to the adjacent register to ring it up again, yet this register shut down on me as well. This misadventure came in the middle of hours of guests berating and shouting at me for a number of things well beyond my control. If either God or Karma exists, I am looking forward to a good payout in return for surviving this day.

-As a reward for stopping a newborn from committing shoplifting, I was granted a free Starbucks drink. Today being payday be damned, this is the most gratifying part of my week and I am all for this brand of instant gratification for shutting down infant heists.

-A woman purchased a picture frame with a stock photo of a beagle pup leaning out of a car window with just the tiniest bit of tongue hanging out. This is undoubtedly the worst possible selection for use in any picture frame being sold. The purpose of the stock photo is for it to be replaced, but now not a soul in their right mind ever will do so.

-An abandoned origami dollar bill has been left in my till, identical to one a mysterious, benevolent guest left me weeks ago. I have just missed my friend. I am devastated.

-A mother asked her child if they wanted a sticker. After a long and thoughtful pause, they ultimately landed on a no. I am unsure of what factors this toddler was weighing, but I urge them to reconsider.

-A man in his late thirties slid into my lane at turbo speed, skittering to a halt on the medical scooter he and his injured leg were mounted on. Such a move would have been made thricely glamorous were there the sound of screeching brakes to accompany it; luckily, this man came with his own effects, supplying exactly this for me. He purchased only a bicycle bell for his new primary method of transportation and took it without a bag, eager to begin a life wherein everyone is entirely aware of his presence anytime he is in the vicinity. His leg may be broken, but his spirit never will be.

My doctor once told me fat loss with PCOS was nearly impossible. My mom told me she heard the “I will actually do it this time” story a million times. My ex-boyfriend called me fat and told me I needed to go jogging. I hit 160 lb on the scale and my mental health hit an all time low. I didn’t start it for my physical appearance, my health was deteriorating and I would no longer just stand and let life pass me by. I credit no one but myself for my mental and physical progress. As it was said by Ally Stone (thefitally), one of the women who inspired and continues to inspire me ‘till this very day, “one day I decided to lift the weight of the world rather than continue to let it crush me, and that was enough.”

Couples Counseling

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.

Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200+

A/N: This is the first of two parts, because the fic got away from me and ended up being too long to post as one part. The second part is complete and will be up tomorrow! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one!


“Remind me again what we’re doing here?” Dean is only half-sitting down in his chair, looking very much like he’s one wrong answer away from fleeing.

“Calm down,” Sam answers, keeping his voice low and steady. “Three people, all from the same small town, murdered their spouse then committed suicide, all within the span of a week. The only thing they have in common is this therapist.”

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Whoa! Look! Physical proof of progress! Video, even!

I’m in the middle of coding other things, like a nice new level editor, but after pulling my hair out for two hours, I decided to take a moment to code something I’ve been wanting to polish up for a while. Most of the progress made since the Indiegogo has been back-end stuff, business crap, and - now that we have a substantial beta tester pool - lots of bug squashing, too. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to more frequently showcase shiny new features.

I’d show off jumping between planets too because it’s so cool, but alas is not fully presentable just yet.

Oh, and the levels shown here are mish-mashed and are mostly definitely not World 1 levels.


I recently had the good fortune to be invited to a friend’s Dungeons and Dragons group and I have so much fun playing with this character I just want to draw her all the time. Here are some pictures of her physical progression from a cute hatchling to the greedy asshole she is now. Many thanks to my friend ravendroppings who plied me with adorable baby crow photos for inspiration and reference!

the gold that matters

1k of shameless fluff a.k.a what happens when my emotions are compromised a.k.a. victor writes poetry as he watches yuri be yuri a.k.a this is what Canon looks like!!!!

Practice is over, and Yuri is proud of himself.

No, he hasn’t landed a quad axel - and no, he hasn’t managed to dodge Yakov’s vitriol about his free leg. He’s just glad to be alive.

It’s a well-documented fact anxiety might as well be his default setting, but there have only been a handful of times his physical symptoms progressed into fearing his heart will literally give out, and this, of course, is one of those.

So yeah, he’s glad to be breathing.

And he’s glad nobody seems to notice him approach Mila, everyone too exhausted to care about anything other than putting on guards and heading off to the showers.

“Do you have it?” He asks, voice small.

“Yes.” She says, an unreadable expression on her face. He follows her gaze toward the rink just in time to see Victor land a clean quad flip. He’s staying an extra hour - Yakov’s determination for spending a whole year on the bench. Victor didn’t protest. Too much. “C’mon.”

Yuri follows Mila down the hall leading to the lockers, and besides the fact he can’t feel any of his limbs, he thinks he might be alright.

Of course, he blames himself for this.

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The Progressed Moon
  • Progressions are all about how we mature and grow, and with the progressed Moon, it's how we emotionally mature and grow. Remember your Progressed chart moves. *Use progressed moon
  • Progressed Moon in Aries: Your sense of self can increase when your Progressed Moon is in Aries. You may be more outgoing and feel more courageous. Expressing yourself in more exaggerated, loud ways can manifest, and you may seem more outspoken.
  • Progressed Moon in Taurus: You may be more pragmatic and in touch with reality when your Progressed Moon is in Taurus. You may evaluate your emotional ties to money, perhaps choosing to be wiser with it. Use it for something practical.
  • Progressed Moon in Gemini: You can focus more on your intellect with Progressed Moon in Gemini. Learning may become a way for you to deal with your emotions, and you may find it easier to communicate how you feel to others.
  • Progressed Moon in Cancer: Comfort and security is the key when your Progressed Moon is in Cancer. Being cared for and nurtured is important, and you'll be more willing to take care of others.
  • Progressed Moon in Leo: When your Progressed Moon is in Leo, you can become more creative and focused on your hobbies. You may do something to get into the public eye, or have a desire to be in the spotlight.
  • Progressed Moon in Virgo: You’re much more critical and analytical with Progressed Moon in Virgo. Socializing is less important, and the people you choose to be around will likely have to pass a few tests first.
  • Progressed Moon in Libra: The search for balance in your life can become a goal when your Progressed Moon is in Libra. The need to be around people all the time can be strong no matter what. You’ll be more charming and social and well.
  • Progressed Moon in Scorpio: Progressed Moon in Scorpio gets a bad reputation as being the most difficult Progressed Moon. However this is not true. Progressed Moon in Scorpio is very emotional, and with Scorpio, it’s intense emotion, which can be too much at times.
  • Progressed Moon in Sagittarius: Going from Progressed Moon in Scorpio to Sagittarius usually feels like a breath of fresh air. Freedom and open spaces are good now. Anything that makes you feel freer is desired with Progressed Moon in Sagittarius, whether it’s through your mind or on a physical level.
  • Progressed Moon in Capricorn: With Progressed Moon in Capricorn, your career becomes more important and your ambitious side comes out, you may desire more nostalgic work. This could lead you to be on your own for a while, since you’re more focused on your career and path. Don't worry.
  • Progressed Moon in Aquarius: When your Progressed Moon is in Aquarius, you want to break free from the norms of your life. Even though you want to remain an individual and likely aren't going to strongly desire intimacy, you feel quite comfortable in a group setting.
  • Progressed Moon in Pisces: You’ll be more emotionally sensitive with Progressed Moon in Pisces. Progressed Moon in Pisces makes it harder to deal with your emotions, you may want to escape. Don't.

Gentle reminder that looks and/or numbers on the scale are NOT a good basis for comparison.

Sure, someone may have reached their goal quicker than you and look completely stunning, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy and treating their body correctly.

Constant improvement is the goal, but changing your body doesn’t happen overnight. There’s probably almost a two year difference between these two photos. Focus on changing the way that you think about health and start putting those things into action and little by little, you will see changes if you put the work in. Not just physically either, but mentally.

The Arrangement: Chapter Fourteen

Author’s Note: So this was going to be a really long chapter but I decided to cut it into two, so the next chapter will be out later on today when I finish writing it! Hope you enjoy, feedback is always appreciated :)


Originally posted by tfareylo

Two weeks had passed since the day of that almost-kiss with Kylo. To your dismay, you had hardly made any progress with that particular endeavour. It was as if that moment had triggered a sense of awkwardness between you two. Neither of you really knowing how to get back to that moment without making a complete mess of it.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing,” you mumbled, tucking a few stray strands of hair behind your ear as Kylo entered the training room.

Your training was progressing far better than Kylo had anticipated. It didn’t take long after your crash landing on Ilum for him to teach you how to shield your thoughts from him—or any other Force user for that matter. You still struggled, but both you and Kylo knew your mind would be strong enough to master the skill in time. Even your physical progress was improving.

Your hand-to-hand combat was proving itself a fine match for Kylo, who, just this week, had started to call on Captain Phasma to spar with you when he was away. But she wasn’t training with you today. Kylo was so pleased with your progress, he had started to let you practice by yourself as he eased back into his duties as Commander.

“I didn’t know we were training today,” you said as you handed him a training lightsaber.

He took it, but placed it back on the shelf, “I’m not—we’re not. The Supreme Leader wants to speak with both of us.”

“What does he—I mean, why?” In all your time here, you were yet to meet the person responsible for orchestrating your arrangement with Kylo. You were terrified of even the prospect of speaking with Snoke.

“I don’t know why, but you need to come with me now. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting… Here,” You looked up to see Kylo with his arm extended out to you. You hesitated slightly before taking it. You supposed if there was anyone you had to prove the strength of your relationship to, it was the Supreme Leader.

“Y/N, Snoke doesn’t care if he sees me with my arm in yours,” Kylo scoffed. You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue, “I can sense that you’re nervous, but you have nothing to worry about. I won’t leave your side during the entire meeting.”


“Of course, Princess.”

You gave Kylo a half smile, unsure of whether or not he caught it with his helmet on.

“Commander Ren tells me that you are making good progress.”

You shifted slightly, “Yes, Supreme Leader.”

“The Commander also mentioned your Force bond. I have sensed it growing since you returned to Starkiller base.”

You nodded, “Ky—The Commander is teaching me to use the bond to my advantage, Supreme Leader.”

“Excellent,” Snoke said, “And what of your marriage?”

“S-Sir?” You looked up at his ominous projection. Your heart was still racing at the very sight of him.

“Well, you have been married a while now—”

Barely two months. You heard Kylo’s voice in your head.

“—And I have been expecting news of an heir.”

What did he just say?

Beside you, Kylo tensed up.

“Wha—A—An heir, Supreme Leader?” Your tone did little to hide your embarrassment. And an heir to what, exactly?

“Do you find this an unreasonable assumption, Princess?” You could hear the slight agitation in Snoke’s voice.

You quickly shook your head, “No, Supreme Leader. I just—I mean, Kylo—The Commander and I haven’t—well our, um, our marriage hasn’t been… consummated yet… We haven’t even kissed, Sir!” You immediately cringed as you heard the string of words fall out of your mouth. Your nerves had been building up and this mess seemed to be the result of it all spilling over.

You heard Kylo sigh next to you. Don’t say anything else, let me handle this.

Kylo cleared his throat, “Supreme Leader, what Y/N means to say is that she has been too occupied with her training and adjusting to her new life on the Base. She cannot master the ways of the Force if you also expect her to produce an heir.” Kylo said firmly. It was as if he had the entire thing rehearsed.

“Your words are true, Ren,” Snoke huffed, “But I will not allow you both to neglect your marriage. This arrangement was for the benefit of the Princess and her training as well as an assurance of her allegiance to us.”

“My benefit, Supreme Leader?” You spoke, despite Kylo’s voice in your head warning you to stay quiet.

“Princess Y/N, you are young. So too is the Commander,” Snoke started, “And as I understand it, Y/N, your mental skills with the Force show tremendous potential and Ren has proven himself more than capable with his own ability. Together, you have the power to be unstoppable. But you must be entirely committed to one another first.”

Entirely committed?

Just let him speak, Y/N.

Kylo shifted uncomfortably at Snoke’s words. Meanwhile, you squinted, as if closing your eyes would stop this entire conversation from happening.

“I assure you Supreme Leader, both the Princess and I are fully dedicated to her training.”

“I see that, Ren. I foresee great strength in your Force bond, but attending to your marriage as you have Y/N’s training will be just as necessary.”

“Supreme Leader—”

“Enough!” Snoke bellowed as he cut Kylo off, “I have given you an apprentice but I have also given you a wife. A Princess, no less. And it is your sworn duty to ensure that she is content. And, in due time, the Princess will provide you with an heir to continue this legacy, Ren.”

Silence fell before Snoke spoke once more, “You may both leave,” he said before his hologram disappeared.

You exchanged a glance with Kylo before you both exited the room silently.

That certainly wasn’t the first encounter with the Supreme Leader you were expecting.

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Insolence, Pt. 9 [Adam Cole]

Title: Insolence, Part Nine of ? (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight)

Characters: Adam Cole/OC(Brenna)

Genre: Drama. Just, dra-ma.

Length: ~5,200 (Longest chapter thus far. Not sorry.)

Warnings: Cursing. Rated T touching.

Summary/Inspo: “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.”

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #155 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #429.

Format: Blu-ray

1) Before anything else, I will say this: you never need to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture unless you are a MAJOR fan of the series. Wrath of Khan is a much better first film for the series and just a much better film in general, and the original motion picture has no bearing on the plot of ANY of the sequels that I’m aware of. Spare yourself the boredom.

2) I don’t often talk about how great the opening credits of a film are, but the movement through the stars and James Horner’s grand score creates a rousing score which helps you get in the mood for the space adventure to come.

3) The Kobayashi-Maru.

Originally posted by steviegrant

The opening of the film is great largely because it plays with expectations vs reality. You EXPECT Kirk in the captain’s chair, and while it plays out like a standard scene from “Star Trek” but it ends with everyone dead. And even though it turns out to be a simulation, the image of watching almost all the series regulars die before you prepares you for the darkness to come. It is an incredibly great and memorable opening to a film which can be described as the same.

4) Kirstie Alley as Saavik.

Originally posted by readysteadytrek

Despite being Vulcan (and, depending on what you consider canon, half-Romulan) Saavik has more in common with Kirk than she does with Spock. She may have the appearance of being a logical and decisive creature, but she is stubborn and proud. And I love her for that. I think Saavik as at her best in this film when played by Alley (she would be replaced in Star Trek III and IV). Alley gives Saavik a unique flavor, making her more than just your typical Vulcan and holding her own with the original cast.

5) The scene where Bones and Kirk “celebrate” his birthday is great.

This is the introduction of Kirk’s key conflict and possibly the best analysis of it the film features.

Kirk: “Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young, doctor.”

Bones [later]: “This is not about age and you know it.”

Kirk’s conflict here is not about aging, it is about aging INTO something. About being stuck behind a desk and bureaucracy. Of becoming obsolete. Age on it’s own does not result in that, but the choices we make as we age. It is in this film that Kirk will have to determine his future when faced with a threat from the past.

6) Carol Marcus and her son David.

Both Carol and David as individual characters are interesting, but by balancing out each other (with Carol being well reasoned and patient and David being more like Kirk with his stubbornness/rashness) they create an interesting dynamic that entertains in a way beyond their relationship with Kirk.

7) Ricardo Montalbán as Khan Noonien Singh.

Originally posted by readysteadytrek

Montalbán takes a memorable role from the original series and in this film turns it into not only one of the greatest villains cinema has ever featured but also a career defining performance. Khan is able to be both chillingly collected and show off fear-inducing anger. His intellect, physical strength, and progressing madness/drive is showed off brilliantly by Montalbán. There is a ruthlessness to this character established as soon as we meet him (specifically with his use of brain slugs) that let’s us know, “Oh shit, don’t mess with this guy.” He is totally frightening, with many of his decisions and scenes making your stomach turn. Only open my third (fourth?) viewing of this film did I realize just how long his intro scene is, but it doesn’t feel long. It is perfect, and Montalbán captures your attention for the entire time.

8) Hey that’s…that’s Tony from the Witch Mountain movies!

Originally posted by cinemamonamour

Originally posted by vernybvitday

I would not have noticed that if I didn’t watch the Witch Mountain movies in March for the (Re)Watch.

9) So usually at this point in the (Re)Watch I talk about the writing and performances of the main cast of a film. I find it nearly impossible to do that for Wrath of Khan however as the cast from the original series are such mainstays of cinema and pop culture I’ve no idea what to say. What on earth could I possible say Kirk, Bones, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov that hasn’t been said before? In my analysis of the 2009 film I probably will, but right now I think I’ll just say they’re great and leave it at that.

10) I love how Kirk is freaking out when Spock lets Saavik pull the Enterprise out of dock.

(GIF originally posted by @readysteadytrek​)

11) I love Saavik and Kirk in the elevator. It speaks not only to how rash she is (which I love on it’s own) but will later show how similar they really are. She doesn’t really believe in a no-win scenario and as we’ll learn later neither does Kirk.

Originally posted by lieutenant-sapphic

12) I love when Spock hands the ship over to Kirk. There is no bruised ego (as he himself says), there are no hard feelings, it’s not an issue of power or anything. He knows Kirk is the best guy to take the wheel. He trusts Kirk and Kirk trusts Spock back and they can just cut through the bullshit and do what’s best for everyone. I’m a sucker for good friendships like that.

13) Damn, Spock.

Kirk: “I would not presume to debate you.”

Spock: “That would be wise.”

Originally posted by pitch-perfect-movie

14) There is one scene early-to-mid picture which is recalled HEAVILY later on and I always think it is best when the ending of the movie ties into something at the beginning of the film. You want it to feel like one picture, you don’t want to be sitting at the end going, “Oh right, that part early on was the same movie.” Spock’s speaking of how…

Originally posted by edith-keeler-must-die-blog

And how he has been and always shall be Kirk’s friend tie together at the end in very heartbreaking ways.

15) I was always impressed with the Genesis visual, keeping in mind this was 1982 and CGI was hardly in its prime.

16) The very first encounter with the ship Khan has taken over - Reliant - before they know it is Khan is incredibly tense and Hitchcockian. Because we as the audience KNOW it’s Khan. Pacing is derived not from faster pacing but from slower pacing. The uneasiness simmers in our bones as Kirk unknowingly wanders into a trap, even though everyone seems to suspect something is up. And it features one of the best quotes in the film:

Khan: “Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish best served cold? It is very cold in space.”

17) And then Khan and Kirk finally encounter one another.

Montalbán and Shatner never share any scenes as Montalbán was making “Fantasy Island” at the time, but that does not undermine just how equally matched these adversaries are. Their very first encounter in particular feels like a chess game. It is not so much a battle of strengths as it is a battle of wits, yet still very interesting. And we as the audience really have no idea who is going to come out on top. Each is able to surprise and throw the other off balance, only to come back and deal another blow. It makes for great conflict. We know Kirk’s disadvantage: Khan is genetically engineered to be better than him. But in this scene we see a weakness of Khan’s which will become greater later on: his ego. He cannot see his own weaknesses and shortcomings. He is hundreds of years old comparatively speaking, so obviously some ways of thinking are foreign to him. But he can’t get past the fact he’s a genetically engineered super being to work on this. I love bad guys with flaws.

18) Oh no! Tony dies!

Preston [Ike Eisenmann’s character, after Kirk arrives]: “Is the word given, admiral?”

Kirk: “The word is given. Warp speed.”

[Preston dies]

Scotty [obviously torn up]: “He stayed at his post when the trainees ran!”

The fact that this death of a character we spent all of thirty seconds with packs such an intense punch speaks greatly to the craft with which this film was made.

19) The scene with Kirk, Bones, and Saavik on the scientist space station feels very Alien and I love it. For just a few minutes we are in a horror film, in an enclosed space where obviously SOMETHING is wrong and some sort of danger lurks. It is pulled off wonderfully well.

20) Part of the tension comes from the fact that we TRUST Chekov. He’s original series cast and he seems to have shaken the alien slug Khan was using on him. Why WOULDN’T we trust Chekov? Making the fact that he and his captain are still controlled later on all the more powerful.

21) This. Freaking. Scene.

This is when both are pushed to their furthest. Khan believes he has killed Kirk only to immediately learn he hasn’t, and Kirk is beyond pissed with Khan for all the death and destruction he has caused. This is where Khan accepts that he has defeated Kirk if only because it has become so difficult to kill him and it is where Kirk hates Khan the most (uttering the film’s famous line, “Khaaaaaan!”). But even through his hate Kirk is trying to play Khan. He is trying to get Khan in the same room with him so he can fight him face to face. But Khan is too smart for that and works against Kirk, leading to that yell. This is one of the best scenes in the film and it is because the conflict plays out so wonderfully.

22) The fact that David is Kirk’s son not only gives Kirk some personal stakes, but it ties into the idea of the choices Kirk must make in life. He is now dealing with two choices which are coming back to haunt him: how he handled Khan and not being a part of his son’s life. And that will directly influence the choices he makes in the future. Because life is too short.

23) This is so indicative of Kirk’s character.

Saavik: “Admiral, may I ask you a question?”

Kirk: “What’s on your mind, Lieutenant?”

Saavik: “The Kobayashi Maru, sir.”

Kirk: “Are you asking me if we’re playing out that scenario now?”

Saavik: “On the test, sir… will you tell me what you did? I would really like to know.”

Bones: “Lieutenant, you are looking at the only Starfleet cadet who ever beat the no-win scenario.”

Saavik: “How?”

Kirk: “I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship.”

Saavik: “What?”

David: “He cheated.”

Kirk: “I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don’t like to lose.”

Saavik: “Then you never faced that situation… faced death.”

Kirk: “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

24) The climactic chase through the nebula ties into Khan’s biggest weakness: his ego preventing him from admitting his flaws.

Spock: “He’s intelligent but not experienced. His pattern suggest two-dimensional thinking.”

I think this is the past scene to showcase space as a three-dimensional space. Ever watch a space film where characters encounter an asteroid field and think, “Why can’t they just go above or below it?” That’s what this film does. Like the initial Kirk/Khan mental face-off, the time in the nebula greats great tension from slowing down pacing while never being boring. There are surprises, there are twists, and they are on truly equal footing. And Khan, well he’s at his breaking point. How mad must this person be if even his crew - who were established to live and die by his word at the beginning of the film - are questioning his judgment? And what exactly will it lead him to?

Originally posted by luigioh

That final visual of Khan’s face is also a great presentation of how he is on the inside. He is torn up and burned to a crisp with vengeance, and now he will die that way.

25) Spock’s ultimate fate.

Originally posted by ajeebdastanhai

First of all, he KNOWS what he’s about to do. You can see it on his face before he goes to the reactor room to save the ship: he is fully aware that this will lead to his death and it does nothing to change his decision. And even though Khan has died, he has succeeded in his goal to, “keep on hurting,” Kirk from beyond the grave by killing his best friend.

Kirk [trying to get to Spock]: “He’ll die!”

Scotty: “He’s dead already.”

There is this intense feeling of sorrow and helplessness as we watch one of the greatest - if not the greatest - characters to come out of the original series die, tying into the conversation he and Kirk had earlier.

Spock: “The needs of the many…”

Kirk: “Outweigh the needs of the few.”

Spock: “Or the one.”

Originally posted by kibyul

Originally posted by ultronerd

26) David and Kirk unfortunately don’t get too many moment together, just the two of them. But he did help Kirk through this tough time in his life.

David: “Lieutenant Saavik was right. You never have faced death.”

Kirk: “Not like this.”

David: “You knew enough to tell Saavik that how we face death is at least as important as how we face life.”

Kirk: “Just words.”

David: “But good words. That’s where ideas begin. Maybe you should listen to them. I was wrong about you. And I’m sorry.”

Kirk: “Is that what you came here to say?”

David: “Mainly. And also that I’m proud - very proud - to be your son.”

27) But of course, this is a sci-fi movie…

Death is not as permanent as we like to think.

The Wrath of Khan is quite possibly the best film in the entire Star Trek canon. It balances high-stakes action and adventure with the intelligence, philosophy, and thought expected from the series. Ricardo Montalbán is freaking fantastic as Khan, with the rest of the cast delivering standout performances as well. The direction and writing blend together beautifully and it is just an incredibly fun and well done film. If you haven’t seen any Star Trek and you want to, Wrath of Khan is a very good film to start on.

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How can you walk every day on crutches? You're so strong and I struggle so much on them even tho I've had to be on them for years now, only past few months every day tho. I need your knowledge please 💖

I’ve been using crutches for about a decade now, however I spent the first several years of my life using a walker.
I think the walker helped condition me to use arm crutches better. It has support in the back rather than the front and handle bars. My legs use to be a lot weaker than they are now, but I made a lot of progress with physical therapy.

When I was 13 years old I had to have an emergency surgery to keep my legs from “caving in” on each other and fix my hamstrings. I had to learn to walk all over again and it was the most (physically) painful thing I’ve ever gone through. However I am stronger than ever now because of it and I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to have the procedure. I have a feeling that surgery and hard work saved my ability to walk and I came back stronger than ever.
If you are able to save up for a walker or have any medical insurance, I’d talk to a doctor about other mobility aid options.

When I was younger I was not strong enough to handle crutches on my own, and the walker was a lifesaver.
I wish I could provide more wisdom on the subject, but I’ve honestly been through so many different trails I’m unsure of how I navigate well now. 😅

Weightlifting for beginners

Have you ever walked into a room and everyone has stopped what they’re doing to look at you? So you go red, mutter an apology and stumble out? Well that’s what my first foray into the weight-lifting area of a gym was like back at university. 

It took me a while to go back and that was only with another woman to keep me company. Since then I’ve fallen in love with lifting weights, especially with how it makes me feel and how it enables me to sculpt my body. Also, I hate cardio and find it much easier to push myself when it comes to picking heavy things up and putting them down again. 

But I’ve been asked many times about how to get into weight lifting so I thought I’d put together a beginner’s guide to weight lifting for men and women (because the weights room can be a scary place for men too!)

Step 1: Picture the hero or heroine in your favourite film and strut into the place like you own it. Hold your head high, have confidence in yourself and remind yourself that you’re there to enjoy it 

Step 2: But don’t be scared about asking for help

Step 3: Nail the basics. I’d recommend that you start with a squat, a deadlift, a shoulder press and a bicep curl. Watch videos on YouTube if you really don’t want to ask for help but remember, personal trainers and gym instructors are there to keep you safe

Step 4: Perfect your technique before you start adding on any serious weight because bad technique + heavy weights = all of the pain 

Step 5: Once you’ve got the technique down start adding the weights on. You should be using a suitable weight for the number of sets and reps that you’re doing. At the end of each set you should be feeling like you can’t really do many more. This is how you force your body to adapt and hit your goals, whether they are strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth) or endurance

Step 6: Track your progress rather than trying to remember all of the numbers. I keep a note on my phone of all of the weights that I’m currently lifting

Step 7: Just like with any other physical progress you may hit a plateau. If this happens, have a deload week. Try some lighter weights or try some other things. When you come back to it you’ll feel fresher and most likely will be able to push your weights up

Remember, it’s never as scary as you think it’s going to be and everyone is much friendlier than you think they’re going to be!

If you’re really struggling it might be worth having a session or two with a personal trainer to put together a programme and show you some of the moves.

Now, please excuse me while I go and hit a PB…