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Dan and Phil released a whole album and gaming video in one

Dabbers EP (full Album)                                     

A Christmas Nightmare- 0:56

Strummin solo (acoustic live)- 2:37                                 

Top of the Pot- 4:37                                                 

Couples Toilets (sample version)- 4:57                          

Ode to Ava- 7:14                                                            

Top of the Pot (reprise)- 7:37                                        

Tinky Tink- 8:26                                                    

Tantrum of the opera- 10:06                                    

Welcome to the …. lab- 10:29                                  

Welcome to the …. future- 13:27                               

Freaky FreezeRay- 16:40                                        

Analyze me- 18:37


how long did this take you

compliments that mean more than those about looks:
- you’re really good at this thing
- I love your aesthetic
- you have a wonderful taste in music
- your opinions are so interesting
- you make me laugh without an effort
- I like the way you do this thing
- I could listen to you talk all day
- you intrigue me
- I want to travel the world with you
- you’re my favourite person
- I feel so comfortable around you
- you lift my spirits when I’m down
- you mean so much to me
- I love watching you interact with people/children/animals
- I’m so thankful we met
- your presence makes me happy
- I would love to hear your thoughts on this
- you always know the right thing to say
- I wish I could spend every day with you
- you’re my best friend
- your personality is adorable
- you’re a really important part of my life
- you make me want to be a better person
- you inspire me

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Dan looks so good and the vid starts with Phil initiating physical contact so ur in for a good one

phil tried to titillate dan….good

Music Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely @ladyredlipclassic !! *blows kiss* Thank ya, darlin’! I would’ve done this earlier but VIDEO GAMES. Priorities, amirite?

Rules: Shuffle your playlist and write down the first 10 songs. No skipping! Tag 10 people.

• The O'Jays— “Love Train”

• The Eldorados— “At My Front Door”

• Jim Bonney— “Howl”

• The Doors— “End Of The Night”

• The Temptations— “Ain’t To Proud To Beg”

• The Delfonics— “La-La Means I Love You”

• Barry McGuire— “Eve Of Destruction” (I always always ALWAYS sing this at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on in Mafia 3. It’s my JAM lol 😂😂)

• The Doors— “Love Hides (Absolutely Live Version)”

• Olivia Newton-John— “Physical”

• Phil Phillips & The Twilights— “Sea Of Love”

My musical taste is old AF… not really a fan of this new shite tbh. I’m gonna tag @hello-just-random-me @myst-l-vie @alyhull @nakiagirl @hammerhead918 @cass-blef @senpaicapone @joebarbaro @greasy-piece-of-shit @umplicity and anyone else who wants to do this! Have fun!

Now. i’m not saying that y'all hyping up pinof 8 is gonna backfire but dan and phil will film pinof 8 in separate rooms. if dan so much as speaks he is shocked by a button phil presses. it is just phil making dad jokes. dan struggles against his restraints. dirty jokes have ceased to exist. no physical contact whatsoever. phil is an anti

To kick off this blog with some major feels...

Friendly reminder that THIS. HUG. ACTUALLY HAPPENED. IN CANON.

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Some things I can’t help but think about when I see this:

  • This happened at the same time as all the canon couples were hugging/making out
  • The back of her head is so pretty. Look at her hair!
  • Height difference!!!!!!
  • MELINDA MAY INITIATED IT. Melinda, who (although she totally liked it. We see right through you, Mama May) shied away from both Jemma and Daisy’s hugs, who keeps a pretty good sized personal space bubble around her, rarely initiates physical contact, went to Phil to hug him. No hesitation or awkwardness, just a straight C’mere, you idiot.
  • PHIL’S FACE. I think at the moment, Phil was feeling pretty dead on the inside. That feeling where you’re not sure what really just happened and you’re kind of dazed out. BUT WATCH HIS EYES FOLLOW HER AND THEN FLUTTER SHUT. HOW HE JUST KIND OF SINKS INTO HER EMBRACE AND PUTS HIS ARMS AROUND HER. THEN HE LEANS HIS HEAD AGAINST HERS, LIKE SHE’S HIS SUPPORT. THE REASON HE’S STILL STANDING. UGH. I’m not dramatic at all. I think hugging Melinda made him feel home again. Grounded. Like a reminder of why he was still there on earth. He had someone to come home to. 
  • Holy cow. Wow. What a hug.
  • How much you wanna bet they used to hug all the time during the Academy/before she got married? It looks so natural!
  • *GASP* WHAT IF THEY HUGGED IN THE HOTEL ROOM AFTER HE WATCHED THE TAHITI VIDEO?! I bet they’ve been sneaking in hugs off screen this whole time and we just didn’t know
  • Pretty sure there was some swaying going on there
  • They literally lean into each other
  • Also, since we don’t get to see May’s face here, I like imagining that she still had that slight smile on her face when they reach for each other, but as soon as she pats his back or strokes his neck, I mean, that’s up for interpretation her smile disappears and she has to close her eyes and press her lips together to keep the tears at bay, because she nearly lost him…again.
  • What happened after?!? How long did it last?! Did the kids look at them hugging and smile because Mama May and Papa Phil are finally back together?? Did Melinda pull her face back reluctantly and hold onto Phil just a little longer? Was there face touching?? A thumb brushed across his cheek??!!? Let me dream. A long look and a watery smile before she slid her hands back down to her side?? 

What do you guys think about when you remember this glorious hug?

Dan and Phil Go Outside!

Ok so i hear that some people are annoyed at dan and phil for releasing another book and saying things like “they just want more money”. I have something to tell you:
1) They are NOT forcing you to buy the book.
2)They have already explained why they are doing this. To preserve their memories into something physical.
3)Dan and Phil wrote TABINOF together, so it’s totally fine if they want to release another book.
4)They work so hard every single day for us. We should appreciate them.
5) If you don’t want the book don’t buy it but you can’t stop the people who love them from buying it anyways.
6)Just because we are saying this doesn’t mean we hate you,that is how much the phandom is filled with positivity.