physical proficiency is just not his thing

WELL it seems i accidentally put actual thought into a TCW ballet AU

  • do not think about any of the clones in tights and a t-shirt DO NOT
  • ballet prodigy Anakin Skywalker who didn’t start until his teens and then became one of the company’s youngest principal dancers ever
  • older, more experienced principal dancer Obi-Wan who took Anakin under his wing and seems very very refined but he was trained by known maverick Qui-Gon so they all think it’s an act
  • Padme would rock all those elaborate costumes, she and Anakin do insanely gorgeous pas de deux (their secret relationship remained secret for approx three hours after its inception)
  • Yoda as the tiny grizzled balletmaster with bizarre syntax, probably foreign, nobody actually knows where he’s from they just know he doesn’t really need that cane
  • Ahsoka’s the newest apprentice with the company, dances like a firecracker, will kick you in the face (with pointe shoes on) if you suggest she’s too young to be there
  • a significant minority of the corps is a group of guys who are all related in some way or another, they all started training at like age two and pretty much everyone in their extended family is a dancer
  • Fives and Echo have a technician vs. performer thing going on - Echo’s the more technically proficient of the two but Fives is a lot more fun to watch
  • Echo gets hit by a car or something and basically destroys both his legs and everyone’s like “well, that’s the end of your career”, he goes “excuse u” and undergoes a shit-ton of physical therapy and gradually builds back up to his previous level
  • is this entire post just an excuse for me to talk about dancer!Rex?  who practices constantly and has never known any other life and maybe kind of takes himself a bit too seriously sometimes (much to Cody’s consternation)?  yeah, probably
  • Tup already has the perfect ballerina bun.  you need a bobby pin, he’s got you covered.  probably also King of Stage Fright before performances but once he gets started he totally forgets about it